Toyo G3 Ice Winter Tire Review

The Toyo G3 Ice winter tire is all-new, providing excellent winter driving traction and value.

Zack Spencer
Zach Spencer
Canadian Car Review
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Don Gravenor says:

I believe that you are legally required to use snow tires in Quebec in the winter: it is actually a really GOOD idea. All seasons simply do not grip the road like winter tires. I can recall 2 car accidents I had while living in Hull Quebec that I”m pretty sure I would not have had with winter/snow tires.

Concerning which tire to use; Toyo is excellent. I previously used Blizzaks (pretty good too). The secret is really to but an extra set of cheap steel rims and leave the tires mounted all year long; put the tires on in December and remove them in March. Otherwise they tend to wear excessively in warm weather and are probably not as safe in the summer as regular tires would be. 

PS I did not find the video too promotional. Further pushing one brand of tire would not likely influence his review of the vehicle attached to the tire.

Keven Harvey says:

Most “beige” review ever. And to make one point clearer, a winter tire will usually outperform an all-season or summer tire when it gets below 7°C, even on dry pavement.

Realtime Reviews says:

Is this an advertisement for toyo? Lol

protoslashwyl says:

not much of a review, more like an advertisement 

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

Why not just go for one of the leaders like the Xi3 or the WS80? Are the cost savings over the many, many, years the the tire will last really worth it?

jgr says:

Caution to viewers.. I think these guys are sponsored by Toyo. These tires are a joke. All of Toyo’s winter line is hugely inferior to other manufacturers. If you do a lot of cold and dry driving this winter, pickup some Blizzak WS tires. If you are really in nasty conditions, go with Nokian Hakkapeliitta.

It’s that simple. Your safety is worth the price of those tires. Don’t waste your time with Toyos or Continentals.

ckarsenal says:

was this a comprehensive review or a paid advertisement? your tone, especially in the beginning of the video, makes me think the latter! the tires must have some sort of negative attributes   

R J M says:

Boring, great way to kill a normally interesting channel.

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