Winter tires VS All Season Tires. Proof that you need WINTER TIRES!!

Motormouth Canada had a chance to travel to Whitehorse in the Yukon to test two identical cars, one with winter tires and one without. Even with a vehicle equipped with AWD, the video proves that driving with winter tires makes a massive difference. Proof that you should invest in winter tires.
Here are the results. Thanks to Subaru for the use of the Crosstrek utility vehicles.


RF Tech says:

In the US, most drivers run all season or all terrain tires because they are too cheap to buy 2 sets of tires………They then spend their lives trying to convince themselves that not being able to stop on snow and ice is normal!!……..They are the sad result of public schools.

Wolffe says:

wtf. Did he begin braking at the exact same point he did in the orange car? I wanted a fair test but its kinda fishy. Did he floor it to 60 on both vehicles?

Markku Kkoski says:

How about spikes on tyres? Like northern Europe, sweden, Finland, norway

myslecinaczej says:

the test does not really compare winter tires to some proper all season tires but it does compare the winter tires to the M+S tires the subaru is equipped by factory! It is so much difference between really good all season tires and those M+S!
Test the Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons or Michelin Cross Climate and you will find them better than many average winter tires (sure they will not be equal to the best winter tires but very close)

David Y says:

As a Canadian I was the first one to curse when QC made winter tires mandatory a few years ago. Now looking back I don’t know how I survived without them

Chris Perry says:


A. San. says:

Simple note.
You don’t wear your leather shoes on the basketball court.

Greg Shaw says:

Its the cheapest insurance one can buy for the winter my wife an i will not drive without them

Nathan Reimer says:

What they dont tell you is, theyre bad on asphalt. I live in toronto and yes we get snow but 70% of the time the roads arent covered in snow and all seasons do just fine.

mrthrashin says:

last year the wife wouldnt drive her challenger when we got hit with a snow storm. this year i broke down and put studs all around and she has no problems this year. i took it for a spin last weekend after a storm and that cars is awesome in the snow.

Go MGTOW says:

Want good winter tires? Then look here:
You buy a vehicle with ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE to be able to get going faster,
but you buy WINTER TIRES so that you can be able to STOP FASTER, avoid slipping in corners, and thus avoid an accident.
If you can’t afford 2 sets of tires, then buy ‘ALL WEATHER’ TIRES, instead of ‘all season’ tires.

JoeIsCrazyWillman says:

It’s night and day.
My Ram is a 2wd, and while other guys sandbag their trucks in the winter, I actually REDUCED my rear end weight by well over 200lbs (lighter leaf springs, no spare tire or spare tire mount, no trailer hitch, towing bumper removed for a 9lb sheet metal roll pan instead), but added Bridgestone Blizzak tires, and never once got stuck. Never had to take it easy on acceleration either. I accelerated like normal. Sure, I had some tire spin, but I got moving fairly well even when spinning. I found that just letting it spin a little got me moving quicker almost than trying to limit my spinning. The V8 torque loves to spin tire, but the tires still had tons of grip to get me moving anyways. I’d leave everyone behind at traffic lights. Seriously, get yourself winter tires. It’s night and day.
As a second testimony, for awhile I had all season fronts and winters on the back (2wd truck, needs help getting 5000lbs moving), and the grip from the winters were so great by comparison I almost couldn’t do cookies in the snow, not because I couldn’t spin the tires, but because they still had enough grip while spinning to push me, while the all seasons were so terrible by comparison that it kept giving me understeer conditions. It would just push me forward and overpower the (lack of) grip of the front tires. Truly amazing difference.
And remember, if for nothing else, it’s not just your life on the line out there on the roads…

Brodey Dover says:

The people who think they don’t need winter tires aren’t watching videos like this.

consaka1 says:

Pfft you want to show something profound then do it when it isn’t so cold when stuff is actually slick. like 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Colder it is the less slick it is.

