Winter Tires on Ice: See the Difference versus All-Season Tires

( ) Do you really need winter tires on your car if you live in the “snow belt” regions around the world? Here is another clear example of how much better a dedicated snow tire is on solid ice, over a good all-season tire.

This test is brought to you by Tire Rack and Bridgestone tires.

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12/ten Design says:

too much talk and self promotion without showing the differences that make an all-season tire worse than a winter one. after all the title implies the tires are the focus of attention not the companies involved here.

Dominic Paglia says:

Straight outta compton

Lild Y says:

That’ is not awd

Vsimileac says:

I’m using the set of Blizzak WS70 for 4 years and their are still good. However, I think, this winter will be the last one for it. Next year I will buy the new one but definitely Bridgestone.

Kelly Pagano says:

What brand and rating are the all-season tires?

dmoney8766 says:

all this video shows is the performance of tires on perfectly level ice at 3mph. I have never come across that situation ever before during winter driving. If drivers would only learn how to drive on snow and ice. Here’s a tip, put your car in low gear when going down a hill and hardly use your brakes. when climbing a hill turn off your traction control and put it in 1st or 2nd and spin the tires in order to climb the hill. On level surfaces avoid abrupt maneuvers, pay attention, and please don’t slam on your brakes. I’ve driven every type of vehicle you can imagine in the snow, and I’ve never wrecked either. Otherwise just buy an awd car and put whatever all season tires on it that you like and don’t worry about how to get where you are going. Also, as soon as your going at road speed in any tire good luck stopping on ice.

Ling Khey Shing says:

Can I put Jeep tire on my 2015 Toyota RAV4 ?

DaveVQ says:

@3:12 “real world testing”. doing awd donuts in the snow/ice is a very important test.

Thivakar saravanamuthu says:


ZepG says:

In the winter I have been using Blizzaks on my Svt Focus for about 7 years and I’m amazed at how good they work.
One season I got lazy and didn’t switch out my summer tires in time and got caught in an early snow and almost shit my pants driving home from work.

Robert says:

I drive a pickup truck. It does not have 4 wheel drive, but it does have a manual transmission. This “feature” allows me to control the speed of the rear tires and thus control the vehicle in inclement weather. Snow and ice don’t bother me at all, hell I like driving in the stuff. Anti-lock brakes usually work against you, especially in the snow, which is what the Blizzak is made for. This system will not help you stop faster. It will help you stop straighter. A driver with any experience in the snow will attest to this fact.

Ice is ice. The only real way to fight the loss of grip on ice is with chains or studded tires. The problem is that these methods will severely damage paved roads. I live in Michigan, so I’m used to the roads being rough in any season that isn’t winter(or construction).

In short, I have seen many cars equipped with “awesome” winter tires in the ditch because the driver thought they had the grip to make that turn or stop at that light or dodge that deer. In the end it all comes down to training and knowledge. As someone who has driven everything from sports cars to cargo vans in all kinds of weather, you need adjust your driving style to suit the conditions. The video showed two “identical” cars running full throttle followed by full lock on the brakes, counting on the systems(traction-control and ABS) to save their asses.

P.S. What about All-Weather tires? I owned a 1992 Ford Escort with this type of tire and the car was relentless. I never got stuck. I even passed a few 4wd trucks and pulled a mail truck out of a ditch with it.

M. O.G. says:

u shud have tested it on Quattros

LuBano says:

those all season tires look fun.

Mr2pint says:

Hate commercials..

2WhiteAndNerdy says:

All you cheap nay-sayers who say “I’ve driven in snow my whole life, you don’t need winter tires” are the same knuckleheads I pull out of snow banks and ditches on a weekly basis. I live in the mountains near Yellowstone where half our year can be winter conditions. Winter tires vs all seasons are absolutely night and day. I have a set of each. FWIW, I have NEVER rescued a vehicle that had snows. Every single one of them had all-seasons. Most of them were residents of the state who had “driven in snow their whole lives” and thought that all-seasons were good enough. All were very embarrassed. Having proper tires has absolutely been a wise investment that has kept me and my family safe…and mobile! Glare ice totally encasing the entire highway? Not a problem whatsoever. 3 feet deep of fresh snow? No problem. Keep on plowing through. If you live in a place with real winters…yes, absolutely invest in winter tires. Don’t be the cheapskate who ends up in the ditch. CAN you drive with racing slicks in the rain? Sure, but it ain’t fun. You simply need the right tools for the jobs, my friends.

sharon1297 says:


Shay Penski says:

You can get a average summer tire and a pretty good winter tire in one package with the Nokian WR G3’s. I’ve used them year round in Michigan and they always have plenty of grip on dry, wet, icy, and snowy roads.

