I LOVE My Blizzak Tires – Why Winter Tires Matter

A set of Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 winter tires transforms my 2001 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner from tricky to tenacious in the snow.


Egan Fo says:

Good reminder

Armen Borrell says:

what other cars do you actually own steve?

Jumbie says:

Tocoma is looking clean.

hconn says:


mx5hong says:

Straight up!
I had a set of Dunlop summer tires on my Miata back in the day and with the summer tires, the car was undriveable in the snow. Once we got 3″-4″ of snow so it wasn’t the end of the world. But I couldn’t even back out of my driveway. And once I managed to get out, the car wouldn’t go in the straight line. So after a few miles, I managed to turn around and return home. Then told my office that I wouldn’t be coming into work that day.
But after I got a set of Bridgestone Blizzaks, it was another story. The Miata was unstoppable in the snow. I even managed to drive it from NY to Maryland during a snow storm with no problems.

Tully3674 says:

Not sure I can heed the advice of a reviewer who once owned an ’87 Merc Cougar. 🙂

AF A says:

Your truck looks clean.

James Roberts says:

What is a good all season tire? The mid west is not great for winter tires.

242HP says:

Are you putting Blizzaks on all 4 tires of your RWD Tacoma? Growing up in the 70s in NY, before FWD or AWD cars, my Dad just used to put snows on the (rear) drive wheels only.

Gregory Trane says:

I’ve owned 3 sets of Blizzaks on different vehicles over the years. They are terrific tires especially when new but because of soft rubber compounds they wear fast. Depending on how much you drive 2 seasons were all I could get out of them, then things got dicey. Also beware of going on larger pot holes as they will flatten the side walls if hit too hard because of the softer rubber for better traction. Otherwise they’re one of the best winter tires for grip and traction that I’ve ever owned.

Andrew8126 says:

I wish more people understood this. Winter tires are way more important than AWD!

SS S says:

I always found it a pain to swap them because in MD you never knew if it was going to 32 or 75 degrees in the month of November. They make a massive difference and if I had to routinely drive in slick conditions I’d get them for any vehicle I’d have to drive regardless if its AWD or not.

Many of the winter accidents you see could be avoided with proper winter tires.

Nissan TitanWarrior says:

Smart people put on winter tires in snowy climates, and 90% do not need 4WD at all. Many times better tires are what you need instead. Same goes for those in wet climes who get AWD vehicles over dedicated rain tires. Tires are a much better investment than buying a $2k AWD option that really doesn’t help a whole lot in many slippery conditions

Dwayne Bolan says:

What’s the cost?

Frozen Canuck Patrick James says:

I have Blizzak tires too, they are great.

V Poje says:

I have exactly that on my car and im very satisfied. Here in Quebec, its the law.

Shel says:

Do you think the Bridgestone Blizzak are good for wet, rainy condition? I live in Portland, OR area and though we just had a snow storm, it’s not usual and what’s more common is a wet, rainy weather.

Drew Crawford says:

My dad had the same year/color and I loved that car! Favorite I’ve ever driven behind my wrangler.

vwmatt33 says:

How cool that you had a Cougar XR7!! Can’t even think about the last time I saw one! Ultra rare!

NikesZ28 says:

And the Bridgstone´s are not even close to the best winter tires! 😉

gene978 says:

Steve I put these on my 06 Impala LS and LOVE them. They didn’t cost all that much more and make all the difference in the world. Awesome that you have rear wheel drive on a pick up and they make that much difference! WOW!

Matthew Mello says:

I put Blizzak DM-V2s on my Ram 1500 EcoDiesel and they are AWESOME!!

colla 555 says:

Tires are the only contact to the street. So, the most important part for security.

Mr Bobby Brown says:

No demonstration?

Khu NoPie says:

Fond memories of my 87 Merc Cougar that had insufficient winter tires, but its plush burgundy velvet interior and yacht-like handling made me forgive its shortcomings

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