Firestone Winterforce – Long Term Review

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Knado says:

Thanks for showing these, gonna buy them for my Ranger this season!

rayamanelly says:

gosh I’m glad I no longer live in the north. he has an intersection for a drive way.

t982678249 says:

How about you think steerability of that tyre on quick dodge movements? Is this tyre good/stable to drive at highway speeds? Generally this should be good basic tyre for snow, sludge or ice? At least price is good 😀 Thanks for answers 🙂

Lone Wolf says:

Thank you for the review. I’m looking into buying a more dedicated winter tire for my Tacoma next year. I’m currently using General Grabber AT2 tires, and those things love the snow, but I’m also checking out other options. It’s nice to see what the Winterforce tires can do, and they do good.

barflybean says:

My friend had them on his Suzuki Grand Vitara and we used to go off roading with them, deep mud, sand, snow, they worked great all around and wore good too.

Stoneyburke says:

bought an 88 YJ with these on it, hardly used 4wd in 2012-13, now 2014-15,less snow this year more Ice,not great on Ice ,but no vehicle is good on Ice.I take them off in Summer. only used 4wd couple times so far.

tim850csi says:

For what it’s worth, I have consistently found that by turning my traction control off I get better “dig out” performance. Snow tires are designed to dig through and then throw the snow out the other side. If the wheels aren’t spinning because TC keeps cutting in than they won’t perform as well as they can.

I’m running Goodyear Ultra Ice&Snow, 17″ on by Focus ST and never had an issue during Boston’s RIDICULOUS winter last year.

Jeremy Larson says:

I had Firestone Winterforce on my GMC Safari AWD mini van. That thing did not know what a snowdrift was. It would plow thru it all. I also noticed that I had better braking and traction on hard packed snow and ice.

Lance Mitchell says:

Great review. I think I’ll pull the trigger on them and save 2-3 hundred dollars. The whole time during your review I couldn’t help but envisioning you dropping the camera, stomping over to the neighbor and yelling at him, “Turn that damn thing off! I’m doing a review here!” then going WWF on him lol Keep em coming, Thanks

Hank GPG says:


antoniotejuco says:

is it studded? really thinking of not studding it because of road noise. thanks

G8 GT6.0 says:

I put a set of these on my 1994 Ford Explorer 4X4  I get a little bit of road noise, But it’s nothing compaired how well they perform in bad weather. I have 20 or 25k on them, They wear very well to say the least. I’m sure that i’ll buy another set when these do wear out.

Cory5011 says:

Glad to know these can handle Syracuse snow!

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