Wire-Spoked Wheels vs. Alloy Wheels—Which Are Better? | MC Garage

Here’s another technology matchup from the MC Garage: Old-school wire-spoked wheels versus modern one-piece alloy wheels. What’s the difference, and which design is better? That all depends…


Silver Beans says:

Whats the honda bike in the beginning?.
And how many CCs?

airraptor says:

MOI…….. weight is a factor to performance. normal street riding maybe not but MOI is important

Ryan Bartkowiak says:

What kind of wire wheel was that??

Gerald Scott says:

ALL street bike (including dual sport) wheels should be required by DOT to use tubeless tires. Two reasons. When a tube is punctured, it tends to blow out, losing air instantly. Very dangerous. When a tubeless tire is punctured, it tends to lose air very slowly, and sometimes not at all. But the really big deal is how to repair a flat. With tubeless tires, you plug the hole, inflate the tire, and be on your way. With a tube type tire you have to remove the wheel, then remove the tire, and replace the tube. Not that difficult at home with the right tools, but suppose you are out in the middle of nowhere? Very few bikes have centerstands these days. How are you supposed to get the wheel off the bike? People have died because they were stranded in the middle of nowhere, in extreme weather, with a flat tube type tire. I knew one of them. BMW makes tubeless spoked wheels. Honda made tubeless spoked wheels way back in 1986, for the 450 Rebel. The technology has been available for a very long time. It should be mandatory. It makes me sick to see abs on a bike with tube type tires. Tubeless tires for ALL bikes should have been around for decades now.

irfan khan says:

sir pakistan i have four bike pakistan honda cd 70 i used sporket wheel because it is cheaper and easy to repair 90% bikes manufacture company used it

krishna kishor bhat says:

It’s been couple of days since I found your channel. Can stop but binge watch 🙂

Personal says:

I can google the difference myself……but we never got to know, which one is better ? That was the topic !

Dyphen says:

which is good for offroad steel rims or alloy rims? can an
yone pls enlightened me. thanks…

mroilcat says:

I’m 66 and will NEVER again have spoked wheels. Cast wheels have no tubes. No more broken spokes. Never have to worry about trueing the wheels. No more wholesale flats. Never had a flat with my cast wheels. Could happen, but hasn’t happened yet. No more rusty spokes/rims.. I can change tires myself. (Can change tires on spoked wheels, but 3 times the pain.)

Pradeep Bayalkoti says:

Alloy wheel break like plastic when bike crash at 60mph

Ravishankar Loganathan says:

Awesome explanation , please make a video on ” how to choose an spoke wheel for 350 cc bike all terrain bike

Roadstar1602 says:

Wire spoke wheels are a huge pain in the cock for anything other than a dirt bike. It doesn’t take long to get sick of cleaning each spoke and between each spoke every time you clean your bike. I try to avoid buying bikes with spoke wheels for that reason.

ŦheŁauręnŧ says:

how have i not seen this channel, so well put together and informative. well done

Sharpshooter12345 says:

You look high, as usual lol

Kaisser says:

Thanks guys for another proper video. In my case, Speed Triple R 2016, the spoke wheels are 1.5kg heavier than the stock alloy wheels. And that does affect the riding and launching mode vastly. It is still sweet and powerful, but not like with the stock wheels. On the other hand, the bike feels much more smoother on uneven terrain and in places like my city, Bogota, that’s a treat you can say no to! so very happy my spoke wheels. It all depends on what you are after: Cool Look or sweet performance.

Idiots says:

awesome work

Do It With Med says:

Shit i fucking hate wire spoked wheels damn that’s ugly

Steve Berg says:

I prefer the ride of spokes, you are probably going to tell me why I’m wrong but alloys can feel too rigid.

Samrat marathe says:

explain chain and belt drive

Compy Pilapil says:

can you make a video on fixing leaks on the engine, specially on banjo bolts

Kapil Khemani says:

Enfield 350 alloys or spokes are way to heavy…. Isn’t there lighter version of alloys available in India

AussieBlokeGordo says:

That has to be the nicest spoked rim I’ve ever seen

shannon james says:

I have a question , how do you cross reference wheel fitment across model lines ? I know that’s what the forums are for . I do not want to spend the rest of my life talking to everyone . Isn’t there a Hollanders exchange manual for metric bikes ? That’s what the computer was invented for , why not the internet ? This is like having sex with an ugly chick . Everyone does it but never talks about it or wants money in exchange for the information . Thanks anyway

Robin Banks says:

I find that round one’s work the best

Deeco Manayaga says:

i choose the spokes cuz it lighter than the full alloy ..!

Al Dee says:

So I might as well switch from spoke wheels to alloy wheels on my 2017 soft tail slim S since it will be better for touring and street use. got any Ideas what brands are the best for my bike?

Poopy Pants diggity says:


Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

Spokes are better as I feel!

Dalek Anonymous says:

Holds true for bicycles, too. Take your pick of durable or rigid. There is no middle ground.

I’ll take durable.

rajesh nammi says:


Foundation Galaxy says:

Well done sir, well done

Dzjefph Orellitsa says:

that spoked wheel is fire

sfhang says:

Nobody would lift a modern motorcycle wheel and say “this is fairly heavy”…………………99% would say this is WAY LIGHTER than I was suspecting it would be”.

Kelly Meier says:

How about a video on maintaining a spoked rim? I’ve only ever ridden cruisers with cast rims & am considering an Adv. bike for long distance touring. Don’t care so much about dirt riding. Any thoughts?

clorox bleach says:

Mine has steel wheels lol

Ramphul Lormesh says:

Where did u got the spoked wheel

Help me reach 10000 subscribers with no reason says:

0:56 The front wheel is not rotating.

Insane Indian says:

Spoke wheels ads some comfort by its vibration obsorption property

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