Winter & Wet Motorcycle Tire Guide 2012 at

Winter & Wet Motorcycle Tire Guide 2012
Winter weather means riding in inclement weather more frequently, but many folks ride in the rain year round. In this guide, we showcase our top picks for the best wet weather traction, whether it’s cold and wet or hot and humid. Wet surfaces and motorcycle tires when combined make for a low traction scenario, and choosing a tire that can cut through and disperse water makes for a safer ride. The Michelin Pilot Road 3 are one of the best tires we’ve ever ridden in wet weather and their ability to stick will build confidence for anyone who hates riding in the rain. The X-Sipe technology works wonders for wet traction and the wide range of sizes makes this a great choice for Sport, Sport Touring or even for big adventure bikes that stick to pavement. The Metzeler Tourance EXP is a tire that was evolved from the Interact Roadtec Z6 and has a higher silica content that gives it superior traction, wet or dry, over the Tourance. There will be a sacrifice in mileage, but the additional grip comes with a price. The Michelin Commander 2, also super-charged with a high ratio of silica, offer great grip for the big V-twin, Metric cruiser and even some large touring bikes. While we have included this review as part of our Winter Gear Guide, this information won’t expire in the Spring when things start warming up again. For those riders who find themselves riding in wet weather regularly, any of these 3 options make an excellent choice for keeping it rubber side down.
Michelin Pilot Road 3 Rear Tires
Michelin Pilot Road 3 Front Tires
Michelin Pilot Road 3 Trail Tires
Metzeler Tourance EXP Rear Tire
Metzeler Tourance EXP Front Tire
Michelin Commander 2 Rear Tires
Michelin Commander 2 Front Tires


Justin R. says:

Sweet video, thanks for breaking down the best tires for this winter!

NALTIC Industrials, LLC says:

I was a Marriott Summit Watch in Park City in early April last year. In the parking garage were 5 BMW bikes with Canadian plates. They had their snow boards and skis attached to their saddle bags (boxes). Their tires….??? were Blizzak… they looked like car tires and a little wide for the rims. The next morning it snowed 6 inches. Those Canadians! 🙂

Liam Conrad says:

I ride in the snow–it’d be nice to see a review on studless snow tires.

magda roets says:

Winter, early morning hours, dry roads temp 6 degrees C

Paul Merriman says:

“We all stop riding when it’s snowy and cold”? bloody fair weather bikers

Alex Mendoza says:

I have a set of Michelin Pilot Road 3s. They are the best tire I have ever used and they also last a very long time. Most people get about 15,000 miles out of them. If you live in the Pacific Northwest you must have these.

Bernhard Echt says:

The Michelin Pilot Road 3 get my vote, they are the best tires out there. They handle the rain, like you are on a dry road.

Kris Olsson says:

Hey Anthony, thanks for the review. Michelin seems to have wet weather tires down to a science. By far, they make the best tires for rain & snow for four wheel vehicles as well.


I have been running pilot road 3s and they last very well,wear nice and even and stick like shit to a blanket in the dry and wet!

sixshooter4570 says:

Good information about tires, I have a 2013 Victory XCT and may go with the Michelin Commander II when my tires need replacing

hypo krites says:

its amazing, I saved my bike at least 7 to 10 times today in the snow w/ PR4’s, but it really wasn’t the tires at all, get some studs/extra wheels-tires, don’t fk around with rubber when the ice is forming on the roads.

Dennis Carroll says:

Hey Anthony, I used this review to help me purchase my Pirelli. Thanks for all your good reviews.

Jenny Tokumei says:

I can’t find Pilot Road 3 for my bike…

Ryan Frizell says:

I was expecting tires for snow, you know like in the WINTER

AerobaticsMan1 says:

Thanks for all the great info about the Road Pilot 3. I will be making that my year round tire of choice next season. I learned the hard way that having a cheap tire when its cold is not a good idea. It was even dry and the front tire lost traction instantly when I started some emergency braking after a car pulled out in front of me. I’ll be upgrading tires in the spring.

greyadventures says:

Need a true winter tire for ADV bikes like a blizzak!

Charlie Tate says:

Ok, winter is coming. It’s been 4 years since this video, anything better then the Michelin Pilot Road 3 for my CBR600 F4I??? 180 55 17.

subhan chaudhary says:

love this channel hav everything yo need if you love bikes

IZylusI says:

What if I want to ride in the winter/snow/ice? Cause… I make a lot of bad decisions and I’m too dense to listen to anyone. And I’d rather be able to just have 1 vehicle to pay for instead of 2.

unavailibill says:

This is good video.

Bradley King says:

The Michelin Commander II is a great tire. I tend to switch between those and the Metzeler ME880’s on my Sportster depending on which I can get the better price for.

RevZilla says:

We do not carry any pre-spiked tires for ice riding, but we do have ice screws you can purchase separately. I don’t imagine they would be street legal, but that might be something that changes State to State. ~Ali

Rajvikram singh says:

I’ve michelin dual compounds on my sportbike since I often use it for communiting too and can vouch for the performance. Though I think I’m sold on the pilot 3. I think I might try them next .. I’m alway wary of wet patches and temperature and this one seems to take care of that.

