Winter Driving Aid Showdown | Consumer Reports

Three products claim to work as well as winter tires when you encounter snowy roads. Consumer Reports takes the AutoSock, ISSE Snow Sock and Michelin Easy Grip on its test track to see how tough they are to install and how much they help traction. For additional reviews, tips, and recommendations check us out at
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D vinny Q says:

Was he really using a airless impact to put the tire back on? Lol

Ryan Flores says:

Yeah, but in comparison to chains and cables, these are so much easier. It would’ve been nice it you mentioned them as well, and not just winter tires.

Adam NX2mtb says:

I’m sorry for the negative responses but I use the Auto sock and and I can fit each side in 3mins including pulling the vehicle forward! This is not a fair test as the person fitting is incompetent in the theory behind fitment.

They are much easier than snowchains but I do agree that correct winter tyres will be your best bet if you can afford them

DavidFrostbite says:

Or you could use chains…

mahadragon says:

The Autosock comes with elongated gloves that go over your hands and arms. If you had bothered with them you might not have worried so much about being wet and dirty as you mentioned in your review.

josh6025 says:

Even with winter tires there are still times that you need to chain up or use an alternative approved method.

Charles Eakins says:

You recommend a set of dedicated winters tires, except if they require chains that won’t work at least from Washington to California, I checked the laws. Having these socks will.

Paul O'Neal says:

Why not just raise each wheel during installation and removal?

All mobile says:

Very good item, but i like textil chain: RUDmatic Soft Spike

Dirty Trucker says:

So., i drive truck and i chain frequently, i decided to buy a set of auto socks and michilian easy grip for my car., i read instructions and after a little practice i was able to install both in under 2 1/2 minutes per tire… it is not hard..just takes practice.

Tim Joseph says:

There are all-season tires that do well on snow, such as Continental DWS tires with Traction Grooves. Tire Rack has ratings for each tire on dry, wet, snow, and mud from consumers. Wheel chains are better than these, and you don’t have to drive a little bit just to put chains on the wheels.

95thRiflesOCI says:

the snow shoe for cars

jimmelay71 says:

Well, that’s disappointing. I hate investing in snow tires for only a couple of weeks a year.

omcdude64 says:

Using an impact tool to install lug nuts. Lazy asshole. USE A 4-WAY LUG WRENCH

Zeeangelofdeath says:

If you know there is snow why not just put them on before you leave your house.. I mean you don’t take off your windshield wipers off just because it stopped raining

sab0nes says:

do these take the place of chains?

Russell Lieser says:

Several of the service vans in my company have the sock the globe it. Said very easy to put on. If you can go over 40 you don’t need the sock.

Paul Smallriver says:

10 to 20 minutes. hahahaha! Bit of drama going on there.

Law3dog2009 says:

They do work. Had them on in Europe (Autosock) and have the same pair in the US. This is on a 2 seat sports car. 4 stars from me. Additionally, if you talk to the locals(Europeans), you put them on before the snow comes down, but that would require planning(something we Americans rarely do). So try it out if you don’t want to spend the money for winter tires.

Peder Lettstroem says:

I have purchased new Michelin tyres. All I want to know is, what product is, are, the best if I drive in the European Alps mountains during the winter? I don’t have 4 wheel drive. BMW.

Toni Niemi says:

“Install time: 10 – 20 minutes for 2 tires” What’s the point? Why on earth you wouldn’t just use half of the time to get all 4 winter tires changed? Though it’s always funny to watch when Americans can’t drive on snow or ice with their “all season” tires.

Sam S says:

I like CU but this report while accurate and useful seems to miss the point of this product. I guess you could use them in an emergency as described, but I see this being used more in the case of a Floridan who decides to go visit a relative in the northeast during the winter. Should they buy a set of snow tires for one week? No. They would be ideal candidates for this product which CU says does work so that if it does snow and they drove up to the northeast, if they have to go out, they go outside in the driveway where they are staying (or the parking lot say if they are working) and put this on before driving that one time in the snow. Sure it is a limited use of the product, but I think that is what it is intended for.

HunterXray says:

All-wheel-drive… I mean Subaru, and winter tires. Problem solved.

fatboy19831 says:

If you have a stock BRZ. Best to keep these in the trunk in the winter time. Or just put on snow tires.

Gordon Stewart says:

Snow socks are designed to replace putting on chains, which you may have to even if you have winter tires on. Canada and some of the US states have even approved these for use by commercial trucks, they are only designed to get you out of a sticky situation, or to the top of the hill. The speed that you can travel with them on is 30Km or 20mph which the recommended speed even if you had chains on. As a Canadian I would recommend them as part of your emergency vehicle kit.

Riley Smith says:

I still have sets of dedicated winter tires

Erik Morales says:

They are meant to replace your chains not to be driven around

Riley Smith says:

But I still have snow chains and products that go over the tire for traction.

IncognitoTorpedo says:

Yo, CR. Those glitchy transitions might have seemed cutting edge when you edited the video, but they kinda suck.

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