Are Worn Winter Tires Safer Than New All Seasons?

Mike from TopDaddies meets up with the experts at Kal Tire to find out how winter tires perform compared to all-seasons in a variety of tests. Driving on a professional course under the supervision of professional drivers, Mike got to test out different tires in snow conditions. Do not attempt. For more information about Kal Tire’s testing visit:
(This is a sponsored post for Kal Tire.)

Kal Tire did some testing and discovered that a worn five-star premium tire can outperform a new 3-season tire in certain conditions. On an icy road at 30 kilometres per hour, the 75 per cent worn five-star premium winter tire stopped in 29.7 metres; 2.6 m sooner than the new 3-season, which stopped at 32.3 m. The 75 per cent worn premium winter tire held a corner 4.3 per cent better than the new 3-season tire. The premium winter tire outperformed the three-star economy winter tire in all tests over all stages of wear. In the ice braking test, the 75 per cent worn premium winter tire stopped in 29.7 m; the 75 per cent worn economy winter tire stopped in 32.5 m. Braking performance declines significantly between 50 and 75 per cent wear. When the premium winter tire went from 50 to 75 per cent worn, it took an extra 3.1 m to brake on ice. The economy winter tire took an extra 4.8 m. When the premium tire went from 50 to 75 per cent worn, it took an extra 4.4 m to brake on snow. The economy winter tire took an extra 4.3 m to stop. For more details on these tests, visit the Kal Tire website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Kal Tire.


bobl78 says:

when you go to a tire dealer with 50% thread left and ask for new tires, they`ll laugh at you

Prince Duties says:

But you guys didn’t show use how we can check of much is left for the tires :/

mboiko says:

Here in New Hampshire (about 4 hour drive from Montreal) the General Altimax Arctic Winter tires are the best cost effective solution to safe Winter driving..period. See for yourself….go to Tire Rack (or anywhere you like) price the others and compare their performance vs their cost. Living in northern New England over the years you quickly find the best Winter tire for the least cost..

BlueTurbo says:

Lateral grip testing looked all the same to me except the 75% worn All-season tires.

Michael Kwan says:

Great video, Mike! Slip slip slipping away!

zheng shi says:

You should really use the same car to test it. This data is not accurate. Doing such experiment is tedious but if you wanna the audiences to be convinced, it is necessary to follow the right procedures. Different cars have different break pads, some worn out, some don’t, etc. It is hard to tell the accuracy of the test.

thm4855 says:

This is just nonsense !

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