BEST Winter Tires for 2018

Today we sit down with Alex to discuss the best winter tires on the market today. What brand is best? What makes them better? Alex brings you our thoughts on the best winter tires available today!

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Buying on a budget? Find the Firestone Winterforce 2 below!

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Daniel Kim says:

Thank god for California weather. We rarely get serious winter storms here. Props to those that do have to fight through snow!

Jason Hall says:

I have general altimax on my legacy gt and love them. I’m in New York and haven’t had a problem yet.

CH3FxEXcELL3NcE says:

Affordable winter tires? Hankook I*Pike RS W419. Studdable, 30% cheaper than the Blizzak WS80, and holy crap they have a lot of traction for the price.

I run them on my 06 legacy GT (turbo) and I can’t even do donuts in the snow if I want to. They are too grippy haha. The only time they ever spin is on sheet ice, either caused by neglected roads with refrozen slush, or freezing rain/ fog

3piece mando says:

nokian my friend, is #1 tne hakkapillita and the wrg3..

Garrulus says:

“… or if you don’t live in Texas or California, which is like happens to be 80% of where everybody lives…”
An American just being american.

Joshua Stump says:

There are two new Hankooks that push the form and function boundaries also.

justahappyfellow says:

Swedish here, Nokian hakka 8 & Kumho Winter craft is among the best for our roads. Both are studded though, but you just need to run studded here when winter comes.

That Gopro Kid says:

0:44 is that in Afton mn, I am pretty Shure I live like a mile from there

Thor Cain says:

lol… Hakka’s studded are the best, northern British Columbia.

PirateRick says:

nokian Hakkapeliitta is also a very good winter tire made, designed and tested in Finland

saby8765 says:

1:45 into the video, I’m just gonna say right now, it’s Blizzak?

Ezekiel Rockafield says:

This video speaks to my soul. Northern Wisconsin represent.

Chill Man says:

Why am I watching this in South Texas

BList says:


wildcard749 says:

I have michelin xice3’s right now and they are OK, i feel like the blizzaks grip better on ice, they feel like grappling hooks on ice

Justin Mochoruk says:

thanks lol been looking for some good winter tires for canada living heh

YourAverageJoe says:

I personally run LM-32’s because that is what was available to me when I moved to MN from Cali last winter. They get the job done on my Genesis Coupe I just threw some sand bags in the trunk and haven’t had any real issues. Definitely going to switch to a Jeep, subaru, or evo, but until then so far so good. Might have to grab a new set of tires when I buy new rims, might try Nokian out.

Some Car guy says:

I got to hyped when you mentioned firestone winterforce 2 since I just bought them lol

TenB33rs says:

As far as the Blizzak ws 80. It is a dual compound tread. Once the tread wears down it performs more like a all season with more aggressive lugs.
I contacted Bridgstone last week about this and this is what they said… and I quote.
“When the Blizzak WS80 is 50% worn, a tread depth indicator molded into the tread design lets the driver know that only 10% of the remaining tread is Mutlicell compound.”
That to me says it all…. Do yourself a favor and get some Nokian’s or Michelin x ice’s.


My hankook Ventus v2 concept2 are NOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD in snow or ice . Dry and wet they do great . Once it’s too cold forget about it .

Gabe Hallett says:

You guys should make a video on winter tires that focus on dry/ wet road performance as well, aka they won’t ruin the handling of your car when you aren’t in the snow. Perrelli and Dunlop both make tires like this

Emavs33 says:

Got a question. Would it be better to have a good summer tire in the winter or a cheap winter tire?

beanet0wn says:

Hankook winter i pikes is all I’ve ever used in Alaska. Even at -40 they stay soft. Never owed anything 4wd or awd.

rotary love says:

Lol we got snow here too in Minnesota u damn cheese heads

Art2Gecko says:

Nokian hakkapeliitta?

Michael Parrish says:

Now we need summer tires!!!!!

Jax CZE says:

Yeah, Bridgestone, Firestone in Europe are not so good, even in tests, but i think it is because of different weather conditions. But nice review.

Harufire Racing says:

Nokian and General both make amazing winter tires, and they are budget friendly.

lavigpm says:

Do a review on Gizlavids.and Michelin X-Ice

rotary love says:


sublimemymind23 says:

When are you guy’s gonna talk about HRE’s 3D printed titanium wheels???

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