Toyo Open Country A/T II AW Review

We take the Open Country A/T II AW for a spin in the snow to see if the snowflake rating on the side means business.


Dustin Curley says:

I’ve got 45k on a set on my 14 Ram 1500. Great tires. I keep looking for something better for the price and weight but I think I’ll get another set.

skankhunt42 says:

I’m still debating whether to get these or the ole tried and true K02’s…

Tackleberry says:

Just put a set of those on my Sierra. They along with the original AT’s are the best all weather tires I’ve owned. Best highway tires hands down. Quiet on dry roads. Really surefooted on wet and icy roads. They don’t hydroplain and have that soft outer compound to grip on ice that just feels right. Siping them takes them to another level unless your deep off-roading them I highly recommend doing it. Costs about 50 bucks

skiboot steeze boot says:

I’m pretty stoked. Just bought these for driving around the Canadian Rockies

Mikee Strong says:

You sound like a prissy little bitch ohhh so heavy. I can’t get my hands dirty.

Péter Juhász says:

Great review! Thanks! 🙂

13ChroniclesOfDagger says:

I just put these AT2’s on my 13′ E350 XLT. Super quiet, handled really well on the rainy I-29 (ND) at 75mph, hopefully get some snow to try out tomorrow. 🙂

Josh Gonzalez says:

Good to know about stt pro, they are listed as all season tires.

K smiles says:

They’re great tires I’ve had them on my 2010 F 150 Platinum Super Crew Cab and I currently have them on my 2015 F350 6.7 liter long bed I love them like you said they’re quiet no issues off-road no issues on Road you don’t even notice that they are 80 tire that’s how quiet they are my last set I got 65000 miles on them and they still had 27% tread I’m running 35×12.5×20

Rick Houser says:

Ridge grapplers hands down are better tires

Joshua Martin says:

If you were to compare the toyo at ii to the Nitto Ridge Grappler what would you recommend? Thanks

Mark says:

The stock Wrangler AT/S tires that come on these Outdoorsmans don’t do too bad, but mine wouldnt be worth running another winter at only 43 000km, they wore even though. I’am going to look into some Toyo’s for the winter and run the Good Years again next summer

Dirty Burger says:

I just got some bfg ko2s 1500 km ago and I’ve taken them in for a rebalance twice and will be a third time this week.
The tire shop is telling me thay how these tires are…. if this is the case I’m returning them because the rise is garbage and they vant balance them. Maybe try these toyos?

Bob Heale says:

good to see a review from a tire tech…with my truck, lol. I have Cooper xt4’s which have been awesome in the snow, but I think are wearing a little fast…and I drive like an old man

John Lunchmeat says:

Are these a Canadian spec tire? I can’t find any info on the US version of the at2 having the snowflake rating. Anyone know if the version we get down here is as good in snow?

Sam Scornaienchi says:

Best tires I’ve ever had. 65k miles and still look good on my Tacoma

Jeff Taber says:

How about the Good Year AT Trailrunners? Any thought?

juanj24 says:

Good review

Meateater Whitetail72 says:

All terrain off road tires work better than mud terrain in snow. My big o big foot a/t did great on my 2wd SUV in snow.

mugenrios2k says:

I am back and forth on the Ridge Graps vs the Open Country… we don’t get a lot of snow in north Alabama. So what is your opinion on those two if snow is not a consideration?

Jeff Borron says:

What’s your thoughts on the falken wildpeak at3w? Are they popular up in Canada? They have been flying off the shelves here in the states. I’m between the Falken at3w, Toyo at2 extreme and the Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Here in Idaho we do get plenty of snow and ice. I also spend a lot of time offroad on forest service type road. Thoughts or opinions?? Thanks.

Greg Irvine says:

So overall which of the four set of tires is your favorite?

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