Winter tires: Stud or not to stud a winter tire?

Winter tires: Stud or not to stud a winter tire? ( to be or not to be )

Do you stud your winter tire? Or do you prefer non-studded one?
There is a lot of advantage for your winter tires to be studded but the major one is more grip!! In this video, we talk with Dany from Nokian Tyres about the différence between a studded tire and a non-studded one!

The revolutionary Nokian Eco Stud 8 concept offers safety and controlled behaviour in extreme situations, and it consists of the following components:

– An eco-friendlier next-generation anchor stud
– A flange design that reduces stud impact
– A patented Eco Stud cushion that boosts the operation of the stud and further dampens road contact.

Remember that from December 15 to March 15 inclusive, all passenger vehicles registered in Québec, including taxis, must be equipped with winter tires. It’s sometimes difficult to choose the right winter tire just by looking at them! A good winter tire should offer some bite in all winter situations, long durability and have the snowflake logo! But now that we had stud to the shopping list, what will you do?

Remember also that all Nokian products are recommended by CarQuestion!! In addition, the studs are installed at the factory for maximum bite on ice and snow!

So, look at our video about STUDS!

Do you like?

Nokian Eco Stud 8 Concept

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV

Nokian Nordman 5

Nokian Nordman 5 SUV

Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2

Firestone Winterforce
General Altimax Arctic
Gislaved NordFrost
Goodyear Duratrac
Pirelli Ice Zero
Winter i’Pike RS (W419)

SAAQ Winter driving:

Important date ( Québec):
December 15 to March 15 : Winter tire mandatory.
October 15 to May 1st: Studded tires authorised

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consaka1 says:

No studs! I grew up with studded tires. My dad always used them. Stud quality has gone down in the last 20 years. By the end of one season a generous number of them are broken off. They only work when moving. If you spin in one spot the studs are useless.
On top of that you have the problems of noise and legal time limits and the actual wear of the pavement.
These days I use Winter tires with no studs. They work just as well or better on packed snow that is very slick. Only pure ice used to give the slightest advantage to studs. Now days even that is doubtful with some of the new tread compounds.
I have found Blizzaks work very well.

Michael Persaud says:

hello, I’m from NY and I will be driving upstate ny where snow fall starts in October (compared to December for me) and they get heavy snowfall because they are by Canada (1ft or more). Will studded tires be okay to use to drive on the highway where there may be little to no snow? The roads upstate will have heavy snow. The drive is 250 miles.

Richie Bee says:

My Nokian tires are supurb in every way. They are studless. However, “back in the day” we didn’t stud the complete tire. The reason being was there was too much steel in contact when the roads were dry. Traction was compromised. We generally installed studs in about about 2/3 of the available holes. A fullly studded tire would be ok on icey roads if they were icey all winter. In the Northeast, a full tire proved to be overkill.

Bob Warren says:

If your area has hills and tends to get ice rather than snow, then studded snow tires might be a good investment. You can have them mounted on a spare set of wheels and just swap them in the winter.

len hughes says:

at 71 had 2 quit studding cause it bends in the middle—

baboonbuttz says:

i haven’t tried nokian tires yetfor vehicles but next sets will be. used them on my mtnbikes fantastic worth the $. studded is the way to go if legal. if where you live travel is prone to white/black ice or humid an freezing there is no other choice. winter specific tires w/studs. but doesn’t doesn’t replace driving with care an good judgment a mistake alot of people make when they get good winter studded tires.

sisco says:

I had them and got tired of them cause they last so long and the noise and the stupid people asking, do you have stud tires?, lol,

shakke52 says:

I live in Sweden and studded tires is not a choice, its a have to.

HenkkaWRC says:

I use non studded winter tires and I have had pretty much no problems what so ever. There was like 1 time when I was driving on small road that was covered in *wet* ice and I wasn’t able to climb a small incline on first try. I had to back up and get a bit more speed.
I don’t really see no point in using studded tires. They just create noise, road dust and destroy the surface of the roads.

Swimming Pools says:

I had no idea nokian was a place

X3R0 125 says:

Im from FIN. And when i see this video Im like wohoo nokia

eduardoig17 says:

I live in Texas so I don’t even have to worry about buying winter tires. 🙂

Patrick Grimes says:

Great video. Do you drive with the studded tires all year or do you change them out for regular tires in the spring and summer?

Stephane Genest says:

speak inglishe moutarde reliche

Jared Reyes says:

Running a set of Hakka 7’s on my Saab every winter since I owned the car. I love it.

Thor3736 says:

Interesting video. I live in Southern California and don’t need to worry about ice and snow. If I lived in an area with snow and ice I would likely have two sets of tires and wheels. Studded snow tires for winter and all season for the rest of the year. I currently have all season on my vehicle with no issues because it doesn’t normally snow in my area. If that changes I will definitely get studded tires.

mssca says:

In some counties/areas you are not allowed to use stud winter tires on public roads. How is stud tires perform when there is no snow on the road? During Winter here in Canada, most major roads are very clean and only patches of snow.

mrkotsi8 says:

Can I use stud tires during winter months even if there is no ice or snow in the road?

altamiradorable says:

Écrivez-moi si vous êtes intéressés, je donne des cours d’anglais ! Ça pourrait vous aider grandement !

