Ridge Grappler Review: Are The Newest Nittos Any Good In Snow???

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Alan Walker74 says:

I wonder how they compare to the Dick Cepek fun country tires? The ones I had did really well all around.

bear9923 says:


Angel Garcia says:

Less talking MORE off roading. jesuss.

Theodore says:

Can’t stand 50 keys on a key chain connected to the key in the ignition…it’s annoying and its bad for your ignition

Phil Harris says:

Good looking 4Runner. I have a 2012. They’re great rigs.

Josh Gonzalez says:

They seem to work but I think I’ll stick with BFG for the snowy and ice roads. And just change to MT for the summer.


I will stick with my Toyo MT’s

ADyess086 says:

Wouldn’t a narrower tire be better for snow? I have no clue. I live in Alabama. Just considering physics.

Noah Rule says:

Dumbass channel

Milk Hotdog says:

K02s are way way better in the snow……..just sayin’

DRTMaverick says:

You need to air down to properly use these tires. I’ve got 34OD grapplers and they perform like ass at 35-40psi but amazing at 15-18psi.

caleb marsh says:


Gerry K says:

Locker time!

stang393 says:

We learned today that snow is slippery….wOw

Lum Lum says:

If that diff wasn’t open those tires would have chewed through that hump like it wasn’t there. Wasn’t a reflection in the tires at all. Still a cool drive, not the kind of snow out west but beautiful land nonetheless.

Chingy Thao says:

I’ve got a 07 v8 4runner sports edition and can’t decide between these or the cooper stt pro!! I live in Wisconsin so the tires have to excel in snow and heavy rain. Also, did the 03-05 v8 4R not have a locking center diff? My 07 does.

KY KRaZY says:

Cooper Discover S/T LT285/70R17…..had em for 4 years now ( 41k ) and still have about 3k left. That being said,these are the BEST ALL-TERRAIN tire I have ever had. Great road wear,and absolutely AWESOME off-road!!! Mud, they dug me out of just about everything I put them in and when we got 10″ of snow, I was pushing it with my bumper where it had drifted…..too bad Cooper don’t make them anymore!!!!!

jacob p says:

I’ve always found wider tires do worse in snow and rain, but better in mud. Looking to replace my michelin at2s with these.

ShinerBock2007 says:

I just bought these for my 3/4 ton ram….my duratracs didn’t wear well at all!! Crossing my fingers!!!

Merz Andrew says:

Your alternator problem ?

Andy says:

has he had any exhaust work done? I have a 2005 4Runner v8 and love the sound of his

Connor Leddy says:

Dedicated snow tires are better

nonie lacuesta says:

hey the engine lights did you find out what caused the issue?

Theodore says:

Absolutely zero ruts. Toyota blows

joed596 says:

I’m considering these for when I upgrade my stock tires 🙂 Whenever it snows down here in Norfolk, the whole city locks up 🙂 Thanks, thumbs up, and subscribed.

treekiller77 says:

Had these tires on a 15′ F350 worst tire for snow I’ve ever run. Dura Tracks are 100% better for snow.

Google User says:

Like every ” all terrain” tire, they work good the first winter then quickly degrade as the surface groves in the tread wear off.
Hard summer rubber becomes quite useless at sub zero temps and sadly most don’t figure this out till they are in a crash or stranded

Rondell Benjamin says:

Listen ,I have been researching tires for about a year . Reading reviews and watching videos . They are expensive ,but i wanted the best HYBRID TIRES ,so i took a chance…….and they are awesome !!! Fit ,aggressive look ,and super quite . Exactly what I was looking for . NITTO RIDGE GRAPPLER

Google User says:

I can throw chains on a 2WD S10 with bald tires and do better

Brandon Johnson says:

Tire pressure way too high! Should be down to closer to the 28-30 PSI range on road all the time, and much less on trails….like 15-18psi.

Alexander Lovato says:

Did you have ATRAC engaged and the center diff locked up when trying that hill?

Luis Barrera says:

The lights on the dash and having no speedometer it’s because of the tire size.
It has something to do with the ABS and the TRACTION CONTROL.
you don’t lose power or anything, it’s annoying to have the dash light up like a Christmas tree and not been able to see your speed or rpms.
On my side ford didn’t offer me any solution but to change the tires back to the original size.

rowan sutherland says:

Not a ringing endorsement for the tires

Shane Owen says:

I’d take that som bitch back to the yoter getting place

Jim Layey says:

they are not 34s measure them

John Weber says:

Everything but the hill…

Mac T says:

4runner sucks in snow. tires are really bad too.

Mike K says:

Go faster dip shits

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