Today’s farm vlog has me testing a “hack” that was suggested by one of my viewers ….although I have found a dedicate product made for this exact thing…I thought we’d take a set of standard zip ties and see if they would work to get you unstuck from ice and snow in a pinch….check it out…you might be surprised!!




Links for Tools and Products used in the vlog:

Best Watch I’ve ever owned:

Heavy Duty Zip ties:

Zip Grip Go Snow Zip tie:

Ez Pour Gas “water can” spout:

Silly Chicken hat:

Oakley Mens Gas Can Sunglasses:



Shawn Schlenz says:

your tires are running the wrong way, put the left ones on the right side and the ones on the right on the left, the tread pattern is supposed to run so it sipes the water away from the center not towards it.

Mike Payne says:

Better zip tie a snow tire on that thing.

Mike Gilbert says:

Hmmm, they are illegal in California?
Do they have pictures of guns on them? Are they non-vegan?

oldreliable303 Justin Scott says:

take a look at the vp gas can, the ones they make for raceing. there nice…

Daniel Cocozza says:

Are the back tires on backward?

Yale Brozen says:

Government bull crap! We are drowning in it.

mray473 says:

Hey Josh great idea. I zip tied my son’s little ride on John Deere Gator tires. He has been buzzing through the yard tonight.

Annette Petrin says:

Need weight in the back too.

mr dj says:

Does the jon dear not have 4 wheel drive ?

Dylan Dunn says:

Josh, why do you have the “farm use” plate on the back of your Gator

J Tapia says:

Lol i had a feeling that was going to happen with those wheels.. but you do what you like trial en error like it

David Casper says:

I wonder if you put a few twists in the zip-ties it would increase the grip.

toot tall says:

Would you like to know how to undo a zip tie without ruining it? Take a paper clip, or something like ti, bent out the end, put it n the locking part from the outside, on the ratchet side. Push down, this will release the ratchet side. this releases the strap and you can pull it lose. Oddly this basic idea also works on handcuffs, but you need something sturdier than a paper clip

Arkansas Pilgrim says:

Mrs. SRF is gonna be pixxed when she sees the yard after the snow melts.

I don’t think to tire direction matters at slow speed. Also, the tread pattern is meant to channel water away (I think), so that doesn’t really matter either.

Zip-Grip. Free enterprise at it’s best.

Boss 302 says:

I think your problem is the tires if I’m not mistaken you should probably have some off-road tires for any type of farm use

andrew mullin says:

How come you have those silly tires on your gator ?

Mikey Roberts says:

A little tip, this doesn’t work with steel wheels. Only with smoother alloy wheels

Voltic Reactor says:

Dude with the old gas can literally just put a small hole in the top of the can on the other side and it works great, i only have old gas cans and thats what i do

Steve Guarneri says:

Is that Green Snow. Looks yummy!!!

Shane Ruff says:

Yea that’s not really any amount of snow. I suppose clever hack in your situation. Perhaps you should get a second set of wheels and tires if you are planning to use it when you have more animals. I can see them being friendly to a lawn in the summer, but on a farm? Anyway you use what you have.

Wilbert Birdner says:

you’re going to regret that when the snow melts

hartstudebakerkid says:

THese have been around for deckades…….

Johnny Holland says:

Your wife is gonna kick your butt for trashing “her” yard! Oh and change those darn tires would ya.

Matt G says:

wow I’m glad Canada still uses the old style gas nozzles

Ricky Burton says:

those gas can things suck so bad!

Stuart Rintoul says:

You have your tyres on back to front. The tread is facing the wrong way.

master19103 says:

Is the direction of the tread supposed to go the other way or is it just me

Finn Hickey says:

Why don’t you have a Fuel Bauza

Josh Shipaila says:

4wd zip ties would work better

chonner cork says:

It gets stuck cuz you have those stupid ads tires on a gator

Odious Ktenology says:

You know those old kerosene siphon pump hose things.

Well… they make a bigger version. It’s got a sweet push button stop on top.

It’s FAST! I can get 5 gallons into something in seconds. Love those things. No batteries to go bad. You can store them easily. Hoses are perfect length for most applications.

shartne says:

Turn wheels around and put a few more Zip Ties on it.

Team Honda says:

Put the other tires back on

Sc Sail says:

I was waiting for the drift.

Campbell Stubbs says:

Why don’t you just have like a thousand litre tank on a tower? Everyone in Australia does that but Americans always seem to mess around with Jerry cans? Is there a reason for that?

Alton Hardison says:

I live in eastern nc , we got snow Monday but it didn’t really stay .

Brayden Lowe says:

Are you gonna put your old tires back on?

Daniel Bunch says:

Zip ties and Duct Tape!!!!! Can fix anything. 🙂

Evan Rewitzer says:

I believe that those easy pour spouts are sold at tractor supply cheaper than on Amazon

jasomx6 leng says:

I was kinda hoping to see the stoney ridge farm van get splattered with grassy snow slush when hitting the gas, LOL JK. The wife and I got stuck in the snow and I remembered watching another better hack, used tie down straps the sinch down rather than ratchet style. Same concept at the zip ties but you have the large pinching portion of the tie down strap to grab for traction. Worked great, snowy ice ruts will stop most vehicles.

buffalostate1 says:

base rocks dude.

RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

That’s a sweet trick… Thanks for sharing

Josh Shipaila says:

Just drill a primer hole for your gas can

Jeff T says:

Tire cables are like 25 bucks lol

GT20Modding says:

I would have just gunned it.

Lorand Layton says:

So shut up an Dribble !!

Travis Taylor says:

You literally live 10 mins from me lol. Small world

billg1527 says:

Please put the real tires back on the gator.

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