The Top Ten Best Winter Tires

The Top Ten Best Winter Tires

10-Gislaved Nord Frost 100
09-Falken Eurowinter HS439
08-Dunlop Winter Maxx
07-Yokohama iceGUARD iG52c
06-Toyo Observe GSi5
05-Continental ExtremeWinterContact
04-Pirelli Winter 210 Sottozero Serie II
03-Michelin X-Ice Xi3
02-Bridgestone Blizzak WS80
01-Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8

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Gran Turismo says:

I own the bridge stone blizzak SW80

cardo says:

Definitely some real good tires on the list I can vouch for the Michelin Xi3 and the Bridgestone Blizzaks both excellent studless winter tires.

Glenn Kullberg says:

Yes the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 is the best studded winter tire, but where on this list is the studdless Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2, which is the best studdless winter tire.

RXTV says:


Edward G says:

Pirelli Sottozero winter tires are the worst tires I have ever had on a car and this is a REAL review with 3 Quebec winters on a 2011 A4 Quattro. I am glad to get rid of them. Very close tread pattern prone to spin with ROUND EDGES prone to understeer in any depth of snow. You will be taking any corner at walking speed in snow. Noisy and wear out like butter (saw the tread bars in less than 20K). Ice grip is no better than our all season summer tires (I tried both on the same day).

Kev Germano says:

Tried many winter tires since the last couple of years and I enjoyed the Xice series, but this year spend a little more to get the Nokian Hakka8 studded And that extra money was well worth it! Pleasure comfort performance safety reliability you got it !!

Fredrik Granberg says:

Why no ice category?

Mr. Worf says:

Why no Hakkapelliita R2 ??? No studs . You should have rated non – studded tires . Studs are illegal in Canada .

mboiko says:

Here in New Hampshire the General Altimax Arctic Winter tires are the best cost effective solution to safe Winter driving..period. See for yourself….go to Tire Rack (or anywhere you like) price the others and compare their performance vs their cost. Living in northern New England over the years you quickly find the best Winter tire for the least cost..

NOVA Dash Cam says:

+1 for BF Goodrich Winter Slaloms!

Michael Barlow says:

This is the most stupid video I have ever seen concerning winter tires. You can go to Tire rack, Discount tire Direct , or others and glean the same numbers without the mindless music.

Immortalized1 says:

The best snow tire on the market is called “common sense”  … plows through snow and stops on a dime.

Girl600 Show says:

Read reviews for General Artics on TireRack. Value and performance

Fred Gardner says:

thxs. blizzak is great. i own a limo service. use them on lincoln towncars in nj snow.

Gill Mccuddy says:

i have 9 years experience doing wheels and tires, i think this was a pretty good list, blizzaks and nokians at the top of the list yup! only thing id change is put the toyo at the bottom of the list, i always was unimpressed by toyo anything.. funny thing about this list is the cost of each tire, some that cost the most did not score the highest..

Eric crow says:

song please?

blacksonne19 says:

I’ve had two of those tires on my cars and I have general altimax artic on now and their better than the others. Should be on your list

marter2006 says:

which is the cheapest of all of those?

Mark Simmonds says:

Why compare the Nokian H 8 (studded) wth Blizzak (non studded) There are far better studded tires that the Blizzak.

Vi.swin Vianor says:

причем здесь шиповка?

Danny Colon says:

To find the best tires for your vehicle, visit our tires buying guide where you can get the latest tire Ratings and advice:

Алтай Савруков says:

…most important – snow…
1. Nokian
2. Gislaved
3-10. other

misterfunnybones says:

I have the Blizzak & they are great, but it’s not really fair to compare studded vs non stud, because on ice a new studded tire is unbeatable starting & stopping; then the studs wear down, fly out or get bent, so get the Blizzaks. 🙂

Honesty Counts says:

Canada’s ‘Automotive Protection Association’ review of 28 winter tires in Canada:

stabbymcknuckles says:


Till Lindemann says:

Where is the Continental WinterContact TS 830P !!!!! ?????

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