Which Snow Tire is Best? We Test Them On America’s Steepest County Road!

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1ST General says:

On my wife’s cx-9 we run mastercraft courser msr 245/50r20 year round and average 50,000 miles of mainly Appalachian mountain driving with a dozen or so trips to the coast (300 miles) awesome tires for daily mud gravel ice snow covered roads

Outdoor Element Sports says:

Those black wheels make the outbacks look tougher, if only they had better transmissions!

skymitch89 says:

Should try to get a set to Blizzak ws80 tires.

Andy Kainz says:

Nokian Hakkapelitta R2s on my Alltrack keep me rolling safely!

Bernhard Jordan says:

You should test new, middle use and twi depth tyres.

Michal Obloj says:

Hi guys great job. Can you test the best rated winter tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta r2 or R3?

Craig Moorer says:

I like my winterforce UVs . Goes well on my forester. Would not live without ‘em

Just Me says:

Needed the Blizzak WS80’s. They seemed to be number one in most tests I have seen.

Jesus Martínez says:

I’ve been watching you guys for 8 years.
I’m glad you keep improving!!
Greetings from Mexico!

Frances Hall says:

14:15 is his iPhone bent?? Ididnt think this was a thing anymore!

Eisie Buddaie says:

Second year with the continentals… braking isn’t as good as I had with the general articmax however because of the hardness of the articmax I couldn’t keep them for more than a season with blowouts or bubbles.

The contis do well on dry and wet conditions. They have great grab in the snow and braking is OK but much much better than my all season contis.

For the price I’d buy them again.

Magnus Engström says:

Next test for these tires. Wet asfalt and temperature around 0-5 Celsius. On level ground. Stoppning distance.

Ryan rkj says:

I’m surprised BFG was not interested in sending a set, given they sponsored the cheap Jeep.

J.D. Turner says:

Would of loved to see how the Bridgestone BLIZZAK WS80’s performed. Granted rather impressive that the value tire came out ahead.

Jason Nace says:

I loved the video and it’s very informative. If they let you keep the tires for a while I’d like to see a warmer weather rain comparison on them. I hear some of these tires get very sketchy in the rain.

r r says:

they didn’t send tires because your testing is terrible and full of holes


Great video! The other tire manufacturers didn’t want to send their tires probably due to them not being confident in their stopping ability. Also, you guys have done a few videos that require measuring, have you guys consider getting one of the rollers that measures distances? The ones police use and insurance adjusters ?

gwot says:

too bad only those 3 manufactures sent you tires, these aren’t even close compared to top 3 winter tires.

mike gingrich says:

I am running nokian nordman 7s on my 2wd s10 been plowing through snow hood deep on backroads and over a foot in just my driveway have not got stuck yet. Had a few ice storms and they grip like crazy granted having a clutch and manual gears definitely helps. Still haven’t put any wieght in the back been trying to really put them to the test.

glamdring0007 says:

Not bad for a first test…but there’s so much more to testing snow tires. A few points to consider…it would be better to include testing on a front wheel drive vehicle like a Honda or Toyota since Subaru’s are really only found in a couple of places around the country. Also how about testing things like road noise on dry pavement (highway)…handling on black ice…wet road braking ? I live in snow country…and snow traction is an important test, but the reality is most people don’t drive on snow most of the time. Most winter driving is done on dry roads and recently treated roads that are just slushy and have occasional ice patches…so a more rounded test would be great. I didn’t know Cooper even made a snow tire…most people where I live drive Blizzacks or IceX tires…good to see some smaller manufacturers competing with the big names.

hav2win says:

The Tire Rack is the best source. Tens of thousands of reviews.
I’m a big fan of Bridgestone Revo’s, have owned two sets. Unbelievable traction in all situations and very good tread life on a heavy SUV. Changed after 40k miles. Noise is almost non existent, strong sidewalls and great handling. Expensive, but you get your money’s worth.
Blizzak is the ultimate snow tire but do not run them for extended periods on warm or hot days, the tread compound is too soft and the rubber will start peeling off in chunks. Had a set, but they were shot in 15k. Often rotation is critical with these. Got them on a huge sale price, but for a place like Phila. they were overkill. Except the time we had a storm that crippled some of the best vehicles on the rode and I was driving around all the abandoned cars with no effort. I sure loved the Blizzak then. Good luck in your choice.

Dick Fitzinya says:

This is quite possibly the most scientifically accurate snow-tire comparison ever posted on YouTube by TFLcar.

