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This video contains a paid product placement for Pirelli. Ever looked at a tyre-brand website and wondered what all the jargon means? This video is for you. Here’s our best tyres article – https://www.bikeradar.com/gear/article/best-road-bike-tyres-47198/

Let’s face it, there are a ton of tire choices out there today and with so many models, compounds, and sizes, it’s hard to narrow it down. The German tire gurus at Schwalbe make a tire for just about any situation, even wheelchair and snow spiked treads! In this video, we’ll focus on Schwalbe’s six […]

Hey everyone. I want to talk to you about the 5 pieces of motorcycle gear you need and why it’s important to wear it. I’ll be offering suggestions and my own opinion. If you would like to learn more about motorcycles and safety, click that subscribe button!!! Helmets: ► Bell Bullitt TT: http://amzn.to/2d17mPO ► Bell […]

Choose the right inner tubes for your tyres, bike and style of riding with our guide to road bike inner tubes. Click here to subscribe to GCN: http://gcn.eu/SubscribeToGCN Inner tubes have a big effect on the performance of your bike. Lightweight inner tubes will reduce rolling resistance and help you to ride faster, slightly heavier […]

Not sure what kind of tires you should be using on your ADV bike? Let us help you find the ones that are best for your riding style. Learn more on our Twists & Turns blog: https://goo.gl/9T5eRP

Which is the best tyre for your motorcycle | Ceat | Mrf | Michelin | Tyre Guide | Subscribe my channel for | Adventure | Photography | Diy | Travel | https://goo.gl/OeZmpA When shopping for the right tires, learn about the types of motorcycle tires available, including track, sport, off-road, cruising, and touring tires from […]

It’s time to pump up the jam and get some fresh air on board. Here’s how to find the best pump for you For all the latest in cycling visit: http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk

https://electricbikereview.com/guides/wheels-and-tires-electric-bikes/ There are many considerations that bicycle manufacturers make when speccing a bike with different wheel sizes. Stability, steering quickness, frame height, and portability all come into the picture. The next step is choosing a tire. Some tires offer reflectivity to keep you visible at night, while others are focused purely on durability and traction. […]

Tires are perhaps the most important component on any motorcycle. They are the key to performance, comfort and safety. Without proper tires and routine inspection and maintenance, our motorcycles aren’t going anywhere. Use this tire guide to learn some of the basics about how motorcycle tires function, their construction and how to choose the right […]

Metzeler Motorcycle Tire Guide http://www.revzilla.com/metzeler-tires?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Metzeler_Motorcycle_Tire_Guide Our 2012 overview of the Metzeler Motorcycle Tire lineup, featuring the Metzeler Tourance, Metzeler Tourance EXP, ME880 Marathon and Interact series. Full detailed video reviews of each of these tires are also available.

Winter & Wet Motorcycle Tire Guide 2012 http://www.revzilla.com/fall-winter-motorcycle-gear-guide-2012?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Rukka_Armas_Jacket Winter weather means riding in inclement weather more frequently, but many folks ride in the rain year round. In this guide, we showcase our top picks for the best wet weather traction, whether it’s cold and wet or hot and humid. Wet surfaces and motorcycle tires when […]

Michelin Motorcycle Tire Guide http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/michelin-tires?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Michelin_Motorcycle_Tire_Guide Michelin has been building tires since 1889 with factories in Europe, Asia and North America. With it’s iconic mascot “The Michelin Man” being the company front since 1898, it is likely the most recognizable tire icon in the world. Michelin is a premium tire manufacturer that makes some of the […]

In this video I show you how to completely repaint and restore your old rusty steel wheels to give them a new great look. I go through everything from prep work and rust removal to masking and painting techniques. This is a great home DIY project to make your old rims look great, and hold […]

How to choose mountain bike tires in 6 simple steps with confidence. Using this tire buyers guide you’ll choose the best mountain bike tires for you, every time. View Complete Guide here: http://bit.ly/RightTires SPLIT Cornering Technique video: http://bit.ly/TheSPLIT Straight Braking DH Technique video: http://bit.ly/BrakeStraight Please Like and Share this video with friends to help them […]

Top 5 Best All Season Car Tires Review By Dotmart. https://youtu.b8e/d58aVmz2FQ Best Tire Buying Guide For You. In This video, we will list the top 5 all season Car Tires, It took a lot of time and effort to pick the 5 most efficient and best Car Tire from thousands of them for you. we […]

Michelin Pilot Power & Michelin Sportbike Tire Guide http://www.revzilla.com/michelin-tires?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Michelin_Pilot_Power_And_Michelin_Sportbike_Tire_Guide The Michelin Power Sportbike tire group offer a family of tires for the sportbike and hypersport rider who want a tire they can rip on the street and even take to the track. The most economical of the series is the Pilot Power which is a […]

Bridgestone Tire Guide & Brand Overview http://www.revzilla.com/bridgestone-tires?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Bridgestone_Tire_Guide_And_Brand_Overview Bridgestone has been making tires since the 1930’s when it was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi, whose last name when translated into English means “Stone Bridge.” With their factory located in Japan, Bridgestone has formed alliance with the metric motorcycle manufacturers and has developed many bike-specific tires, such as […]

In this video, I go over some vital information should you want to change your OEM wheels and tires, to different sized aftermarket ones. I go over how important it is to maintain the same overall diameter of the wheel, along with how it affects your car. I also go over tire sizing, how to […]

Pirelli Motorcycle Tire Guide & Brand Overview http://www.revzilla.com/pirelli-tires?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Pirelli_Motorcycle_Tire_Guide_And_Brand_Overview For over 130 years, Pirelli has been at the forefront of tire manufacturing with equally deep roots in telecommunications throughout the last century. Now the official tire of World Superbike, Pirelli has premium offerings in nearly every segment of motorsports from Sport to Touring to Cruiser to […]

2016 Motorcycle Tires Buyers Guide http://www.revzilla.com/2016-best-motorcycle-tires-buyers-guide?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=2016_Motorcycle_Tires_Buyers_Guide&utm_term=ak1SCZTljHk You get two tires on a motorcycle. That’s what makes it so much fun! At the same time, however, it also means that each contact patch is twice as valuable as it would be in a car. The connection that you and your bike have to the road beneath […]

PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL1nnilrTS8 Finally I’ve made a video explaining EVERYTHING about wheels and fitment. I go over what offset means, what lug patterns are, and how to read wheel and tires measurements and specs. This is only Part 1, Part 2 will go over Spacers, Hubcentric rings, Lug Bolts, Coilovers, etc. ENJOY!!

2015 Motorcycle Tires Buyers Guide http://www.revzilla.com/2015-best-motorcycle-tires-buyers-guide?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=2015_Motorcycle_Tires_Bueyrs_Guide They are one of the most important parts of your motorcycle, yet still one of the most overlooked. In our 2015 Bet Tires Buyers Guide we outline the options out there that stand above the rest. Finding the best motorcycle tires for your needs will be a very individualistic […]

Here we show you what to look for when buying a new set of road bike tyres; something that could give you huge performance gains For the best bike tyres click here: http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/group-tests/racing-road-tyres-135277

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