One thing that isn’t great about the Honda CRF 250L are the stock tyres fitted – at long last I’ve managed to get them replaced…here’s how you change a tyre on a motorcycle (at least how the experts do)….

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SHOP THE MERCH!! FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM!! After two weeks of towing with my F250 6.7 Powerstroke my wheels are caked in dirty brake dust and road grime. What wheel cleaner works the best? We test two options, a dollar store cheap multi purpose cleaner, and a acid based specific heavy duty wheel […]

This product works awesome on my motorcycle tires. I did some more puncture tests other than what you see in the video. The sealant works best when its a clean puncture. What I mean is that the nail or any sharp objects are not stuck in the tire. If you experience flat tire with this […]

How to find your stolen motorcycle | Monimoto | Cost effective motorcycle tracker review: Anything that helps reduce bike crime or enables the Police to retrieve your bike after has been stolen is a good thing. I’m a huge fan of bike trackers and have them fitted to my bikes, the problem is they are […] Become a Fan :

2 Minute Moto – Street, Track, ADV, & Off-Road Tire Pressures,_Track,_ADV,_and_Off_Road_Tire_Pressures&utm_term=21golINzets You know you need to keep your tires inflated for the best performance. But what pressure should you inflate (or deflate!) them to? Lemmy’s here to give you some guidance and suggestions for getting the most out of your tires. Once you’ve got […]

Motorcycle Tires are an essential part of your motorcycle and care should be taken when you get a puncture. My rear tire ended up getting nailed within a few weeks of riding and so I went with a Continental Conti-Motion radial tire Support me on Patreon: My Gear: Jacket: Gloves: Boots: […]

How It’s Made Wheels and Tires. MAXION Flexible Wheel with MICHELIN ACORUS Technology Reinventing the wheel – Bends but does not break Factory Design. Innovation has always been part of Michelin’s genetic code – driving mobility and tyre developments for more than 100 years. Now with MICHELIN ACORUS Technology, in partnership with Maxion Wheels, Michelin […]

In this battle of battles, four earbuds will go head to head in pursuit of the coveted title of The Best Motorcycling Earbuds. The competition is fierce and so is the judging. Ready? Fight! — Gear List: 1:20 – Custom Earplugs – 2:44 – Laser Lite Earplugs – 3:09 – Mighty Plug Wax […]

The most debated and misunderstood subject of motorcycle riding: Tire traction. Does the contact patch size matter? Does having a bigger tire = more traction? I’ll explain everything you need to know about tire traction. No more need for heated debates. Except for in the comment section of this video, you know it’s going to […]

In this video, I’ll be introducing some of the tires that I use on my road bike and commuting bike. I strongly recommend them since I have yet to get a single puncture on either of them with over thousands of kilometers ridden on both sets. The main tires I’ll be looking at in this […]

You guys know i love bicycles and i love to buy quality parts for my bike and today i ‘m going to review my bicycle tires. I rode those tires for 10000km already and i have 0 punctures so far, Isn’t it amazing no punctures at all? # Schwalbe’s Website – # My Gear: […]

Join Honey for FREE at In this video, we explore the fact that the U.S. Government and the Department of Transportation or DOT, doesn’t require any safety or performance testing on aftermarket or replica wheels. This means that wheels can be sold here without knowing if they are safe. I show you three easy […]

On today’s episode of Wheel School, we bring to you our top 5 most iconic aftermarket wheels! Let us know what you guys think and want to see next down in the comment section! 5. American Racing Torq Thrust: 4. BBS RS 3. Work Meister S1 3P 2. Enkei RPF1: 1. Volk TE37 […]

++++ Please Subscribe here ++++ MotoUK Clothing now available A look at the Bridgestone T31 Battlax Tyres i just fitted to my Yamaha MT10SP —. £40 off selected tyres here Thanks to Bridgestone for putting me in touch with FWR, Great Service Become a patreon Business opportunities email: […]

NEW EXCLUSIVE MERCH!!! • In this video, I discuss 5 Tires You Should NEVER Buy! JOIN THE MOVEMENT: Follow me on Instagram: @modernmuscle213 Follow me on Twitter: @ModernMuscle213 Add me on Snapchat: @modernmuscle213 My Equipment GoPro Hero 4: GoPro Accessory Kit: ––– Sounds: Momentum by Zplit

The Urban Monk assembles the Harbor Freight Manual Tire Changer and Motorcycle Tire Changer Attachment and reviews their pros and cons. After assembly, he shares why a home motorcycle mechanic may not want to purchase this tool, unless you plan to remove the wheel bearings every time you change a tire (which isn’t practical in […]

We’ve got a special edition of the GCN Tech clinic, brought to you from sunny Dubai. This week Jon is talking tyre wear, when to replace cables, and how to care for your helmet. Click here to subscribe: Keep your cycling tech questions coming in for Jon across the channel, anything we can do […]

Motorbike tyre failure please check out your social media or bike bike forums for more info for legal reasons we can’t name the brand. hopefully the guy is ok & the bike media get on to this There should be a full recall on this tyre.

If you have 27.5 mountain bike wheels, and you want to put some slick road tires on them, you can do it. In this video I show you which slick road tires are available for 27.5 inch mountain bike wheels. If you have 26 inch wheels, there are a lot more options, but there are […]

Josh just can’t say enough about his love for Blizzak Tires.

We all got different needs when it comes to mounting a cell phone to our bike. With the over saturated market, it can be hard to find our perfect fit. Well good thing we got RyanF9 as he shares with us his best selection of Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts. Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts links […]

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