General altimax arctic tire review in snow

Review during winter storm of general altimax arctic tires.


winter rainstorm says:

gunna get them for my little car!!

Satai80 says:

How noisy are those?

Jimmy Ray says:

just ordered these with the metal studs installed.

jason singh says:

Good review!

dolidwepartiao says:

Good. Useful. Really liked it.

Jayk21384 says:

Great review

doo d says:

Did u need to turn off traction control at all

Valerian Pantsulia says:

Thanks for honest information…cool video….thank you…

eric bautista says:

So is the tire better then winterforce?

Peter Yang says:

Great review. I’m getting my General Altimax Artic tomorrow. Actually can’t wait to try them in the snow lol.

ksemi02 says:

I’ve had these same tires on my subaru wrx for 5 seasons now, and they are INSANE in the snow or ice. Would definitely recommend these tires! I’ll have another set of these bad boys when my old ones wear out.

Tony The Truck Guy says:

Rep MN lol. Good review.


Has Anyone tried these tires on a Front wheel drive Stick Shift car in the snow yet?

mboiko says:

The General Altimax Arctics are VERY good…have been using them here in New Hampshire for the last 3+ years..

lfsracer79 says:

The General Altimax Arctic (same as the Gislaved Nordfrost 3) is quite an old tire. There are many winter tires with new technology.

Eddie Lopez says:

Hello kobykat1, Sounds like you were very happy with the Altimax. It’s been over a year since you posted this review so I would like to know what your long term impressions of the tires are. I have a Subaru Outback with A/S tires and they have been a nightmare during this harsh winter. I would also like to know if you mounted these tires onto steel wheels. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

SiRDOHC says:

Agree 100%. These tires are all around incredible for the price point. Have a set of tires on a Kia Spectra that have seen 7 winters now and they are still gripping very well for their age and mileage. Tread wear is incredible for a tire that is so quiet (for a winter tire), and a tire that works so well in snow. A friend that drives a lot for work bought them on my recommendation, put 60,000 miles on them in 3 seasons before needing to replace them which is amazing considering half of that mileage was dry road conditions. Speaking of dry driving, these do not drone like cheaper tires, and have a really nice firm sidewall, and don’t feel like complete balloons even when you downsize the rim and add more sidewall. Ice traction leaves a bit to be desired, but that would be fixed by adding the optional studs. You can’t have it all but this tire sure comes close. Also glad that this tire is made in Germany and not a low wage Asian country. Can’t wait to get them on my Mazda.

Jason Simone says:

I just got a set at Walmart $120.00 out the door!!!

Evol_AF says:

thanx for the review

matthew cosolo says:

Just bought a set for $88 Canadian per tire. Can’t wait to test them out.

Jai says:

what car are you driving? stud or no studs

Lil Yoda says:

You didn’t mention if they were studded so I assume they’re not?

Qu¡noa_K¡ng•• says:

Great video, you must speak professionally for a living. 🙂
Someone mentioned the General Tire Altimax Arctic are discontinued?
They are on the Genreral website and available to order. I’m going to pick up a set, thanks again!

Blue Lotus says:

I am buying these tires. They have GREAT Reviews AND are originally German Made(or contracted with German Tire Company for USA Sale) and were designed for Winter use in FINLAND! I live in New England so if these puppies can deal with Winter in Finland then I am hopeful that they will help survive another vicious North East Winter.

keep thinking says:

best tires i have ever had on all cars no matter what

Greg Braun says:

too funny. just ordered these for my TSX and I live out in the west metro also

ksemi02 says:

Or maybe not, as I just learned that they’re discontinued for some reason. I can’t believe it! Anyway, they were the best snow tires while they lasted!

israel cabrera says:

I live in minnesota, should i buy this tires? & can i still use them in the summer? If NOT, WHY NOT? .. Thank you.

Myles Learning Stuff says:

fantastic review to a topic that can be boring… just put them on Honda Element and went down a few ski trails here in Canada…. thank you for helping me decide between winter force and these one….

Lights-Guns-Outdoors says:

non residents can run studs there, also non resident students can as well. they’re not totally prohibited

BrownMoses says:

Traction off will get hill starts at silly angles moving very well.

blacksonne19 says:

I have these on my V GTI and we had the worst winter in 100 yrs here in new England. I was amazed by how well my car performed with these tires. Had not one problem.. After a brutal winter the tires are still 90% 700$ mounted n balanced can’t beat that.

Connie A says:

are your tires studded?

divinejudge1 says:

Great review – glad they make little noise on clean roads. How good are they once roads are clear in regards to steering responsiveness? I drive on Michelin Xi2 b/c they got great reviews on clean road feel, but will surely make General my next Winter tire (that brand is my current All Season b/c of the cost and the fact that Volvo recommends them for my 2002 S40).

This review is a big help!


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