Winter Tire Review: BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, simply the best for a truck!

CarQuestion Winter Tire Review: BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 , want an all season tire that performs above average? Check out that review!!!

BfGoodrich has done it again with the new version of the long known Bf Goodrich All-Terrain T/a K02! The best feature for this model: The Snowflake symbol!!!

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Tristan Newsome says:

“turdy a tree inches”

Alex MacLean says:

Having a hard time deciding between these or AT2, I like these more but they are also going to cost 300 more for the set. I can’t decide if that’s worth it.

shylildude says:

Where is your accent from?

vteckid82 says:

BF Godrich?

James Housser says:

bfg’s suck I have have had mt’s and at’s they wear crazy fast and the performance is terrible save your money…..

KTMsoldier1988 says:

This tire sucks. The ice traction is pitiful I got more ice traction out of a Firestone destination at. These tires had me sliding backwards down a mountain road and almost put me over the edge. GARBAGE DON’T WAIST YOUR MONEY!!

Carsever says:

BFG Urban Terrain review

D.E.B. B says:

Great snow and off road tires. But i don’t like my tires to sing.

OCP_Ken says:

Where are the BFG K02’s made?

faronf2006 says:

The all new tirdy tree BF GODrich tire ha ha .

RyRy89 says:

he said Car Queshionn and his tires are Turdy Tree inches LmFaO

MsLeelee94 says:

that’s what i want for my jeep sahara thanks

jdmercard says:

I’m putting turdy trees on my truck today!

pepsishaker says:

BF all skates a shit tyre in the wet

Dylan says:

Friend had these. Wore off in less than 25K, he was pissed for how expensive these are. Do your research and get something better for your money. Duratrac is an excellent choice for a similar price, but I advise you to do research and chose a tire that will be good for you.

Key Largo says:

After runnning these E rated BFG A/T KO 2s on my F-350 for the the last 4 years , I can safely say that they are with out a doubt the worst , and potentially DEADLIEST tires that I have ever used on ANY vehicle. During the last four years , I have had to buy six new tires to replace the blow outs and wobbles that have occurred on tires which all had less than 10k miles on them. It would seem that these tires are not at all suited for travel through hot desert areas. The walls just can not hold up. All of my blow outs happened while traveling I-40 between Amarillo and Flagstaff , and if you have ever had to change a tire in that kind of heat , you will appreciate how difficult it is. THERE IS SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG WITH THESE TIRES !!!! DO NOT BUY THESE TIRES !!!!

69 mustang says:

I love the look but too much road noise and suck on wet pavement, hard pack snow and ice on Hiway. Now I run these in summer or if I know I am looking for mud on logging roads. I run Conti’s TerainContact during the rain, snow and ice season with no problems on Montana roads during winters. They also do well in mud but not near as good on the KO’s, but I find myself running the Conti’s longer every year on the 4runner even though it looks better with KO’s on it. Just one mans opinion and everyone has a couple..But I find anytime you question KO’s, people get butt hurt like Fiat owners I mean Jeep owners 🙂

spicecrop says:

A lot of people online are complaining that these tires are not as good and don’t last as long as the original KO’s. Which I have and love.

Phil Nugent-Box Mods says:

turdy tree inches, LMAO

randombk82894 says:

Those tires suck in the snow

Hos-Jou Bostokolos says:

Awesome Video …thanks for having a sense of humour …im from South-Africa and my 2nd language is English…i could only dream of speaking English that fluent with that accent…not even hard to understand…come to RSA and try to speak to some natives here who only had English as their first language at school for 12 years…you wont understand a thing they’re saying..

Willian. Direction says:

come on folks its nice to hear a different accent than some god dam blow bag yank or a slow Aussie drawl or wining pom/African, we still get the message.

Low Gear-Official Group says:

BFG Sick!!!

Goodoldm says:

I had this tire. They ran quit on highways. I used it on my Hummer for off-roading the Nevada deserts. Performed flawlessly, but after 18,000 mikes I need to replace them.

Albert Aguirre says:

All terrain are considered the worst for snow.

Cainori says:

You never did a wet asphalt hard breaking? Then you can enjoy winter distances in summer…

Joe Chitussi says:

You must be deaf if the KO2s are a ‘quiet tire’
or you have some great sound proofing on your cabin, These are almost as noisy as the KM2s

preston121068 says:

Looks like Goodyear did a knockoff of a General Grabber AT2… Guess that’s why they call it a KO2? (Knock Off?) Yet Goodyear’s version is twice as much? lol

Dakota Ortiz says:

Turdy twee goodwitch tyres

Koeur says:

speak english

95BerrySt says:

Turdy Tree inch tire. Looks good to me Ehh

Paulimus says:

This is not a review.

famasmaster2000 says:

turdy tree

Tonya Clark says:

Sorry but I am currently running 2016 KO2s on my Excursion. They were great at first but after only 20K miles we had one completely destroy itself. They slick up in mud as well. Lost another tire when a stick went through the sidewall. Upgrading to 35s and will not be going with KO2s. Nitto Trail Grapplers are a much better choice. Much better if you actually drive off road and the sidewalls are about twice as thick.

RyRy89 says:

I think these tires are great for long life wise but snow and mud they turn into a Slick

mojo rsn says:

Absolutely great tires for most situations, but no replacement for dedicated winter tires. Anyone who lives in northern climates, with long winters knows the difference.

Brandon Warfel says:

Wouldn’t believe this guy. says the old KOS don’t have the snowflake symbol…I have them on my truck and the symbol is definitely there.

edward corbett says:

37″ time to get a lift kit…

pepsishaker says:

every trip we did who ever had all skates puncture puncture puncture and in the wet roads all skates zero sorry minus zero traction

Wild Homesteader says:

No demo?

Mark G says:

Is there an English version of this commercial? Thanks.

MegaLuckydog1 says:

That’s a Canadian accent. The great Canadian folks of French origin. Remember this fellow know more than one language…

Elliott Urban says:

You suck, you can hardly talk and that is all you do in this video. Terrible enough for me to go out of my way and say just how fucking terrible it was. Maybe you would be better suited to showing in some test or something than talking.

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