GTI on Summer Vs Winter Tires… IN SNOW!

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Outro song: Call Me Home – StarboyRMX

Looking for a set of VMR wheels? Hit up Tell him Eli sent you!
My 2008 Volkswagen MkV GTI 4 Door Manual

Summer wheels:
VMR V701 18×8.5 et45
Continental DW 225/40 R18

Winter wheels:
Audi B6 S4 18×8 et45
Hankook Winter i-Cept 225/40 R18

Unitronic Stage 2 HPFP tune (~230whp, 255wtq on a Mustang dyno)
APR High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP)
AWE Tuning Catted Downpipe
Stock cat-back with resonator delete
BFI Transmission mounts and dog bone insert
Forge short shift kit (set at 40% reduction)
Neuspeed P-flo Intake
Neuspeed Hi-Flow Discharge Pipe
ST coilovers
Unitronic Intercooler
OEM MkV R32 front brake calipers
ECS Tuning 345mm drilled/slotted front rotors
Jetta grilles
New South steering column boost gauge


Crs Vr says:

GTI is 4motion

tyler jenkins says:

Did your car have any sort of Limited slip like ELS or MLS.

Dariusz Ciesielski says:

Witch country do u live in ?

Alex Jerome says:

Town plows can lick my ass hole hairs. Its frustrating when you SHOVEL your drive way. Then they come along and push that shit right back after you just threw your back in the garbage SHOVELING THAT WHOLE TIME FOR NOTHING

Tonester 8three says:

Great comparison video! Shows proof that summers are GARBAGE in winter conditions!

Jose montano says:

Cool video

BMH1965 says:

Don’t spin the wheels in first gear – use second gear to set off.

Zero Rokenseanethe says:

ASR off?

koti Yanikis says:

Genius)) if you want to ride in to the winter road you must have the winter tires)))

Geegerg Wisley says:

Was school canceled that day

lar0418 says:

Hey great channel just started to follow… I’d like your opinion on wheels… I have a 2016 Jetta tsi 1.4l with a injen turbo intake and a unitronic stage 1+ tune. I’d like to get F1R F21 wheels for my Jetta and Id like your opinion on the look it would take with them. Im not trying to build a race car, it’s my daily driver and I’m getting into VW’S. I like going to car meets and hanging out with the VW community. I went to eurotripper in February and it was a blast. Thanks for your thoughts keep up the great posts.

Mr Patato says:

Rearwheel drive is way more fun

the.leviathan says:

I have studied the frame rate, wind direction, snow fall, and rotation speed, with 99.99% certainty I conclude this video is FAKE. Summer tires are better than winter tires… in SNOW

Helder Marques says:

for this I love my Quattro


I always believe in snow tires – all 4.. not 2. Safer – lol

Typical Mk6 says:

Powwennie shoveling that snow tho!!!

geekphreak says:

How do I turn traction control on & off? I bought a MkV in December. I’ve tried holding it down, I don’t have my manual with me. Thanks

Connor Falb says:

if the summer tires are spent theres little tred you can’t expect them to perform

Leo Sonki Fristadskolan 7-9 7A says:

the bmw m3 did better lmao

Daryl Ramos says:

You should do this when you get New winter tires

Mob Legends says:

dude u have really bad tires 😀 im talking about winter tires lol

Slobodan Obradović says:

I couldn’t believe to RWD chevy Colorado 2011 can bet all FWD vehicles in most of situations on icy and snow roads, until I buy hakkapeliitta 9 tire, they completely changed acceleration, stability and breaking

TriplePedalTv says:

“We need to cheat” hahahah almost lost it lmao

Nacho Aguado says:

I didn’t expect this result. Worn summer tires with less traction than winter tires…you learn something new every day. hehehe

Arran Spalding says:

I wish we had this much snow in the UK

GEMC says:

This is so hard to watch without laughing, if your dailying an AWD Car. 😀

bluesharp59 says:

Thumbs up on your video. I live in Minnesota and a lot of people seem to forget that summer Tires should be change for winter but they don’t see that up here. Many people anyway. So off I go with my rear wheel drive Ford Crown Victoria with really grippy tires with extra weight in the back end and I pass them up. Yes it’s rear-wheel drive but extra weight in the trunk and good tires makes me get through the snow pretty easy. I also have high clearance. I have been noticing a lot of these new cars now are very low to the ground. And if we get 6 to 8 inches of snow a lot of these import cars will not move at all even with good tires because they don’t have the ground clearance. Thanks for uploading, peace .

charlie dee says:

I do sidewalk snow removal out of my Crown Vic Interceptor. Winter tires, limited slip diff and around 750 lbs of ice melt bags in the back seat turn it into virtual snowmobile.

Dominik So. says:

Which country and state u live in? Beautiful around there!

Simon Zhao says:

Props for swapping wheels in the snow. I don’t even want to do it in nice weather

TheeJoeyLee says:

Unfortunately Even in WI, People see that they have tread, are black, and round and think rubber is rubber….Don’t really think much past that. I’ve even had people tell me there is NO SUCH THING as “Winter” tires LMFAO

Carlos Orozco says:

I’m surprised you got speed with the summer tires under those conditions! Those were some good tests!

82 WERK says:

Turn on your lights.. 🙂

But a good video of how bad summer tires are in the winter!!!

Where do you live? SO much snow!! I want some 😀

Steve Larsen says:

Парни вы просто не умеете ездить на летней резине зимой. Больше похуизма от водителя и педаль газа в пол и на летней резине гораздо веселее чем на зимней. На механике обычно зимой трогаются на второй передаче потом сразу третью и педаль газа в пол. Learn to ride on summer tires in winter. The gas pedal must be trampled more actively.

Konstantinos Papakonstantinou says:

What is this white thing like powder sugar all over the place u live? My mk6 r20 would be able to handle out there?

David Wheatcroft says:

What’s that orange stripe? I have a mk5 Gti. That orange stripe looks kind of cool

Peter Bk1 says:

Nice review man. My genesis coupe goes from undrivable on summers to passing stuck fwd cars on winters

Minnesota Minnesota says:

Winter vs all season would be a better test.

Rob says:

A more fair test/comparison would be your GTI with snow tires vs a car that is all wheel drive with summer tires.

Obviously the winter tires are better, because it’s for……….winter.

Even with a light dusting, your summer tires are useless. Because summer tires become hard as a rock when the temperature drops. And a winter tire has a softer compound so it stays soft when the temp drops.

I just put hankook icept’s on my wrx. I can’t wait for it to start snowing.

mje19D says:

Why the fuck does his top lip not move????!

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