AutoSock: Snow Socks – Which? First Look Review – Winter driving can be dangerous but if you need to get about in your car and can not afford winter tyres it may be worth taking a look at AutoSock’s snow socks for cars. We investigate their ability to handle the snowy roads of London.
Click the link for loads of advice on driving your car in the snow


dimos k says:

in reality, it also takes you 1 try to put them on, as long as you have the common sense to not put the net of the sock at the tread of your tyre so there will be enough fabric to stretch to the other side too…common sense

jayson springer says:

it only took 4 trys to put them on because instead of going 1 foot forward you went2

mikefad says:

There was a car in the video?? Beautiful woman. Wow.

NovaScotiaNewfie says:

Winter tires/tyres!

mahadragon says:

A lot of people here saying to simply get a good set of winter tires or all season tires or simply learn how to drive in the snow. In some places like Colorado or driving through the passes, it is illegal to drive period, unless you have tire chains with you. So no, you can’t just buy a nice set of all weather tires.

Colorado has approved these Autosocks for use. Mount Rainier requires chains to be carried Nov-May regardless of weather conditions. These are approved for Mt Rainier.

Ivan Koran says:

and just because the car has 4×4 doesn’t mean it’s automatically great. I have a 2wd large sedan that does terrific in deep snow. I blame driving skill

Ivan Koran says:

or a 2 wheel drive car and know how to drive in snow….

obese1konobe says:

Are these socks capable and do they qualify as “snow Chains” for ski ski trips? Looking at the design I dont think I could trust them to climb/descend alpine passes when I drive to sking in france/swiss alps with my family and all the gear aboard!

All mobile says:

This is very good Snow socks.I like RUD matic soft spike.

SpiritBear12 says:

This is bull shit! When she first went around the corner at 53 seconds into the video, she put her breaks on while trying to take a right and the car failed to make a proper right turn and you can see the tires skidding in the snow. Watch the tail brake lights turn on while she’s taking a right! This is a VERY important clue!
Now, after she put the socks on, watch her take that same right. Watch the tail brake lights, she does NOT ride them while trying to make a right. This allowed the car to turn.

If you were to take that same right turn, at the same speed WITHOUT riding the brakes while turning, the car would turn just fine! The key is to stay the hell off the brakes while turning. Always brake on a straight away, never brake while trying to make a turn because the car will continue to move straight.
So, they are deliberately fooling the viewer to think the car needs the socks. You don’t! Get some winter tires and stay off the brakes while making turns!
Most accidents happen because of the way a person is driving in adverse weather, not the fault of the car it’s self. Poor driving habits and poor understanding of how to handle a car in certain conditions creates accidents.
Drive slower, don’t tailgate, stay off the brakes during turns. When you have to brake, don’t do it suddenly, give yourself the room and the time to brake slowly. Don’t accelerate fast, start off slow and gradually build up to a reasonable speed for the conditions.

豊田春稔 says:


GeggoMan1970 says:

Winter tyres are best….those are shit..

iPlayVodka says:

:DD this makes me laugh. Snow socks? Really? Get 4 wheel drive car and studded winter tyres…
UK – the most unprepared country I’ve ever seen :/

Ryan Cloud says:

studs are illegal in most territories.

ChiIdKiIIer says:

mine too, but sometimes i feel the need for a sock, don’t you? i mean, we are both watching the same video about socks, so there is something going on with our tires on winter right?

mecanicman66 says:

just need to install good snow tires  you can run everyday during winter sock can not be runs everyday all winter they wont last long

Hugh Griffiths says:

erm – they don’t work!  we were left stranded near the French Alps last Saturday having relied on Autosock to get us out of trouble, after reading the report.  There was maybe 6 inches of fairly wet snow.  Maybe they do work better on hardpack or dryer snow.  They don’t work on an incline at all, and are particularly lethal when on the front drive wheels and going down hill and the back end starts to “fish tail”.  Chains are undoubtedly better and should be on all 4 wheels.  We watched cars crash around us, terrified we would be hit, many also with socks on or chains on just the drive wheels and out of control.  This included 4×4’s. I repeat, chains on all 4 wheels or don’t drive in the snow.  When you have your loved ones in the car, it is just not worth the risk.

