Why NOT to Buy “All Seasons” // SNOW TEST

Today on JD Cars we are proving the fact that snow tires are absolutely crucial in winter driving conditions. This comparison was mainly a braking test, but braking and handling are by far the most important factors in snow. Acceleration was very similar in the two cars, but the difference in braking was night and day. More winter tire videos are to come with more snow!

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devin Espinoza says:

Beautiful cars

hexlgaming says:

I actually love “amateur” infotainment like this. Even though the conclusion was kinda wonky it was still fun to watch & really well produced; unlike most youtube videos.

Dylan Cantrell says:

Liked the video, now you should do ice uphill with the cars

Hamza Mahmood says:

How would x drive help in a braking test both car brake all four wheels x drive would only help with acceleration or putting down power

Guanakito503fcb says:

Yeah snow tires make the difference but there are some us who dont have space to store them. So all season is the only option

Ricka Ricka says:

monday we’re getting a 100% chance for 3 hours in the morning .0.

Agristandard Agricultural photography says:

Ive seen that the x drives are horrible in snow as they just dont get traction

Das says:

Do you recommend any brand of snow tire for the e90? or will any snow tire do?

UAV_C_A says:

Updated the intro and incorporating some drone shots..seems like you’re upping your game nice! Just make sure you are FAA licensed to fly drones commercially or they will fine you 1000’s of dollars! Just a heads up!

M. Hayes says:

what do you do as a job?

Nick F says:

Interesting video, I recently got into a small accident because i was driving in the snow with my summer tires on so i went ahead and got all seasons but i didnt know winter tires and all seasons would have a big difference as well

Got Game says:

Your car is old!

Ron Engert says:

Tell me about your summer wheels and tires, I really like the look of em. I am looking to replace my stock wheels & tires on my E92 here in the next month or so.

Prathmesh Gaware says:

Nice 1 Bro

crazythedon says:

Well shit I’m glad I got winters 😀

Cody Benham says:

great video. really shows how much of a difference snow tires make when stopping in winter conditions. I thought getting an xDrive e90 would make a huge difference from my rwd mustang i previously owned (which it definitely does) but this proves that the tires you use make more of a difference than the drive-train you have. i cant afford to buy a set for this winter, but next year im definitely buying a set of snow tires before winter

RedNed says:

The 328i is traveling at slower speed.

Ron Engert says:

Great video! I’ve played in an empty parking lot with ice & snow just like that before, in my very first BMW a 1979 2 door 3201, what a blast.

Fanis B says:

Does drifting on snow eat up your tires?

My Road Tours says:

Nicely done video! Winter tires is one of the single best things you can install on vehicles in areas with bad weather. You still need commonsense driving sills though, snow tires just gives you better performance in bad driving conditions.

Empra Mcdade says:

Honestly there wasn’t much snow left in the places the black car was stopping at after the white car was done. I guess try another snow test with both cars going at the same time. I had a 06 330xi and it did well in the snow, I never got stuck or anything.

Bb Cc says:

When you driving hard on snow, even snow tire or 4 wheel system will fail, winter tire is good but less driving performance, so a set of all season tire plus all wheel system is good for any kind of road conditions. That’s why.

Richard Aguilar says:

Now that’s it’s winter will you install a remote starter? No one in my area will work on bmw’s. I would like to know how hard it is to install it’s my self.

bird718 says:

can you do this test over again after the next snowfall with 328i going first and the 335ix going second?

BladeTheMotovlogger says:

You didn’t mention which car had which type of tires. The video was more of a comparison of rear wheel drive vs xDrive. Side note: Your headlights look brighter but his fog light look brighter. Either way nice video and I love those aerial shots!!!

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