Rune Venes says:

Is it even legal to drive with summer tires in Canada in the winter? Here in Norway it’s illegal to drive with summer tires in the winter. And it’s the weather that’s decides that. If it’s snowing in May you will need to let the car stay, or use winter tires.

Nicole Oltz says:

From expirence, I can sure say that tires matter. Lost control of my AWD car (Minnesota), with barely any snow on the ground. Tires matter, I will be investing in some winter tires for sure

Island Aerial says:

Hey Motormouth: How about a report on studded snow tires? I have never seen any ‘automotive’ journalist EVER do a report on them. Why is that?

John Patrick says:

I put snow tires on my sons fwd car and the 4 th winter he called me in a ditch and said he spun out I said did you put your snow tires back on in December of course not I forgot I said CALL A TOW TRUCK tough love

RetroSteve says:

I’ll take cold weather and snow over humidity and 90 degrees any day.

I need to get out of Tennessee.

Greg Shaw says:

Blizzaks are the best

Lou Fazio says:

All-season tires are a compromise. If one needs good snow and ice capability, use snow tires (ice is rarely encountered except on ice rinks); the best high performance for dry, smooth, solid pavement is with “summer” tires; all-season with water handling capabilities lies somewhere between summers and snows and may be acceptable. Personally, I make the effort to put on snow tires instead of demanding the city use salt at each and every 1″ snow “storm”.

Captain Butt nuggets says:

I will never run without my studded snow tires,I think it should be mandatory to have them, then there would be less traffic problems in winter,this should be common sense

RawLu says:

All-Weather tiers on an all-wheel-drive/4X4 & your set for life IMO 😉

smasila says:

Jokes on you…Subs don’t need winter tires.

kolyan1980 says:

Not a fair test , cars are not same color im offended ..

Steven Frank says:

Winter tires sure do help in the snow but I never got stuck when I lived in Erie PA when I had all season tires with AWD. But snow tires do help accelerate and brake need to be more careful with all season.

Go MGTOW says:

I have been using Pirelli Ice Zero FR winter tires for 3 years now and already I have avoided 4 accident that would have totaled my car if I had ordinary all-season tires. Just last week, a car on a cross street could not stop for a stop sign and slid right in front of me. I was going 50 km/h on a 4-lane road (posted speed limit = 80), on 4″ of fresh packed snow, -15C. I was about 6 car lengths from him and I was able to steer into the left lane, go around him, and then steer back into my right lane. A ton of sliding but I was able to do it. if I had all-season tires I would have T-boned him, destroying both my car and his. So yeah, that one accident avoidance alone saved me potentially thousands of dollars in damage. Easily saving me 4 to 5 times what my winter tires & rims cost me.

Ivan Luzyanin says:

M + S stands for Mud and Snow

Funnycat says:

There is no doubt in my mind, winter tires are the way to go. Anyways it’s not like I have a choice since they are required by law in my neck of the wood but I don’t mind since I was using 4 winter tires way before it was mandatory.

Shawn Smith says:

I have the all season tires with the M&S symbol on the tires. My car originally came with Kumho tires with the M&S rated tires and I had to replace them and the Cooper tires I got are all season and have the M&S rated. I haven’t had any issues with these all season tires.

Michael King says:

“They’re like hockey pucks”
This is so Canadian LMAO

“Just like curling”


Very impressive, thanks for sharing!!! 😉

Random Videos says:

Tires shouldn’t matter if you drive according to weather conditions

twe enyss says:

It’s horses for courses,all season not suitable for the yukon but perfectly suitable for the Uk.full winters a waste of money here unless you live on a big hill in northern Scotland.Both types have their place.

steve b says:

I call BULLSHIT!!!!! If it takes ( all seasons) LONGER at get UP to 60 kph then OF COURSE you BEGIN the braking FARTHER down the “road.”
OF COURSE you won’t stop until well after the orange car!!!!!!!!

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