K Roon says:

jack it up next time, only takes 2 mins

lelko8 says:

I can’t understand her.

mrdr01 says:

One way to mess the tracking up! Smash into a kerb…

dimos47ki7 says:

by descent, you mean winter tires?
but why buy winter tires for 2-3 days of snow a year?
it takes 2 minutes to install, and definitely not need to roll the car 4 times, this woman was incapable of centering them in the first place, and 10 seconds to get them off. no struggle at all, and much cheaper than winter tires

skojo3e says:

Studded tires are still superior. These “socks” will work in snow only!! I live in New England and the weather is always changinging. Partial exposure of pavement or ice is frequent and will tear these things apart and won’t even work on ice. Driving in snow can turn to rain which means I would have to pull over and take them off, on the highway, back roads and if conditions are still slippery that’s dangerous with other vehicles passing. Something else this video doesn’t show is these socks will freeze to the ground if left on after driving. As soon a s you start driving again from being stopped at work or overnight the will stay on the ground when you drive away. Studded tires work on ice, slush, sleet, wet pavement, snow, etc. spend the extra money and get something for all conditions all the time

iPlayVodka says:

There you go :DD Governments make stupid rules and then cry that they got so many accidents when snow comes 😀

ChiIdKiIIer says:

not everyone has the money or credit to buy AND maintain a 4 wheel drive car. you sir need to think about others.

VinylToVideo says:

The car is almost too ugly to watch this video.

Queen Emma Baby girl says:

R u married or not I love you will u married with me I am 41 years old

Serenoj69 says:

Just buy good all seasontires which you need not change. With the snowflake symbol. Like Hankook730, Vredestein Quatrac 5, Goodyear Vector 4…I have the Vredestein, the difference is huge with summertires. I drove through pils of snow, I drove in the Ardennes etc. |From NL to Copenhagen with a continues snowcover from SW NL to Denmark…no problems at all.

My Youtube says:

I am disabled and it looks like taking them off again would be a nightmare! Think I’ll pass!

C Korz says:

This is the most ridiculous waste of money and resources I’ve seen in some time. Learn to drive.

cheyennedogsoldiers says:

I usually fit winter tyres but one year purchased a set of these for my XJR and they were great,; furthermore, I had no issues fitting tor removing them. Best of all was that they were fantastic on ice.  

zzebowa says:

Your socks are probably a bit to small but she also put them on wrong,   don’t just throw it one, make sure only the tread part is over the tyre, and not the middle bit. Then you have enough slack to put the rest on.  I never have problems putting mine on and off.

One tip, don’t leave them in the car overnight after use, they freeze and are impossible to put on. Bring them in, and wash them out in a bucket and dry them.

Mindaugas M says:

No Winter tyres in winter? Someone wants to kill someone…

Александр Щукин says:

I figeyu from you, and you do not know about winter tires, I ride in any weather and ice. Here Papuans.

Geoffrey Whitelaw says:

I have them for accessing the ski fields in Victoria,Australia. They are not “legal” in Victoria but I use them instead of chains and they do a fantastic job. I will put them on because it is easy when I wouldn’t be bothered putting on chains if I didn’t have to, so they are a great safety aid.

dimos47ki7 says:

why should i have a 4wd car AND winter tires for my occasional visit to the ski center? where i live we almost have no snow, except for mountains and ski centers. would you use winter tires here???

beboystyle says:

looks like a pain to have

ólafur B Ólafsson says:

Or just use the e-brake

anthony perkins says:

I wouldnt buy them, looks stupid.

h22sparkle says:

cawk sawks lol

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