Toyo Observe GSi-5 Winter tire review

Winter tires are much more than snow tires. When the temperature gets cold it is time to think of the proper tires for the conditions.


Realtime Reviews says:

@motormouth you should quit drivingtv they dont have new vids very often like they used too.. I used to love that show!!!! I miss ya bud…hopefully you can do your own thing like others on youtube

Al van der Laan says:

Great article Zack – I just wish insurance companies would assist in getting people on winter rubber by lowering the insurance rates. I just purchased a set of tires and wheels for my new car and darn they don’t come cheap, however when I was able to stop almost on a dime I knew it was worth the investment.

Joel Dale says:

first off If you live anywhere with snow and ice conditions

Dr. Pavel's Snapped Neck says:

Makes a difference…definitely.
I got these tires for my sedan and I am happy with the results.

John Summerfield says:

This is a product feature NOT a review. Reviews measure stopping distances, braking, acceleration. This is a product puff piece. No respect for your stuff now. Waste of time.

Motormouth Canada says:

It takes time. I travel a lot to different car events all over the world, so when I’m not here it is hard to get them done, plus I have other obligations like Driving TV etc.

Ervin Topal says:

Perfect GSI-5 for Bulgaria

venom5809 says:

As someone who just got back from spending the last 2 weeks on the road going through about 6 states and getting caught in about 4 snowstorms, your tires are super important. I was in the Dallas/Oklahoma snowstorm and I must have seen about 12 cars go off the road, many of them trucks and SUVs. Your tires are your best friend.

jungleguybest says:

i got these GSI 5 brand new on my 7 seater,hoping to get the best winter tire in all conditions.til now i give them maybe 7/10. winter hasn’t finished yet neither my experience with them here in Quebec,i posted 2 videos of these tires in real life on a regular 7 seater and commented snow that we see in your video here,these tires are excellent,but when snow is heavy and wet,above 15cm things start to get hard,and on clear ice i’m not that impressed.sure the car doesn’t help,but still.

madjak30 says:

I wish more people would pay attention to this type of info…the term “All Season Tires” was coined in the southern States and really don’t encompass a real winter driving condition…the All Season Tires that come on new vehicles are really only a three season tire. My other pet peeve is that daytime driving lights don’t turn any lighting on for the rear of the vehicle, which doesn’t seem that big until you are in foggy conditions in a vehicle with automatic lighting…turn on the lights!!

John Smith says:

I would not buy this tire. I have had 2 with defects and the company will not pay us back at all.

Bradley Groot says:

I have been driving a mustang with winter tires this past two winters in Manitoba. The traction difference between all season tires is dramatic even compared to FWD cars.

I even see people with all wheel drive vehicles in all season tires, but they don’t realize when your trying to stop or slow down, all that matters is what’s touching the road.

Those tires make an amazing difference when there is even a little snow on the road. on sheer polished ice though, they are still terrifying .

Johan Littorin says:

I forgot to mention that, they test braking distance, acceleration and cornering on ice, snow, wet and dry roads.

david dykeman says:

Hey Zach great review as usual. Why not post Driving TV on YouTube this way I could watch in HD. Keep up the great work. I like the fact you don’t hide the fact you are Canadian like others do. No names mentioned.

Pasha says:

Greetings from ukrainian Carpathian mountains) I have a set of these 245/70 R16 on my Pajero Sport SUV. This is the best winter tires I ever used. Our winter conditions are very harsh and these tires grip like a hell. Recommended!

Realtime Reviews says:

Zach we expect more from you! You make great vids but not enough vids! It sucks!!! We want car vids every week

rtiangco1 says:

What about Nokian tires??? Anyone knows about this Finnish tires??

Johan Littorin says:

Canada should have the same conditions as we do in Sweden. According to the biggest magazine around here you should go for Nokian Hakkapelitia 7 and Continental Conti Ice Contact. The are always the two best tires money can buy for our type of climate. Both are studded.

jungleguybest says:

so,traction is ok,not excellent.braking and lateral grip are good though.

Иван Иванов says:

Мы вам ядерной бомбой снег то растопим, так что не парьтесь с резиной

lucarvian says:

Thanks great vid. I have heard that many of these technoligies (eg. microbit) do not permeate the full depth of the tread, and may only be in the first 40-50% of the tread, after which it’s regular winter compound. Anyone confirm?

Don Olypopper says:

Toyo Observe winter tires are the best I have experienced. I live in Alaska and they perform flawlessly, year after year. I’ll be purchasing my 4th set this week. I recommend them highly!

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