ImJust JP says:


Desperate4Attention says:

I give the All Seasons top marks for Artistic Impression and a failing grade for safety. If you live where it regularly snows get yourself four good winter tires mounted on old fashioned steel rims and slow down.

Jack Haynes says:

Really does not matter what kind of tires you have because in the end its the driver behind the wheel that determines if you slide off the road during the winter or not

NYC Taxi Photo says:

“not just 2 30 seconds on the penny, but 6 30 seconds…” what… the …. hell… you say?

Pro-pain says:

great tires but for eskimos:)

Chris Mantle says:

You guys ever try using All-Weather Tires? Apparently only Nokian and Hancook make them.

youdownwithdjp_yeahyouknowme says:

this was very informative. thanks guys for the vid!!!!

blahblahblah hahaha says:

What is the song at 01:30?

GrnXnham says:

There’s another vid on here showing that summer tires are worst on ice, all season tires are better, and winter tires are the best. Everything is a trade-off, of course. The summer tires are the best on dry roads.

Ivan Toman says:

It is amazing how many tests winter vs all season, or winter vs summer tyre, there are, all done on snow or on ice. Isn’t it pretty much obvious what results will be? Came on guys, snow/ice tyre is made to do better on snow/ice than summer tyre, what is the purporse of testing that? You don’t believe it will be or what? Why there is no a single test winter vs summer tyre on dry or on rainy road? That is what we want to see, because then it is not that much obvious what result will be, and it would be pretty much more interesting than this.

headcas620 says:

What’s the fun in that? It’s more fun to slide all over the road! Doriftoooooooo

HScoper7 says:

I drive a tesla with summer tires (option) and durrung the winter I just take a uber or train to work. 20 mins away in NYC

seanplayspearlexr says:

I don’t know about that comparison haha, looked like buddy in the all- season tires was really throwing that yota into some mean drifts where the other guy in the snow tires was just taking it easy….

Justin Kelly says:

Of course these aren’t Bridgestone all seasons tires!

moicus29 says:

winter rubber is slightly better in snow and ice, but so much worse on just wet pavement than all seasons or even summer tires. At least Blizzaks are bad on wet. Maybe there is a winter tire with a better tread for wet but idk about it.

Pars S says:

I’m impressed how well the Rav4 is handling the ice, even without snow tires. In fact, the driver with no snows seems to be having more fun.

723lion says:

passive commercial?? wow

Bents Huang says:

Was the ESC on?

Corrosive says:

Pretty cool video. When I moved to Denver from Texas I had my fair share of “OH F***” moments while driving on snow and ice for the first time. I figured my raptor’s tires would be good enough…. after seeing this, I think I may invest in a second set of tires this winter season.

Olle W says:

Arguing for all seasons vs winter is like saying a 150 hp engine is stronger than a 450 hp……..

Eric D. says:

Up here in Canada, we don’t call ’em ALL-SEASON … We call ’em 3-Seasons
Where I live, winter tires are mandatory … I gotta say I wasn’t for that law, but it did lower the crash rate in winter


Sometimes it can be a very bad time driving on ice. But when you are on the lake with enough ice to have a tank on it. Driving on Ice can improve your driving skills. And it’s fun too. 😀

Robert Drake says:

Been using Michelin x-Ice on my crappy Jeep Patriot for a number of years now, works great. Drive by all the other cars in the ditch.

Wise Sloth says:

this looks to fun, I always wanted to drive on a frozen lake and go ham; but I’m afraid of ice breaking and sinking my car.

OMAutomotive says:

love the new video intro of the maxima!!

BUICK GS-77 says:

lol all these shit drivers who cant drive without snow tires aha

Henry Nukari says:

let me ask, why wouldn’t you use wintertires? you should ALLWAYS use wintertires in the winter! and not only all season or wintertires, but studded! the other ones are pure shit.

McNibbles says:

Best part was, “We just drove right off the cliff, we’re dead. Too bad.”

Tracy KaPoni says:

getting paid to drive fun…

Tan N says:

Too bad Continental won’t do this, because it might hurt DWS sales, as most customers think it is a good winter tire that you don’t need their ExtremeWinterContact

Bob Newhart says:

I like AWD donuts

Kyle Pluckrose says:

no kidding winter tires are better on ice.

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