Heli Up says:

Great video guys! Glad to see you guys getting into the tires… maybe next year Blizzaks will take part

Gregory Perkins says:

I have Nokian Norman 5.

nasa peterbilt says:

I’d like to see jeeps top grand Cherokee versus all the other for wheel drives on equal tires

Joseph Tucciarone says:

Purchase the best tires in each category to compare. Please show how winter tires compare to snowflake rated all terrains. I have an F-150 FX4. I use a 2nd set of tires for rough off roading & snow driving. The BFG KO2s have a snowflake on them. If they are halfway between Blizzaks & cheap all seasons in the show plus they wipe out the Blizzaks in rough off roading, then KO2s can be my 2nd set. I have used KO2s on jeep trails that are snow covered and icy for 15 years and love them, but if Blizzaks are twice as good on snowy streets as KO2s , then I will have to get a 3rd set of tires. Please compare the BFG KO2s to the winter tires. Thank you.

S TITAN says:

Hands down Nokian, I’m from Europe and they are by far the best winter tire for serious winter conditions. I don’t even bother looking at anything else.

I’ve driven Nokian tires on SUV’s for my whole life and they’ve never failed me. Would love to see how the new Hakkapallita R3’s would do – it’s getting to a point where studded tires are unnecessary in my opinion and experience.

Not to say others don’t make great winter tires, I’ve heard good things about Continental’s latest offerings but Nokian really do wipe the floor with others in snow and ice tests.

Andrew Robertson says:

Wouldn’t get up it with 2 wheel drive? Try it in a Saab 9-5 with suitable tyres and I might believe you. I’d have a go but not on my summer tyres!


Nokian snow tires are the best

Jason Buis says:

You need to test all season silca rubber compound that have been siped.

Mark Breidenbaugh says:

It would have been nice if you had done multiple runs per tire. I know it takes a lot of work, but at least doing 3 runs per tire and take the average.

Ryan Stubbs says:

Would’ve been a lil more scientific if you would’ve done 3 runs on each test and averaged the results.

misterfunnybones says:

Trump knows the best snow tires, so good, so good, he’s just tremendous, many people say that, many people, believe me, believe me, but the fake news media, horrible people, terrible people, will say he is bad; it’s fake news folks, fake news; the media is a total & complete disaster.

Bernhard Jordan says:

Why no x mode?

Colorado Modern Metal says:

your iPhone that you are using as a stop watch is bent

Dennis Rymel says:

How are the bfg ko2 in the snow and ice?

Trevor Hobbs says:

Lol I mob around on snow tires in a STI and drive faster in the snow than dry

scarhart53 says:

It’s a myth that studded snow tires give you better traction on ice. Think about it for two seconds! When you walk on ice, do you want steel-soled shoes or rubber? It’s rubber, of course! I used studded tires when they first came out around 1970 and it became obvious after a couple of brutal winters that the only thing those studs did was allow the tire to spin on ice easier. Spinning is not traction. Plus, radial tires became commonly available about the same time and the additional traction provided by the bigger footprint of radials was FAR superior to studs. Not only that, but the metal studs destroyed the paved roads! I can’t believe anyone still uses them.

Dylan Araujo says:

Wheel locks are the devil for technicians! Either you can’t find the key for the locks, or they break when you’re trying to take them off.

Steve TQP says:

Very interesting test! As a new Subaru owner (2019 Forester 2.5i base model), I live near Boulder, and only ocassionally drive into the mountains, so I’m hoping that the OEM Bridgestone Ecopia All Seasons will suffice. That said, was wondering if most folks who do opt for the Cooper or other snow tires, only use them in winter. In other words, how would they be on dry roads in terms of in cabin tire noise, stability, mileage effects, tire wear, etc.? Thanks again!

Jason Goeders says:

So are these snow tires something you’d take off after winter or leave them on all year round?

Gen Hansen says:

I thought Magnolia was the steepest in the county! I learned something today! I run studded Nokians on our 17 Forester and it has by far the best tire wear out of Blizzaks, Michelin’s, continentals, and hankooks that I’ve owned on the rest of my cars.

lance ripplinger says:

Enjoyed the video. You guys sure work hard. This must have been a logistical nightmare to pull off. I don’t think anyone does this, besides Consumer Reports. Big thumbs up!

n8834 says:

Why is it so hard to convince Americans to use snow tires? They all want AWD but very few know that tires make bigger difference in safety.

Skodz Gaming says:

I had michelin x ice and blizzak ws80 on my rwd charger (quebec, canada) and i prefer blizzak

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