GoodYear DuraTrac Wrangler Tire Review Testing 8″ Of Snow In 2WD! Tyers Start Stop Hill Ice Mud

GoodYear DuraTrac Wrangler Tire Review Testing 8″ Of Snow In 2WD! Tyers Start Stop Hill Ice Mud. Choosing a winter tire that both provides excelent traction in snow, ice, mud and wet pavment is hard to find all whie not being to noisy on the road. The GoodYear Duratracs are a great example of a tire that can really do it all!. Bearing the moutain Snowflake stamp rendering it as a real true snow tire means that it will provide good safe driving when the conditions turn bad.
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saleem83 says:

once you put 20,000 miles on the duratracs they are average in the snow and ice at best. Airing them down to 20psi helps, but the main problem is the sipes don’t go all the way down to the tread blocks. I have 30,000 miles on my tires and I kinda got caught with my pants down because I thought my tires would be like they were last year. I would just buy a winter tire if you want to drive reliably in the snow and ice throughout the life of the tires.

GusgusA1 says:

So after the tires compacted in the contact patch it’s like 2″ of snow

brad corey says:

well, shoot and darn, all that snow takes me back to when i was a kid. i remember my daddy decided to take a teaching job in Fort Collins Co at some university ( i dont remember the name). we lived in a small town nearby. Greeley. the winter was a bunch of crazy cold and the snow was piled high til the spring i reckon.
the real problem was my mama couldnt take no cold and she was fixing to leave with or without my daddy. so we packed it up and headed back to beaumont (southeast tx).
anyway, very cool vid pal. thank you for sharing.

ST Logan says:

cool video,, i like the van too….

Wayne Winton says:

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Lloyd .Martom says:

great job

Adam Trejo says:

Deciding between the duratrac, bfg ko2 and nitto Terra grappler g2. want something that’s quiet on the road but good control in wet and snow conditions.

caleb ledbetter says:

awesome to see 2wd doing that because of awesome tires!!!!!!!! informative

Stanley Guess says:

Good video but why did you keep your wiper on the whole time? I was very distracting.

Guillermo Lopez says:

Good video man I also heve good year duratrac on my toyota t 100

Finn Blu says:




seriously though-


and based on other vids, can’t imagine why anyone in your area would ever consider another lock specialist


Joshua Eaton says:

That’s only a little fresh powder!

Matt G says:

Hey Wayne! Thanks for the review. You currently have two tire reviews on terrain im going to be driving in. Snow capabilities are my concern. From what I can tell, You really like the DuraTracs, I’ve seen you use them in mud & snow. The other tire is the Copper M+S Studable. Both being capable of moving your van in 2wd in winter conditions I’m left wondering which is the winner when left un-studded?

Also, 2 more questions
1. Is your Van unloaded in these two videos?

2. The DuraTrac’s kinda have a cool factor to them having the MT aesthetics. When I ask for which you like better, I’m looking for a strict performance opinion.

I need a setup for plowing & even though tie shops keep advising me to buy a dedicated winter tire, I’m hesitant to buy one as all of them look as if they only are good with snow when plowed pavement. Deep snow or sliding off the driveway being plowed look like it could be a challenge to the conventional snow tire, thus the reason I’m looking into the DuraTrac. The DuraTrac’s look as if they could dig through both of those scenarios.

Let me know your opinion on that please.

Take Care

1000miles2paradise says:

I dig this video, very informative. I’m on my 5th set of DuraTracs, owning 3 different rigs with them on each one and getting ready to purchase a 6th set for a work truck. They are very, very good tires. My ONLY complaint is once they get down to around 12/32″ of tread depth, their wet traction diminishes as does their LIGHT SNOW traction. But the DEEP SNOW traction maintains nicely with the large tread blocks. They are definitely the best tire for those who don’t quite want (or need) a mud-terrain tire but want a little more of an open tread pattern than a standard all-terrain. I’m definitely a fan of them (as if you couldn’t tell, ha!)

Brown Recluse says:


scoot meme says:

its not snowing or raining then why the hell do you have the wipers on for

grapas100 says:

That’s pretty impressive traction for 2wd. I’m debating between these and the Cooper SST Discoverer. We don’t get a lot of snow where I live in Virginia so that’s really not an issue, I like the aggressive look of the Cooper, and have been told the Duratrac is is quieter on the highway. Is that true?

americanstylefreak says:

It doesn’t show in the video, but you must have driven through a blizzard with your wipers going at that speed. Damn!

Where are you from, looks like a nice scenery…

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