RevZilla says:

For wet weather, the Michelin PR3 or the Metzeler Roadtec Z8 would be my top pick. If you’re looking for something a little more ADV inspired, I would suggest checking out the Metzeler Tourance Next tires. I have them on my GS and will probably never run another tire. They’re great in wet weather, stick like crazy in the turns and are fine for the hard-packed dirt roads I ride. ~Ali

Tom K says:

Great review. This really helped me decide on new tires for both my bikes. I was already leaning towards the two Michelllin tires but this sealed the deal.

Pablo GG says:

Hey Anthony, been a Pilot Road 2 user for past 3 year round seasons. Looking forward to trying the Road 3 on my next change. Thanks for the review.

RevZilla says:

Interesting. I ran a set on my VFR800 through this past winter and had no grip issues in cold or wet. Maybe you are cranking the throttle a bit harder than me on that R1? 🙂 -CK

HoustonMtn says:

Great Vid, Anthony! You’re right about the PR3 Trails on the 12GS. They absolutely rock! These tires are all around excellent performers on the road. The grip is outstanding wet or dry. Agree with your analysis on the Tourance EXP vs PR3 for the big bikes. I had The EXP’s on the GS stock. They really add so little off-road/soft-road capability, and the PR3’s are such an incredible boost in performance on-road.

Observing Rogue says:

You’re wrong. I’m not going to stop riding, because there is snow & hard ice on the roads. I’m going to install soft compound, off-road, mud tires, for winter. Mud tires that will clear themselves of snow & slush. Soft compound rubber, so they will still be flexible & grippy, in those low temperatures. And maybe a DOT rating, so there is some design for paved roads, when roads are clear. Give them their own set of wheels, so I can quickly switch between them, and wheels & tires, more suitable to paved roads, when conditions change.
Also. I’m going to stud the off-road tires, with wood screws. Either, just screw them into the middle of each tread block, and clip their heads off, nearly flush with the blocks. Or, Mark a drill bit, so I don’t go too deep, and cause a leak, then predrill every tread block, put super glue on the tip of every screw, before I screw them in & clip their heads off.
My favorite seasons are fall & winter. And my riding will not be deterred by ice.

Jason Clark says:

I am new to revzilla, but I have found it excellent for tire reviews and good, plain english explanations of technology and what tires are appropriate for certain riding conditions. While I don’t live in a particular wet climate I do experience monsoon and flash type weather and it’s nice to have some info on tires. I am currently a fan favorite of the Michelin Commander 2, which I have switched to based on information provided by revzilla. keep up the good work.

mdziwulss says:

good review. It helped me decide what tires to get! my are extremely worn down at the moment 🙂

toadamine says:

I’m looking for rain slicks for an upcoming trackday that will likely be rainy… do you have Michelin Power Rain? I can’t find them listed anywhere online except some eBay stuff

j0akim123 says:

Very Nice review, thanks for all your videos!

magda roets says:

i have tried the power road 3 on my R1 2007 and i must say with respect its a big NO. on R1. More heavy bikes and less power bikes i would say sure.

Matthew Bossard says:

i ride everyday but Sunday. sun, wind, rain, snow, ice, at least 45 miles per day, six days a week. if youve ever tried to walk on a skating ring…it takes grace…yes, grace. a little common sense about physics helps, but im telling you the graceful rider remains upright while the impatient, uncoordinated fool gets a reminder that riders like him should remain home on bad weather days.

Supernova12034 says:

Says hes in the north east but acts like a Californian

RevZilla says:

Great review. We are big fans of the PR3. ~Ali

natexalton says:

The Michelin road three are amazing tires I’m running them on a cbr600rr wet or dry they hook up awesome

Davidjunyan0 says:

Any suggestion for 1299 pani winter tire? wet road / snow ?

Derrik Abner says:

I ride the Michelin Pilot Road 3’s on my CBR 600RR. Hands down the best tire I’ve ever had. These handle wet roads like nothing else. Durability is by far the best I’ve seen. I’m almost at 10,000 miles with these and there is very little wear. Stability is amazing. I ride the back roads of eastern KY and these are simply the best street tire I’ve ever had.

Ahmad Zaed Abdul Aziz says:

Singapore’s wet almost all year round. I thought of getting Heidenau but after this video and the ride to work. I’m seeking advice for F800GS. 🙂

SickMetalAddict says:

You talk a little too fast, a lot of Jargon, a lot of commercial voice. I like your content, I like what you guys do, and I can’t judge it too harshly, but in my (humble) opinion you could do better if you slow down a bit.

pete66 says:

Not everyone stops riding. This should be a “Wet Motorcycle Tire Guide” This is misleading as I came here looking for a winter tire guide.

Brian A says:

Just got a KTM 990 SMT. PR3 a good choice for this bike? I live in Colorado and need a tire that can handle the evening storms in the fall and spring. And will also heat up well in the winter when there is no snow. I will be using the bike as a long range commuter. 100+ mi a day.

Vagret Icetank says:

hey revzilla, I was wondering if there are pre spiked tires sold for supermotos and sport bikes? if so would you happen to know if they are legal to use on-road or only off road?

nastynatedog2011 says:

how about cold weather riding. 35°F and below? any thing in particular that I shout be looking for in a tire?

2phalanges says:

can i use the pilot road 3s for my suzuki dr650?

Nik Nak says:

HD V-Rod … Had Dunlop OEM tires, yet live in So Cal and love the Metzler 880 Marathons I put on this year.

RevZilla says:

What kind of conditions did you use the PR3 tires in? -CK

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