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Whether riding the trails or the motocross track we have the best selection at the lowest prices on mx tires for your dirt bike. In this video we touch on all the things to consider when purchasing your next motorcycle tire. Tire types and tread design are factors you should consider. Loamy, rocky, even sandy soil each requires a different set of tires constructed with different rubber compounds to get the best life and performance out of your tire. We want to help you pick the next best set of tires, whether it be tearing up that mountain single track or eating up your favorite chocolate cake on the track! Be sure to check out our wide variety of Motocross Tires at www.rockymountainatvmc.com.

Top 4 Products To Prevent Motorcycle Flat Tires

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Lucas Guzik says:

What can happen if the rotation of the tire is wrong and I run it like that?

Leland Hill says:

hopefully someone is still answering questions, I have a CR125 that I ride on both dirt hard surface and Dune sands on the same day in the same location, this place is called Juniper Dunes in Washington state. the dirt tires work out there but can cause a lot of frustration when its been really hot and the sand is nice and soft, the dune hills are not huge by any means but there can be some areas where the length of the run before you hit a hill can be short so you need that traction, I am looking for the best tire for 70% sand and 30% dirt to ride on when there and I will have another just dirt tire for everywhere else. this Dunlop Geomax MX11 Sand/Mud Motorcycle Tire looks like it might fit the program I need being the tread is not going to beat me up like a cup tire would on the harder surface. any other suggestions?

JoeTheDude says:

@3:16 its tenth month of 2017 right?

Phillip Bell says:

Second on the Kendas.
I’ve seen the Parker DT front listed in the catalog but not the rear. Here in Utah I’ve had great results with these. very aggressive tread for a DOT tire.
They don’t chunk in the rocks like other tires and wear very well. I have over 1300 miles on my first set on a 96 DR350
and about 350 miles so far on My Beta 300RR Race edition. The vast majority of total miles is in the rocky Utah west desert mountain trails.
Hopefully you will add these to your offerings.

xGxPhantom Zzz says:

What about the Michelin Competition 6?

phil mortlock says:

That was good

Ken Farnsworth says:

I have a few tires that have a dot number but also say not for highway use.any idea about them?


Would a sand hybrid get ripped up if I took it on the road for a few minutes

4StrokeBloke says:

Glad your new tattoo didn’t get affected by that road rash!

Aidan Chase says:


Crust2013 says:

AC10 michelin rear awsom for 250fs multi terrain damp season saddle time

The Doctor 808 says:

I use the tubliss system with a dunlop d803 trials tire and i run about 4-6 psi i also run the shinko 505 cheater and i run about the same psi for that tire aswell maybe a little less because its a bit stiffer

Aussie Dual Sport says:

Awesome video, thanks

mobgma says:

Video never showed up on my subscription feed despite me being subscribed to all your videos. Only shows up in the Home section which is annoying but not Subscription despite you literally posting this video like 10 hours ago. Please message YouTube as people are missing your videos despite being subscribed.

Eddi Nice says:

Tyre porn, Excellent video

Bear Flag Revolt says:

crashed not too long ago huh?

HeddleTowns Enduro Ride says:

Good guide lots of great tires!

Ethan Hon says:

I like the beard Chase

yota486 says:

I’m looking for the video on how to prevent pinch-flats. Maybe include a link to the video in the description, since you mentioned it in your video.

Jamie K says:

Is a shinko cheater a hybrid by these definitions or a intermediate?

The Moto fixery says:

Sure wish you guys had the
irc ix-09w gekkota.
Or maxxis trail maxx for the ktm freeride!

Carlos Dias says:

“Lesson learned”!

julian wilson says:

You didn’t talk about how to choose the width of your tire

Crazy Nomad says:


Hunter says:

Another great video! Thanks guys

Barbara Binns says:

my grandmother stank she is Rich but she said no to Caleb

Alberto Gamez says:

I actually got that hard terrain tire. It was gripping great in the mountain yesterday!!

kings17court says:

I really appreciate these educational videos.

Unstoppable120s Bernardo says:

Helpful video

Timur Bayram says:

What is the best choice for city?

BlackBoneAMX says:

Chase, I am 60 years old and riding a 2018 TE 250i. My favorite riding is single track loamy, muddy, rocky and love riding in the rain. Watching your videos and others I still find my self drifting back to Michelin. 90/100/21 & 110/100/18 Michelin star cross 5 medium. I am however wanting to switch up to a Tubliss set up. What are your thoughts and do you recommend a particular plug kit for 60 to 80 mile single track rides?
Thanks for your time

GREASElover32 says:

Does ridding on hard terrain with a soft terrain tire affect traction dramatically ???

iRA says:

oustanding vid, thanks!

Gerardo Bezanilla says:

Great info! How do I know if I have to use a tube on a tire or not, on those tires of your video?

Alexander Hanify says:

Chase must have had a good crash haha

Stevie Wonder says:

Will you guys expand your selection of Kenda tires in the future?

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