You NEED to know this about MOTORCYCLE TIRES

Tires on your motorcycle are crazy important. Here are some of the things EVERY RIDER should know about the rubber on their rides!

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Kickin It With Krash says:

I hate buying tires,seems like the most expensive part of riding lol

A K says:

Chase is below average intelligence

noControl says:

Going to double check they guy’s work that does all of the double checking of my work on WBR at Quick Trip with a shitty tire gauge after the tires have warmed up when the recommendations are for when the tires are cold

Jeff Manzanares says:

Knew it was BRAIN as soon as I saw the honeycomb tattoo.

dahveed284 says:

I love those continental tires!

Why take off the brake rotors and chain ring? I change my tires with those on the wheel.

Madkilljoy says:

As soon as I saw the beehive….I knew who it was…the man!

Robert Orellana says:

Hey Chase, most noteworthy track day outfits will not let you bring worn tires onto the track. This is because such tires don’t work as well as new tires. They prefer brand new tires or newest tires. One question, do you have to remove the brake rotors when taking your wheels loose to the shop for tires? Thanks in advance.

Steve Parry says:

I thought of several other things you could have spoken about. Main one is tire date codes, and how long you plan to keep these Supercorsas if they don’t (or do, I suppose) get used. Thanks! Amazing weather in NorCal today and for the weekend, btw…

HeftyMann says:

A hoodie and shorts is also a summer thing. And a fall thing. And a spring thing….Tis normal….Just not this year since we got 2 ft of now here this last weekend up in WI.

Brandon Faulkner says:

Not to keep talking about a past subject, not to beat a dead horse

Mal Reynolds says:


YouMotorcycle says:

Chase, love ya brother, given how shite you are with tools, I’m not sure I wanna watch this one lol

Sprakes says:


Ram YZFR says:

100 miles are you joking? Those contiAttacks you have are pre roughed so you don’t need to wear them in. You could street Rossi at the first corner.

Gary Huggins says:

That’s a legit garage set up

ricardo cadena says:

What? Am I in some alternate universe? Chase was double checking Brian’s work!?!? Wow I’m gonna lay down.

r3ckl3ss_sk8r says:

So about that skylift ! How do you remove the fairing on the other side Where the hydraulic is ?! I feel like that’s the downside ? Orrr am I missing something here …

drew merkin says:

Awesome video dude

Yamaha Rider J says:

dude I been watching you since like 2015 and I never seen you go to a track by the time you go to a track those tires are gonna be dead

iamsobanned says:

Protip the pressure of your tires changes as the temperature changes. You are supposed to check the tires cold so you are likely running below specs on those tires. So it would be a good idea to get the air temp before you check your tires cold.

Jeroen Dumoulin says:


Daniel Deaton says:

He didn’t need to remove the rotors and sprocket

Nona Ubiz says:

New tires, especially in the rain, can be very slick. Good advice for the kiddies out there, Chase.

Sunil Noronha says:

Crap! Misleading header

Shawn Pennell says:

I just ordered a set Michelin Pilot Road 5 for my fz07

Pascal van den Broek says:

What impact gun do you use? Can you recommend it or nah?

Daniel says:

the contact patch of a motorcycle is not even a credit card, that’s that of a car. motorcycles contactpatch is around the size of the photo of a person on an id or driving licence

Sepheriel says:

Bruh that’s the new QT off Howell Mill Rd. I live right near there!

noControl says:

Why did you take the sprocket and discs off?

Mach One says:

Chase you did not align the front calipers! Keep the calipers loose once the bike is on the ground. Roll bike forward, and squeeze, and hold front brake. While holding the brake, tighten the caliper. Do it again and tighten up the second caliper. This ensures the calipers are exactly parallel with the wheel, pushing evenly on the pads and rotor.

Taylor Goody says:

Hey chase what’s the difference between an fz09 and a mt09

hedsy says:

I’d rather beat a dead horse than beat off a dead horse.

peter saint says:

Bro way too much air in those tires bro

sacredgeometry says:

All the best Brians are people.

twowheelslater says:

dude you got all that nice stuff in your garage. You should learn to change and balance your own tires. Once you know how you could have had it done by the time you got to mountain motorsports. As quick as motorcycle tires wear that money adds up.

Adam Oakley says:

I really dig the song.

Slow Panda says:

Pull a gta and ramp the truck better use the game tho

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