Festy46 says:

I live in a cold climate and drive 200 miles every night as a medical courier. It doesn’t matter if it’s rain, ice, snow or something in between, I have to go. I’ve been using Nokian studded tires for four years and would never use anything else. As long as you don’t drive like an idiot, they will save you from unexpected conditions like patches of black ice. One night I was following two pick-up trucks (I drive a FWD car with 4 studded tires) when the first truck in line hit a patch of black ice. (The ice was right in the middle of a sharp left turn.) The driver did a 180 and slid off the opposite side of the road and down over a bank. The second driver saw this and hit his brakes and was able to slow as he crossed the black ice without losing control and then stopped on the dry pavement on the other side of the black ice. This left me in the position of having to completely stop on the ice without hitting the second driver sitting on the road on the other side of the ice patch. I was able to stop with the help of the studs. If I hadn’t have had studs, I would have rear ended the stopped truck.

pajero28tdi says:

Have Nokian Hakka 8 – Best winter tires ever. Live in Norway and studs is a must…

itchyisvegeta says:

My local tire place was telling me non studded winter tires last far longer than studded tires. Can anyone confirm or debunk this?

Where I live, they do not salt the roads, and I drive long miles to and from work at night over a lot of overpasses.

Gamma pragmatic says:

Stops like crap on dry roads but their great in deep snow. The rubber is pretty tough and will last at least two winters but it’s not soft enough to perform like a blizzak.

-Blizzaks, 8.8 out of 10
best for stopping. But ware out fast and won’t dig you out like nokian will.

-Nokian H8, 8.5 out of 10
best for deep snow. Not soft enough for very cold weather but they last longer.

If you often drive on un plowed or messy roads get nokian 8.

If you mainly drive plowed roads get blizzaks.

I could go on forever comparing these tires.

Karsten Schuhmann says:

illegal in most parts of germany as they damage the roads.

Captain Everything says:

1. Do you lose traction on dry asphalt with studded tires compared to non studded tires? 2. If you buy winter tires that can be studded and drive on them, can you get them studded later? Thanks

Pixel Dust says:

if it’s legal, do it; you’ll never have more fun!

Jessica Wilkinson says:

sauce wall suspend flood responsibility slap library review.

shawn chartrand says:

they sound like the goalie in the movie SlapShot . hehe love the tires

Dustin Collett says:

I don’t stud – It’s illegal here in Wisconsin. My blizzak does make a night and day difference. Most of the knuckleheads around here run all-season all year round. But they have all wheel drive for ‘those wisconsin winters’ so they falsely think they don’t need them. Stupid.

Henri.P. Levesque says:

Peut-t’on acheter au Nouveau-Brunswick les pneus avec des clous déjà dedans?

Jerry Shannon says:

I ran factory studded Nokian tires on my work truck in 2005/2006 winter season. Yes, they were very good. but by the next season I was very much disliking them as they seemed to work against me on bare asphalt surfaces (times when it’s middle of winter, very cold but no snow or ice built up on the roads). They’d spin or skid easily when leaving stop signs or at traffic lights on bare cold asphalt.
I went to non-studded the next purchase and felt every bit as secure.
Basically, we see freezing rain and very icy conditions too little to make studded tire worthwhile. The freeze/thaw has me believing that the non-studded are a better choice. BTW, I’m a firm believer in winter tire whether studded or not.
I’m in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area.

Stephen says:

I’m curious to know if modern studded tires still cause harm to road surfaces. In the early 60s studded tires were an option in the U.S. state of Maryland. However, due to the damage they inflicted on our roads, they were eventually banned.

I would imagine Finland’s climate provides are more compelling case for very effective winter tires, so it may be willing to trade road safety for road damage. However, if recent developments in studded tire technology have reduced road damage, it might be time to ask the state to reconsider their use.

MrMuck says:

Another drawback of studded tires which is not mentioned is the fairly significant loss of traction on clear road surfaces when using studded tires. This effect is compounded for a standard transmission driver on FWD cars. Studded tires on bare asphalt frequently result in complete loss of traction when starting from a stop and cause tire “chirps” as you spin out on the metal studs then regain traction on the rubber, undoubtedly causing increased tire wear and even frequently causing studs to be ripped from the tire. After decades of studded tire use in the country where ice covered roads are more frequent, I had to ditch the studs when moving in the city as the roads are to often cleared of ice and I would spin out far to often while at red lights. Not such an issue in my truck but my standard VW was terribly noticeable.

Aérodrome Régional says:


What do you recommend for a Ford F-250 Super Duty with 2 wheels drive. says:

those look way better compared to the studed tires I buy here in the United States.
I hope to be able to find theses tires in the United States.

James Franco says:

With the materials they use in winter tires now a days, theres no need for studs. just a way to make more money

mike mike says:

All lies

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