Can you face winter w/ Walmart tires?

Location front range Rocky Mountains in colorado springs CO. Pikes peak is so beautiful.

Just wanted to see if I could really get good tires without the name brand price. I know this isn’t a 4×4 and probably isn’t the best in the snow. But I’d say for being a low car it did fairly well. At the end of the day you either get stuck or get home… any day you get home I say your car and tires did their job. I made this video cause I was curious if I have been over paying for no reason on tires. I do have a 4×4 s10 that I put really good bf Goodrich all terrain tires tko and have used firestone studded snow tires. But these big tires cost over 1100 dollars new easy. I just wanted to see if I could save some money is all. Maybe soon I will make a video on the s10 but that truck is getting tired 240k miles 🙂


thelondonbroiler says:

How are they doing after a year of use?

Nad says:

to be fair, I used to have expensive Michelin tires and they did the same on snow. I believe that most of ” all seasons tires” on snow are the same. Douglas tires are good coz they are cheap and you can chain them up in winter without being afraid of them going bad. unlike expensive tires.

Intrepid Milotic says:

Honestly if these tires are all season, that means they are great. I am going to boy new tires soon, thinking of going with the cheaper brands. My first set that came from the dealership was Continental, i then bought Bridgstone, also expensive

steveo 1973 says:

Just to clarify things, douglas extra trac 2 are an all season tire. You can only do so much with an all season tire, they in no way compare to a winter tire at all. Its good they do what you want and you are happy with them but if you ever went to a winter tire you would find a huge difference

Roberto Castillo says:

he s talking about the Douglas tired????

RanJay H says:

I had a car like that used it for work it had 400,000 when the tranny went

ben jonavi says:

i dont know what you mean by walmart tires
since walmart carries alot of brand names like bfg ko2’s and blizzaks

T Fletcher says:

All tires are the same traction wise, unless they are studded. For winter driveing, not to many tires are going to excellent in snow and ice, ice is hard to drive on period, no matter how much you spend,

Baddrivercam says:

Wal-mart doesn’t make tires. You can buy all kinds of brands just like on tirerack, or discount tire.

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