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British motorists tend to run summer tyres on their cars all year round, regardless of the weather. However, as our exclusive comparison test shows, this can be very dangerous.

We headed to Sweden to compare the performance of summer tyres with winter tyres on snow ­ and the results were quite shocking.


fpm1979 says:

I was rather surprised how big the difference was in wet conditions. But how do winter tires perform in the summer?

Ivo Radev says:

85 meters he said, 58 meters shown … which is the correct one? 🙂 58 seems correct judging from the distance we see …

Some One says:

kinda catch not to compare all season tires to winter …..

Enternamehere says:

“tyres” lmfao

Wabefuhon says:

But what about all season tires?

uncleweirdbeard says:

what about cold dry conditions? we get a lot of that here in the central US where the weather is as bipolar as the residents

Fox Wright says:

tire. tire. tire. tire. tire.

Abdurrahman Siddiqi says:

You all should have went over price differences

Baba Yaga says:

It is amazing how brits butcher English: in US we say “tire” and “donut” 🙂

Jessica Wilkinson says:

Wilderness review rope go net buyer snap may.

Rob Ert says:

why would u have summer tyres in the uk anyway we only have about a weeks worth of summer all year anyway

SilverSwe says:

“the truth”….. drama drama

NOS Huffer says:

Just have performance winter tires all year round

peterhayabusa says:

no hd?

nawzy202 says:

Dont drive winter tyres in summer trust me they wont last since they are so soft they wear soooo quickly

skildude says:

They do many all weather tires which work pretty darn well in all weather conditions. I don’t recall ever bothering with winter tires. I know my parents did use winter tires in the 1970’s. Thats damn near 50 years of tire tech that is being ignored here.

Ron Merkus says:

maybe people should let’s say slow down when it’s snowing or raining ,, it never seizes to amaze me. To watch people drive using winter tires , and act like total Assholes on the road. It’s like all common sense goes out the window!!!!

Eye Open says:

Still doesn’t make up for being a good driver to start with. Common sense skill and reduced speed helps.

Sebastian Bystron says:

they were on 3rd gear when testing winter tyres on wet surface and on forth when having summer tyres

Quirky Box says:

1:40′ – Look at how properly the summer tyres are inflated whereas the winter tyres are significantly less pumped up. That is no fair comparison!!!! Now wonder the red one requires ages to get to a halt.

Immy Tweed says:

make it law you fucking pricks that’s 4 extra tyres you got to buy then the poor 20 year old frail girl or old man got to change them there self or pay garage to do it and carry 4 fully rimmed tyres and cart them along or pay to have in storage at your local bmw garage like do are you taking the piss not all can afford to do that mate you need to join the tax office if I had a gun and could shoot any one I’d do you first fucking do gooders

HDB says:

I believe many european countries should ban summer tires

Prince Fancybum says:

Half the tires on cars I see in the uk are below the 1.6mm minimum depth, or nearly at it. Most people don’t give two fucks about their tires until they’re going sideways into a hedge. So even if a law was passed to make winter tires mandatory a lot of people would ignore it.

Edwin John says:

i would like to have seen the comparison under normal summer conditions too

carl phillipson says:

in the midlands uk we get 1 maybe 2 days of slush a year. most years we dont get any and if we do i just drop the psi in my tyres from 32 to around 25 problem solved

Aleksandar Đurić says:

I like a student driver in a Renault 5, which barely 800 kg heavier, their first winter I drove on all four summer tires. without a single crash, overturning on the road, losing control of the vehicle and such similar things. now it will find smart but will say that car barely goes 120 kmh, and I went up to 140 kmh on the highway also without incident. a car is 26 years old and in relatively good condition. the point of this text is that you can have the best, most stable car, with the highest quality tires, but if you “fool” is managed by the car, none of the above it will save to make incident. should be a little clearer in the head, more to pay attention to other road users and leave the cell phone out of reach !!

Scott Bayley says:

this is scare mongering at it’s finest, it’s snow on top of ice (a frozen lake) of course it’s going to slide try doing the tests in the uk on tarmac as we don’t drive on frozen lakes!

Bas van der Meij says:

1:12 – 1:16

85 or 58 meters is quite a difference, which is it? xD

Otherwise a great video. 🙂

Zach Reynolds says:

the first test is pointless now because you guys didn’t switch lanes around. you shouldve ran another test with the red car driving on the white car’s tracks and the white car in the red’s lane.

Terje Mathisen says:

I live in Norway and used to think that having two sets of tires was twice as expensive, but it isn’t of course:

Having two sets (one of which is the Nokian Hakka studded version) just means that I distribute tire wear over the two sets so they both last longer than a set of “All Season” would.

Here in Norway the question is mostly moot: If you try to drive on summer tires in winter conditions the police will take your license plates on the spot, and using the studded winter tires after the spring cutoff date leads to a heavy fine.

DrumCoverPickles says:

If you know how to drive in snow and not like a women or idiot, you’ll be fine with summer tires. Never used winter tires and never will.

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