Winter Tires Explained – Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

What are winter tires? Why are winter tires better for snow, ice, and cold weather conditions? How is a winter tire different from a summer tire? This video looks at studs, tire compound, tread, siping, tube multi-cell compounds, and bite particles as methods of increasing traction in winter weather.

Winter tires have come a long way, and now studless tires are becoming much more popular as they’re capable of much better traction in winter conditions than previously, all without destroying the road or being too loud like studded tires.

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Walter Ritchey says:

Just in time for the US winter! Thank you so much! I was considering Bridgestone for this winter, this helps a lot.

Chris Park says:

If you have offroad/all-terrain tires, can you forego winter tires to save money? Is it worthwhile, or are standard all-terrain tires not nearly as good as winter tires on snow and ice?

Bad Penny says:

It’s dumping snow here in Alaska. Blizzaks are amazing. It’s actually fun to drive the icy roads now.

philip dias says:

they become all seasons at half tread as the crush walnut filament only reaches 1/2 way though the tires.

brandon says:

Whats the mechanism behind snow on snow traction? I’m kinda curious what forces are all at work, I’m thinking dry fluffy snow wouldn’t be as good as wet packing snow right?

nocoolname32 says:

love love love our blizzacks on our FWD traverse, not as good as AWD for going through snow, but for control and stopping on snow and ice, can’t be beat

greentjmtl says:

Even Bridgestone admits they only use the special compound on outer half of the tread. Once you wear pass that you just have regular winter tire rubber without any of the fancy technology. I thought that was a bit strange.

Ronnie C says:

Hi, I just recently got a 2014 STI hatch and it came with the stock summer tires. I live in Southern California and head up to big bear maybe twice a month and Mammoth maybe twice this season. You think I need a separate set of winter tires to switch off during winter? I heard horror stories of summer tires heading up to big bear.

Peter Moholi says:

Gonna put those on my dodge charger sxt rwd, cant wait to test it out

zeetweets_ says:

Hi Jason,
 please do a video on immobilizers and its different types used in cars. I will be thankful.

oh and did I forget to mention for the 8473th time that you’re a saint?

Vsimileac says:

Used WS70 for 5 years, now bought WS80. I love this Bridgestone tires.

v10intheBM says:

great video!
would love to see some tests.. 😀

ME l says:

Why is every one saying these blizzack won’t last long?? These tires are Awesome..  I have been using mine for about 6-7 winters now. on my 4×4 F150. ONLY in the winter months, they still have ALOT of traction. they still look New and act and handle new. I got them when I had a F150 2004 (used) I traded it in 3 years ago for a 2010 F150 and this is the 2nd year now I have them on my current truck, I did not put them on last year.  I would recommend these tires to anyone. But I was told to take them off when it warms up because when the rubber gets to warm it melts. But my point is.. I have had these tires for awhile now and then are still performing and looking new.

Alec S says:

very profound video
thanks a lot

sunnyhaibin says:

Going to buy a set with the Enkei YS5 rims, hopefully it would be a stable winter for my STi.

CapnFlappyJaw says:

If only I could afford new tires

Ryan Schafran says:

what are the tire specs you used?

Roberto A says:

Just ordered these for my 2016 Subaru Legacy!!

scorpiomaj27 says:

If you’re really serious about snow and ice traction and you like the idea of the grip particles… you should go to the original tire that started that Green Diamond Tires. They have bigger carbide particles and out perform the Blizzak for the same price.

Vickie Knower says:

Just put my first set of winter tires on my RWD car this year. They’re Blizzaks and I am blown away by how much more control I had during a recent blizzard. I was lucky enough to find a used set, a year old, for $450. When these need to be replaced, I am more than willing to pay full price for a new set. They’re amazing.

Pete D says:

i have this set on my fiesta st, awesome in the snow

Lasse Huhtala says:

My Subaru and me are not leaving home without studded Hakka 8’s. 🙂

GrandTheftNation says:

You rock! Great educational videos youve provided me with countkess times. Glad bridgestone hooked you up with from free shoes!!!

Mattias Carlsson says:


Brendan Eaglen says:

so are winter tires better for summer than summer tires?

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