BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tires – On-road and snow review!

In this video we go for a drive and try out the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2’s. In town, on snow and on the highway. Please like, subscribe and share!


Jake Colbert says:

got these same tires.. best tire i’ve ever owned I’m willing to wager… It was hard to find in the size my car can take (2017 Subaru Forester). Found them in 225/65/r17….. which is very odd size to find such aggressive treads.

DaNihselAuto says:

I just got my KO2s for my H2 a while back. Love them so far and posted my thoughts on it on my channel. I loved my KO1s and drive it almost 70k miles and held up well.

Duke Cleve says:

Nice the BFG tire is a Beast, Im going on my second set. Wich will be installed in two weeks, hands down best money spent I have Zero complaints with these tires they just Eat up the worst of Winter

Samuel Clark says:

I ended up going with General grabber at2s on my truck, they have a very similar tread design and are also a winter rated tire, I went with them because they are a lot cheaper, still do awesome on snow though

Northern FJ says:

For me, KO2 seems good on ice. Where I live in Moosonee, Ontario where the only time we can drive south is only during winters through an ice road over swamps and rivers. We don’t have paved roads here. Sometimes in the middle of winter it gets warm and when ice starts to melt then it’s mud we are dealing with. People get stuck with dedicated winter tires. BFG KO2 is the Swiss army knife of tires in my opinion. May not perform the best but it will get the job done well enough all year long. Duratracs are very good on ice too but KO2 has tougher sidewalls I believe. Very good review.

Brian Zhu says:

Where are you located?That really looks like Edmonton.

Let nothing Stand in your way says:

I bought these BF Goodrich TA All Terrain and had them installed on my 2008 Silverado LS installed on Mayhem rims, on 2010 it’s now 2017 plus couple months slightly longer towards winter where as it was summer time when installed. They were quiet during hwy driving, as most of my driving was hwy. Plus, 2014 drove from British Columbia to Ontario had “Killer Traction” [Lasting 7-Years I could probably get throw 2017 upcoming winter as it just blew into Ontario Dec,8,2017 ]. Make note, every oil change at 500 I rotated all tires. How could I not be happy ???

J Garcia says:

5 to 7 lbs heavier than a regular tire. what a difference. lol. if you carry your wife ass on the truck is more weight.

Ryan Pack-Witmer says:

Great review, and great truck! I’ve got a 2012 F150 XLT with the V8 as well, and I’ve got the stock Goodyears on it – they’re HORRIBLE. I live down in the US, in a state that gets a decent amount of snow, but these stock tires suck all the way around, even on dry pavement during daily driving. I’ve been considering these KO2’s, and now I’m convinced they’re what I’ll get for my truck. Would you still recommend them now that you’ve been running them for a few months?

Chris DIYer says:

Thanks…appreciate the review and sharing with others. Down here in Oklahoma been pricing out these tires for my ’14 Silverado. Tire “discount” place recommended 285/55/20 @ $347 USD each. Did some online research and found others happy with 275/60/20 @ $276 each. That works out to $284 less…and this company is having a President’s Day sale come mid-Feb ($100 mail in rebate). Soooo, works out to $384 total if I wait. Pricey tires regardless…but, worth doing research and watching videos! Thanks again…

KsTimber Ghost says:

What PSI are you running?

AgentPepsi1 says:

Your “light, snow covered road” is like blizzard condition for us folks here in TX.

Sam Sollars says:

So you showed that they can go everywhere that every other little car can go… good job. Did you ever push the tires? show that.

123takua says:

I have a set 265/65/R17 E Rated KO2s on my Tacoma and live in Edmonton! I agree with a lot you have said about them. These tires are great on dry pavement and snow, but I did find myself spinning the rears when it was raining heavy during the summer. At first, I thought I wouldn’t have to switch to winter tires, but unfortunately I am saving for a set. These tires act almost the same as all seasons on ice and I think what made it worse was the fact that the chemical compound the city put on the roads froze when we had the -30 temps along with the city scrappers scrapping off the snow. This is my second winter with these tires.

Erik Skywalker says:

Tbh that ford looks like shit the front is ugly

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