Do I Really Need Snow Tires with All-Wheel Drive? Compared vs. All-Seasons

If your car has all-wheel drive, do you still need snow tires in cold, icy conditions? In this video we do a real-world comparison to demonstrate the difference.

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Drew Green says:

Knowing HOW to drive in the snow helps just as much as the tires, in my opinion. I’ve been driving in Northern WV winters for 14 years and I’ve only ever had snow tires on one vehicle.

John Grytbakk says:

Tires are so important.

Tan N says:

I see the all seasons are continental pure contacts

Jason Lee says:

2:00 so true

Shel says:

I live in Portland metro area and i have two new all season tires on my front. It’s a front wheel drive car. My back tires are alright, but the left one is sort of wearing out(I’ve installed a used one awhile back due to accident). Since i don’t have money to install all 4 winter tires, do you think it’s a good idea to install 2 winter tires on the back? Thanks.

Average says:

Winter tires are almost a must have in winter season, it’s not all about grip it’s about breaking as well and awd doesn’t help you with breaking obviously in winter season.

MRT says:

Washington sucks for winter anymore, which is why I bought an AWD. I don’t think studs are necessary with how good Blizzak and X Ice 3 studless tires are. And with AWD, makes winter much easier.

ChrisB10 says:

Clearly this video is secretly made by a tire company to get people to buy snow tires. They took the car with all seasons through fresh snow and then they threw the snow tires on he then drives in down a road with tracks…..Not saying snow aren’t better but this video is bs

ekjudo says:

Are snow tires used all winter long? What about a month after winter. No more snowfall but still cold and streets and highways are all clear of snow.

ReyXtractor says:

Will the snow tires help a FWD or a RWD car have more grip in the snow? Or will it not make a difference?

Eric Shaw says:

The fuck do you know about michigan snow? our shit is wet and slick and 6 months out of the year.

Chew Mhojadee says:

You may also want to clarify that alot of “snow tires” are actually “winter tires”. Even if you don’t have actual snow but you do have freezing temps or ice, “snow tires” will still perform better than all season tires.

Daniel Anthony says:

Great video. Does anyone know what kind of wheels the snow tires are on? They look pretty nice. Thanks 🙂

Alan Bowers says:

This winter has made me a believer in true snow tires. Got the girlfriend some Bridgestone Blizzaks for her Focus ST, and these things almost defy physics. She’s been able to climb icy hills (passing AWD X5s with their all seasons who had to chain up), track straight on snowy roads and make maneuvers which some ill-equipped Subarus couldnt quite navigate. I think the only “All Weather” tire I’d even think about running in the winter now would be Nokian’s WRG3. I dont have any experience with them, but reviews say they are a great and true alternative to all seasons.

Jesse James says:

I’ve lived in the snow belt my whole life. I’ve owned RWD, FWD, and AWD cars. I’ve only ever used snow tires on 1 car that I’ve owned (a 2004 Acura TL) and even with snow tires that car was useless in even 1/2″ of snow. All of the 5 Subaru’s I’ve owned have all had just cheap all seasons on all though the winter and I’ve never had an accident yet. That said I don’t disagree with the use of snow tires, in some cars they can be helpful.

Zeeshan Akbar says:

yes imagine all 4 snow tires digging in snow vs summers

Vaming Lee says:

do a test on snow tires compare all season

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