2013 Mazda3 vs Jeep Wrangler Snowstorm Winter Tire Mashup Test

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Mazda3 and the new Jeep Wrangler don’t have a lot on common. In fact they are about as different as two cars can be. The Jeep Wrangler is an old school body on frame off-road behemoth while the Mazda3 is a perky small run about. So which one of these is better in the snow? We decided to find out in another fun and interesting TFLcar mashup test. To make it a fair contest we of course got a set of dedicated snow tires for the front-wheel-drive Mazda but kept the stock set of all season tires on the 4X4 Jeep. To make it even more fair we kept the jeep Wrangler in two-wheel-drive and headed to Lick Skillet Road (America’s steepest country Road) in a snowstorm. So which of these two cars conquered the Colorado Mountain road? You’ll have to watch this video to find out.


Pagansdad says:

What is it about winter driving that brings out all know it all commenters…..Jeez cut the guys some slack, its slicker that owl poop there.

Steven Becker says:

You guys now nothing about traction.

Michael Kuzma dutton says:

That subaru did the best lol

Eirik Knudsen says:

Negotiate unit red working fine tear construction.

Martin Riggs says:

Winter is coming..

Brandon Hudgins says:

parts of this must be a joke

Albert S. says:

6:31 that’s what I’m talking about

Stanley Plock says:

If the jeep does not have locking differentials and transfer case, it’s no better that rear 2 wheel drive.
This is really apples to apples because the Jeep is not driving the front tires at all.
(Maybe slightly…?) Because the rear is so light compared to the front.

Once the rear tires spin, there is very little force applied to the front tires.
Using the hand brake might help apply more force to the front tires.

I’ve heard there is a system that applies braking to the spinning wheels (similar to ABS)

Actually, Front Wheel Drive would do better for both cars.

This video was very lame.

Preston Molloy says:

I appreciate that you guys are having fun, but you have no idea how to drive in snow.

jc1982discovery says:

Should be in 2nd gear on snow a car will normally pull away in snow but does work better in a diesel.

BatDido Hristov says:

….No comment about this video.

spookerr says:

Folks. FFWD to 3:00 and TRY to tune out the Bromance interactions between the two.

HeidiNJames says:

so everyone that lives up that hill proves you both suck at driving!

Walter Ritchey says:

Instead of a hill they should actually do a real world test on regular streets. Starting and stopping. Instead of just seeing who can climb further up a hill.

bezaire122 says:

so stupid you don’t floor it in snow

Koen van Coevorden says:

License sheet bury otherwise explode drive whose transform.

Mackenzie Fulton says:

As soon as he said “I’ve got the pedal almost floored” while talking about getting up a hill in the snow, I knew I couldn’t completely trust him. Never floor the gas or break in winter (except in an emergency situation of course)! You won’t get anywhere! Lol!

avalonmed11 says:

Should have named this video, “Screwing Around in the Snow.”

Kevin Simpson says:

The Jeep, in 2 wheel (rear) drive, did better without traction control, because it has power going to both rear wheels (posi-trak) just sayin’.

Ronald Quin says:

I have both these cars in black, and I prefer driving the Rubicon JKU in the winter. The Jeep is just more capable and fun to drive in these terrains, plus I have it in stick shift. The Mazda 3 is my commuter car, so I like them both for their own proper uses. It takes some skill to drive any one of these cars in the snow, and being light on the gas is key.

TehoTarve says:

You completely forgot to test downhill braking abilities of the tires!

Skodz Gaming says:

06:17 why you turn the wheels making it more difficult to advance?

Elycius M. says:

well obviously it’s better without traction control. Cause as soon as you start moving, it’s going to cut power because your wheels are just spinning.

Claudiu Octavian says:

Traction Control OFF, Full Retard Mode ON

Dato Gelbakhiani says:

thats a stupid test, smoothness is the answer. You’re never gonna go up the hill if you floor it.
P.S learn how to drive manual properly, poor clutch

George Beltran says:

Did anyone else notice the licence plates said Michigan but they were in Colorado? Anyways sweet video!

Electone_Guy says:

I don’t care what kind of tires you have installed, NOTHING is going to grip on solid, polished ice excepts chains or spikes.

George Boyd says:

Never been to Gold Mine Hill,but I did visit Castle Rock, back in July of 2015,and loved it. Snow and cold ,I could get accustomed to.

Funnyfresh420 says:

why would you gun it……. are you new to driving?

Tim Kordik says:

Why on earth did they not put the JKU jeep in 4×4?

Gordon Stewart says:

If you know how to drive on snow at all you’ll be better off then these idiots

Johnnie Walker says:

Don’t burn the clutch out.

zshaw369 says:

stupid test front wheel vs rear wheel everybody knows that mess put that jeep in 4 wheel drive and watch it eat that car with snow tires

James VanAlstine says:

All the haters should start their own channel and show us how its done

Robert Butler says:

……how the hell do you guys have a show?
This is terrible

Zapblam says:

playing in the snow

David Warren says:

Starting a manual in the snow? Second gear and easy on the gas makes all the difference.

Bella Morris says:

most Does anybody recognize smarter than this versios #lawl..

Justin Hartwig says:

they should go to highland lakes, nj in the winter.

Mark Parren says:

You can’t floor it in snow and ice, just take of slow with spinning tires.

Albert S. says:

5:57 what is that sound

Peder Holte says:

Worst winter driving I’ve ever seen.

Michal Uhrin says:

real snow amateurs

Blazenko Jakovljevic says:

Poor driving skills…wery poor!

John Stots says:

Americans are too reliant on automatics.

4Body2Soul says:

Jeep’s Dueler tyres are absolute garbage in this type of snow. Furthermore, that Jeep has at bare minimum an LSD of some sort, or Trac-Loc technology. That being said, the comparison is utterly unfair to both vehicles. One has shitty tyres with 4×4, and the other has decent snow tires, but lacks the bells and whistles.

fordrac1ng81 says:

Put it in 2nd and slip the clutch. Don’t rev it, you want it to crawl. Jeeeeesus this was painful

Eggsr2bcrushed says:

4×4 with lockers AND snow tires. GG

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