How To Pick Winter Tires In Canada

In this video we look at some tips on how to select snow tires for your vehicle in Canada.


Halldór Halldórsson says:

you forget the weight —

Stephen Nichols says:

“go as narrow as possible. ” so my Toyota Corolla on 195 are better than suv’s and trucks that are 235+… sorry but while they just leave the intersection and go around corners I’m still spinning my tires and have to go slower around corners. OK so there is a weight difference then what about other fwd cars with wider tires performing better than me. yes i put snow tires on every year.

Jimmy Cai says:


Halldór Halldórsson says:

comment below hell yja – i from Iceland and what u did in this video is totally bullshit with of the tyre is x with z how heavy u are common

Alan Chan says:

Your skate analogy does not apply. tires rotate forward to propel the car. skating pushes off at almost 45 degree angle to propel the person forward.

Also, a smaller rim and larger tire does not mean your rim + tire combo will automatically be lighter than a larger rim + tire combo. You need to factor in the weight of the tires.

Kevin Choi says:

Great Video. Do you know if I should just get steel wheels or alloy?

anil anto pottakkal says:

very clear…. thank you

Wesker Gao says:

Thank you for sharing, very helpful video

Willie G says:

you are 100% correct about narrower tires and good video BTW

OVI-Wan Kenobi says:

Wider tires are better for braking on snow & ice because it provides a larger contact surface thus providing more frictional resistance.

Black Thunder says:

Thanks for the information

Josh Mori says:

hello from the STATES,,best info/description about snow tires,and why in this case,size does matter,smaller the better,ANYWAYS GREAT VIDEO

Ricky Luo says:

Thanks a lot for sharing

Halldór Halldórsson says:

sorry to say – but y are bull

shakke52 says:

Its funny becuase i have 275 20 inch winter tires :/

Oleksandr Hutsulyak says:

Thanks for an info. Really never thought about different wideness behavior on snow.

Kaarel Kaljura says:

My summer tyres/wheels are OEM 215/45R17. Wanted to get another set of rims of winter tyres to save on the cost of mounting and balancing twice a year. Also the size I was switching to for winter tyres had a wider range of choice of winter tyres + 30% lower prices. Looked up what the smallest rim/tyre size was according to my car’s manufacturer. Went with 205/55R16.

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