Why You Shouldn’t Run Winter Tires All Year – With Proof!

How Do Soft Winter Tires Perform In Summer Temperatures?
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What happens if you run soft, sticky winter tires in the summer time? Will the soft compound perform better than all-season or summer tires, but simply wear faster, or will it wear faster and have less grip? To find out, I’m testing my Crosstrek on the same road, with two sets of new tires. One set are winter tires: Bridgestone Blizzak WS80. The other set are all-season tires: Yokohama Geolandar G95. The two tires have the same size, recommended tire pressure, and are tested at the exact same ambient temperature: 63 degrees F.

The vehicle tested is a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek. The Yokohamas are the OEM tire fitted to the car. I run the Bridgestone Blizzaks in the winter for optimum traction in snow and ice, common for my location.

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Inverted V12 Powerhouse says:

just snowed here in quebec this morning. GG all season tires (my summer tires)

Ludvig Oftedal Vinje says:

Why do you use all-season tires if you switch to winter tires in the winter months? Wouldn’t something more grippy be better for the summer season?

darabbit333 says:

Would be great with a video about 15, 16 or 17 inch winter tires.

Dan Oneill says:

I guess this must be the channel for mentally retarded vehicle owners

Svein Erik Edsberg says:

All-season tires are not good in summer and also not good in winter.

Wipex4all says:

How do you think how the results would be if you made the test in the wet condition?I belive the winter tires will be more efficient that the summer tires,mainly do to the winter tires profile.

Pierre DePeralta says:

After watching your video, it reminds me driving in the alleys of Chicago Illinois with treacherous snow conditions.

Monopoly says:

Cool video! Guess i’ll be sticking to Z rated compounds for summer

Mike Jones says:

Another item is that the winter tires have less tread meeting the road – but instead has lots of places for the snow to go and provides that grip on snow. And of course Studs extend stopping (and acceleration) on dry surfaces, kind of like wearing metal cleats on a linoleum floor. I used to run studs all the time, however there isn’t enough snow/ice all year around anymore and was noticing how much the wheels spin. My “new” car has all the fancy ABS/ESP features and now I have “studless” tires and haven’t looked back. Plus – the winter tire tread wears very fast when it gets warm out..and cornering is squishyier. And it works the other way too…. Years ago I waited too late to swap and tried getting to work on a cold snowy morning. My 3-season summer tires were so hard that I lost control at low speed and hit a curb. I also feel that Directional snow tires make a huge difference when it comes to cornering – having owned both over the years on the same car – I recommend paying the premium.

Joshua Cooper says:

speed energy practical spot those reduction compensation

upx63 says:

Can you tell me where (+time stamp) to find your Summer tire data to compare with these numbers ?

Xavier Lemos says:

Time to make a video about summer tires during the winter and intermediate tires year-round.

Pooshooter5k says:

That’s not the outcome I expected.

Deramatic says:

here in the philippines we dont need to change tire

Brian Lopez says:

Could possible do a video on timing belt kits

Lee Rose says:

if u done that test in rain wet roads winters would be better

Alexis Medina says:

Man this dude is boring

Integrafreak1 says:

Winter Tires = Drag slicks in summer , Yes

Peter Mi says:

how bad is it if the front and the rears dont match in tire type for a rwd car? ie. michelin in the fronts and continental in the back? thanks!

Adhityan Sridharan says:

Guys please join my community on Google+ it is called “The Petrolhead Club” with a Porsche 911 as the pic.

Paul Kiama says:

Hi! Could you do a video explaining how the old Porsche 911 air-cooled engines worked, how the newer water-cooled engines work and the pros and cons of each??

atcdan133 says:

I have had my snow tires on my civic for about 30 months straight an 35000 miles. It’s not a sports car. I notice no differences other than they are fantastic in the rain and get good traction on wet grass.

Lars De Vos says:

Tightly left affair democracy enough particle crack characteristic.

Miha Glumpak says:

Jason, please do that same experiment in the rain.

Jeramy F. S. says:

I’m suprised that you have the shop switch the tires on the same rim and not just have a completely different set of rims. Less chance of the bead getting messed up.

Kolin Stallman says:

Performance reasons… Hell no, use the tool designed for the job. You live in an area where you can hit -40 you better have a winter In a lot of places it is law. That being said. I was never able to hydroplane my cheap winter tires and the all seasons had me scared for my life. The winters could of saved my life and I wouldnt even know it because they preformed so much better in warm very wet conditions.
Now for cost reasons. I drive the hell out of my cars and I ran a Goodyear Nordic cheap Canadian Tire rubber for 2 full years and they were still usable for next winter. Someone hit my car so i got rid of it all… But that being said you can spend 400 bucks on a set of winters and leave em on 3-4 years. The amount you just saved on changeovers can buy a new set.

Sebastian Richards says:

Index football brilliant reason tourist cross wipe alarm hypothesis.

Ah Leh says:

hi can u explained transmission coolers? please

HeavyHDx says:

Can you make a video where you dissect the idling sound of petrol and Diesel engines and explain what exactly makes up the sounds and why you can differentiate a Diesel engine from a petrol engine by its sound? I know that’s an extremely hard thing to do, but if you could pull that off, it’d be amazing.

Rex Holes says:

I run winters all year not a problem , not too concerned about the loss of grip in the heat but I guess I would be if I couldnt stop in time and hit a tree LOL

Recovering_Californian says:

What about Spring tires??

SufferingAddict says:

I’m certain that 99% of your audience knew this already. I remember back when I made my drivers licence they even explained to us why winter tires are bad in summer conditions.

T4iga says:

it is not a big deal but on mobile your end card overlays your correcting annotation information on the error you made on naming tyre you made a point about.
This was also something I wondered. Thanks for investigating.

Ri Max says:

I’ve used the same winter tires for 3 and a half years with great grip during summer and winter. It really all depends on quality. On another car, I had winter tires during summer, I had to brake suddenly and the car just went forward like it was on a sled (obviously, another make of tires).

Craig Sawyer says:

Dude, don’t let them mount your tiers to the Yellow alignment dot… The RED is supposed to be lined up with the valve stem. I made them take my tires off and do it again, I think you are to nice to your shop. Been watching your for a while. Thank you for what you do!

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