Firestone Winterforce Snow Tire Review

My take on having dedicated snow tires for winter driving in my area. I chose the firestone winter force for their budget price and great reviews.


rudedogii says:

Good review. Dont know much about snow tires because here in So. Cal we dont see much snow. I have run the BFG AT, and the Procomp AT in the snow up in the local mountains and have had good results. I got poor results with the Goodyear MT in snow.
As for ply ratings. The BFG has a 3 ply sidewall and the Procomps only 2ply. Got plenty of sidewall punctures with the Procomps. Thanks for the review I will have to add it to one of my playlist.

Thillonoz says:

I’d say those studs are small and far between, which would compromise ice performance.

evel knievel says:

your video sucks learn how to make a review make a Quality review
what tire what size what truck WTf

Jonny Guns says:

These. tires. are. Great! Used them the last 3 winters in Upstate, NY. Loved how I could get to work first, or just be available for friends when it was super bad out. Great tire. Cheap too!

cdawg4391 says:

These tires are great…..nice wear, cheaper price, and very good grip. They work very well here in the Mtns. of NEPA.

Alec S says:

that dog!!! haha))

ls9rx7 says:

I’m looking to use these on the driving wheels of my 71 c10 for winter traction, being that it’s 2wd. Very helpful review, thanks!

1Moretime says:

Seem to be some decent snow tires. Good review.

mousepad1123 says:

tirerack actually did a study and it seems that studs hurt stopping performance in bad conditions

Nicole H says:

i like em

Daninja42 says:

I send this to a guy who works for firestone.

vbdenny says:

Had them on my wife’s car every winter for the last 4 years. I didn’t get the studded option from tirerack but it hasn’t made any difference. Studded tires are too slick, good for acceleration and impressing friends at night in the summer for a good firework show. Use caution though, we found out cops frown on that. Best tire I have ever had, summer or winter, I cry when I have to take them off. I put up a short video of a recent run on them. Winterforce road noise.

midwest2035 says:

these are awesome tires for winter use especiall in 4 wheel drive i have 2 cars grand am and a HHR they have them all winter in south dakota . i used winterforce and blizzack the both perform great on ice and snow and i have run them year around on my blazer good review we are allowed studs from october to march31 here i would sugest them is u have to traven in bad weather road conditions.. thanks

Eat Carbs Outdoors says:

Interesting video!

John Seifert says:

Did you have them on all four wheels or just rear wheels since you were running 2×4?

Prepare2Survive says:

Kumho Road Venture SAT KL61 tires are cheap, they meet the severe snow service criteria meaning they have the mountain and snowflake symbol, but they’re 60,000 mile all season tires meaning you get the best of both worlds. The tread also has stone ejector bars and wraparound shoulder blocks.

WAYNE131966 says:

have them on the wifes car…so good…bought them for my car 3 years later 9/10

tonkmonster says:

Good video brother! I like hearing your experiences with different products because I know that your opinion is well-informed.

I have used Blizzaks in the past with excellent results, in fact I have been able to get around in several inches of snow even when I was driving my Mustang GT with 3.73 rear gear. It seemed like I was getting around as well with my Blizzaks on my Mustang as the local police were in their Crown Vics with chains on.

Again, great video and thanks.

Justin Newman says:

Recommend 4 studs or just 2 on rear wheel drive?

1971ufcfan says:

We’ve been running these for two winters here in the WV mountains . And they’ve done great!! We use to run all seasons in the winter, and they don’t compare at all. We will buy the winterforce again for dedicated winter driving.

kuladeeluxe says:

the Indonesian made Winter Force are Junk. MY friend had at least three of them crack on the inside on tires he purchased in 2009

Waldhandwerk - BushcraftSurvival says:

Good grip, cool Video. Best wishes, Sepp

WisconsinEric says:

My problem with the Firestone Winterforce is that they are a “studable” winter tire, and studs are not legal here. The Bridgestone Blizzak is a “Studless” winter tire, and it uses a much softer compound to achieve nearly stud like performance without carbide studs.

I have owned two sets of the first generation Blizzak WS-15, and two sets of the second gen WS-50’s. My girl has the third gen Blizzaks, and I now have the Michilin Primacy Alpine winter tires.

Wouldnt drive without em in snow

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