Top 3 Reasons to Buy or Not to Buy Winter Tires: Ice Race Demo

( ) Top 3 Reasons to Buy or Not to Buy Winter Tires: Ice Race Demo.

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Maui Chris says:

i used to live in Lake Tahoe & found that the Michelin Alpine PA’s were an amazing tire. it was shocking how well those tires performed on my Evo in the snow & ice.

ted101975 says:

I live in Florida and use them

Brent Bertram says:

ABS disabled?!

Ski Fall says:

BS 5 or 6 seasons? try 3 or 4. snow tires are softer & wear out faster

davva360 says:

I used to live near Philadelphia and never had winter tires despite some pretty cold weather that lasted for months.

If you know how to drive in snow and ice you really do not need them. I had no AWD or 4WD, had a big car with wide rear tires that was rear wheel drive only (perfect storm) and never slid off the road or got stuck.

I am not against them but I think requiring them is just a kickback to the tire and insurance industries.

clarda1 says:

I would have liked to see the current gen all season tire Michelin offers vs the snow tire.. not a 3 generation old one. MXM4, MXV4 then Premier.. It would have been cool to see how the Premier does on the ice since it gets much better snow and ice reviews over its older counterparts. But I suppose this just helps exaggerate the difference of all season vs winter tire.

The Fault in Our Cutie Marks says:

driving on unplowed roads at 7:30 am every day for school was a laugh. my all-season wide tires spun and slid, very scary!

I just wish there were winter tires for every wheel size, that way you don’t need to buy generic wheels to fit the tires

Hemi power says:

Very interesting vid..

Alan Bowers says:

TFL I’d love to see a review of the Nokian WRG3. They are marketed as an “all weather tire” and supposedly are quite capable in adverse winter conditions (obviously not to the same extent as a dedicated winter but still manageable). However they are not a big name here in the US, and there isnt a whole lot of information out there.

RLAgito says:

the bridgestones did better in your 2015 video

Alan Bowers says:

Literally just swapped over to Blizzaks here in the PNW tonight. Wish more people would be conscious of proper tire choice. Last year too many were caught out with the freak storms that froze the cities here. Shame, but my Focus ST handily zipped past many accidents and issues with S/CUV owners who were clueless.

Brian says:

The car will accelerate faster if you ease into the throttle.

Christopher Misiti says:

I always swap tires for the winter. Either front wheel drive or all wheel, I always swapped out all 4. I’ve made it through every snow storm possible.

MultiPurposeReviewer says:

I know a reason a lot of people don’t use them is that they own a set of winter tires, but they only have one set of rims. So, to put on winter tires, they have to take the car to the shop and have them remove the wheels, remove the tires, install the winter tires, then put the wheels back on, all of which takes time and money. The solution to this is of course to get another set of rims and install on them your winter tires. Then, you can switch them out much quicker and on your own.

Emeka Ossai says:

I’ll never fully understand why some people think winter tires are just a marketing ploy. Great video guys!

ivan jimenez says:

I live in California why am I watching this video

James Croteau says:

In Northern Ontario we are allowed studded winter tires ,,,, they make a huge deference, especially in stopping distance on ice

CalsVidsKids says:

It doesn’t cost you more? So it doesn’t take time or money to swap out sets every season? Man I got to find the universe that this guy lives in.

jedironin380 says:

I’ve been a customer of Tire Rack for years, and have had 2 (or even 3) sets of tires for several cars. The X-Ice has always been a top tire for icy conditions, not always the best for heavier snow, though.
Many people call “all-season” tires “NO season” tires, because they are not that great in any conditions, but are “okay” in most conditions.

fiber physics8 says:

Auto manufacturers really should allow more TPMS sensors to be linked with the car, to make the purchase of a second set of rims more reasonable to switch out anually oneself. I’d also be curious to see the same test with top quality all season vs cheapo winter tires.

Roger Meldal says:

In Norway we are required by law to use winter tiers! If you don’t and happened to crash your insurance will not fully compensate you. And you may lose your driver’s license…

Darren Prest says:

I have used winter tires on my 07 Infiniti G35x for 7 winter seasons and it is amazing in the snow and ice.

Jarrod King says:

Why didn’t they use AWD cars with the same wheel size in this video?

J O says:

TFLnow: _”Winter tires are better in the winter… see!”_

Thanks captain obvious, I doubt many people would disagree with this point… the questions is and always will be “HOW MUCH BETTER?”

I have lived in Erie, PA and Pittsburgh (both have a fair amount of snow and ice during the winter) and have never used winter tires (and I’ve only ever driven front-wheel drive cars). Driving can be difficult at times, but it’s no different than changing your driving technique when you’re in a heavy rainstorm.

Phil Atkins says:

If you never get snow or ice, regular all seasons are fine, but for a true all weather tyre you need Michellin Cross Climates.
They are astounding for temperate climates that see cold weather, and their exclusion in this test is surprising to me.

Blazejunkie says:

I have used both in the winter. Never really had a problem with all season tires. People just need to learn how to drive in the snow.

Reg Sparkes says:

No need to tell me how effective winter tires are for my vehicles, just one snow/ice ridden winter will convince you.
By the way, I’ve found out that it is totally useless to spin your tires in a stuck situation, all I was doing was polishing the snow into wet ice, and I can get NO GRIP on that! ( It just added to my frustration levels,….not good either!)

SteveLord says:

“But herp derp I have a snowflake printed on my oversized AT tires on my truck. That means everything.” -Most truck owners.

robert l says:

Very timely! Good Video guys…

Hunter Cono says:


Om Patel says:

Look at the guy in the back at 4:14

Allen D. says:

could of used a better car then a pos kia that’s for sure.. but ig for this they are cheap throw away cars

Leroy Adam says:

can i use a winter tiers in a normal day?

Robert Montgomery says:

I love Winter tires!

Aaron Cole says:

No one keeps tires five years

Guilherme Checchia says:

Nice video!

Extreme Speed says:

I have Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires and I’ve never had a problem and I live in Minnesota.

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