10 Most Amazing Snow Chain Alternatives For THIS WINTER

10 Most Amazing Snow Chain Alternatives – Snow Straps, Skid Chains, Snow Sock
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Links :

– AutoSock tyre snow socks for cars vans and trucks : http://amzn.to/2yfYSxy
– ZipGripGo : http://amzn.to/2jyZNrh
– MICHELIN EASY GRIP : http://amzn.to/2knyuwH
– Shark Industries Snow Socks : http://amzn.to/2AvmEM1
– MITA Tire Chain : http://bit.ly/2B5ypYj
– Spikes Spider : http://amzn.to/2iTZ8gp
– Car Snow Tire Anti-skid Chains White Chains For Family Car : http://bit.ly/2yg89Wi
– A new belt type snow chain, Silent Spike : http://bit.ly/2jPC7fh
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– Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com

– www.bensound.com

– NCS / YouTube

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Andrei Stefan says:

Why would Subaru approve the AutoSocks? A Subaru doesn’t need such things!

Kasam Alobayde says:


truck diving 456 says:

Best way not to get stuck in snow. Don’t drive problem solvd

Not Available says:

Love how it says wholesale from China in the thumbnail. Thanks for warning me that one will be a piece of shit and break the first-time using.

SlapDat Apps says:

Guess he didn’t like #4. he left them laying there and drove away

Anthony Foster says:

doesn’t show the back of the vehicle , so it’s a fake

Todd Bowers says:

Felt like I was watching a low budget porn with the music of number 4

Doug Rv says:

Diy man,,,,there are more than just a few grown men that have no clue how install chains,,,,,change a flat tire,,,,

I Like pie says:

Truck,4×4,lockers,37 inch boggers and you can conqour the world

Redi Getti says:

This video is a fucking meme

Allen Demery says:

How do you get them off?

Daniel García says:

I need some for my prius

Pertti Murtonen says:

13.00 ultimate grip…

Zeek M says:

That’s a nice hoax.
Nobody drives anymore except work crews and even they get harassed.
People quit driving just like they quit watching nigger tv

Lillbergarn says:

Just swap to winter tires in winter conditions like you should do. And if u always have icy conditions consider a awd car

Elise Ferrari says:

Tire Condoms don’t work in wet snow like we get rotfl

Dan Koning says:

Take the bus  🙂

Win Dias says:

Cancer music

Sam Kalma says:

so now you can go off roading in your prius

DukeLaCrosse20 says:

I didn’t see anything that made me ask “why didn’t I think of that?”

ROMAN XY9777 says:

coole ideen

K. R. V. says:

The type at 12:00, looks easy enough to put on and take off, but you think they would show it work on ice and snow?

426 SUPER BEE says:

1st of all i wouldn’t be out there in the snow > If i did it dam sure wouldn’t be in my new vehicle About rite go ahead tear the front end off of that POS 3:06

Steve Collins says:

An size over 13″ costs $160. each. have a nice trip !

Tira T says:

11:55 – why is the music from a bad porn? .. Ah yeah baby tires, I’m gonna chain you up..

Joe Stacks says:

the one with the zip ties was stupid. they are a one time use. who would buy that?

قناة السيارة car says:

is it works in desert????????????

Ray Brensike says:

I’d like to see a test with all of these together, a dry road test at 60 mph to see how long they last or hold on.

Devin E says:

I would never put zip ties around my rims. Seems like u could rip off a valve stem if it slips to the opposite spoke and scratch or scuff them. 🙂 gotta keep them looking good lol

A Day in My Life says:

I was saving up for the Mitas. Too bad they’ve been discontinued. Awesome design and idea!

gav says:

Store the sock wet in the trunk and come back one week later

Lonny Cummings says:

WE got the first time, lol!!

trespire says:

All Gore does not approve of snow socks.

Trevor Capstick says:

Better wear your food processing gloves when you put on your Michelin composite tire chain so your little girly pussy hands don’t get dirty

dsmmike95 says:

Just because you have conrol doesn’t mean the dumbass behind you does. I’ll just stay home Dallas we only have 2 or 3 ice days.

Ahw1231 says:

Last time I checked, at least in the state I live in, putting chains on your tires is illegal on any paved road due to the damage it causes to pavement.

The 3 Amigos says:

Your a dumbass to drive your beamer in the snow

Richard Cucuta Henriquez says:

Who takes a Prius mudding?

wayne walton says:

electric enormous tourist technological scream accident cook regarding by pregnant.

Dylan Walsh says:

I have a keep with 37 inch tires 13&1/2 wide & want snow chains. I feel like # 6 easy grip would just go between the groves in my tires and be useless

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