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You guys asked for it, so here it is: A discussion of tire width, and more importantly, why fitting a wider-than-stock tire to the back of your bike probably isn’t a good idea! It’s a high-level video on what might be one of the most complicated topics in motorcycling, but hopefully you learn something!


Erni Cruz says:

I would love to see a video about the pros and cons of wing arm stretching. a lot of it is being done for show and competition. extreme cases like Busas and some moderate. Thanks

Nanderlizer Nanderlizer says:

“centrifugal force” NO GOD PLEASE NO! learn physics nub

mutemiz says:

I hope he got a new phone

RADESH chakravarthi says:

What’s the difference between a radial tyre and a flat or normal tyre…..???

cris rose says:

i lean’t over too far and low sided because i basically lean’t over till i was riding the sidewall and that doesn’t work well :/

Raj Krishan says:

very informative… thanks

D. Paul Riderman says:

I ran into the problem with my newest bike the R3. I was actually afraid of the rubber they put on it at the factory. I wanted some Z-rated radials to have better traction in the corners. The width of the rear wheel is 4.25″ which doesn’t allow anything larger than a 150/60 tyre. The front wheel is set for a 110/70 and nothing else. Luckily there are many good z-rated radials in the 110/70 and 150/60 sizes. The rear tyre is shorter so it changed my speed (65 is 63.5 actual). I then dropped a tooth in the rear sprocket to normalize my speed with the factory setting. Changing tyre sizes is something the bike owner really needs to investigate before changing the sizes.

TRUE biker VARMA says:

Ktm rc 390 has 150rear section Tyre is it replace with perili diablo rosoa2 160 rear section Tyre?

The Juggernaut says:

From 190/60-17 to 200/50-17 is quite acceptable although handling and speedo is already sacrifice

George Ashwood says:

Great info this helps a lot thank yoy

sheldon dmello says:

To make the bike liter

T Harmon says:

Why is the rear tires wider than the front tire?

Charlie Franco says:

But how does going up a size in tire affect your driving in the rain? Wouldn’t it be better suited for that ? Or it wouldn’t really make a huge significant difference?


for now my underbone bike using wider rim and tires

for now my front tyre is 1.85|90/80 and my rear is 2.50|100/90. Yeah its quite heavy but when it come to corner it really superb but it depend what type of tyre i used.

sukriadi basri says:


Aditya Mohan says:

I have a yamaha fz25, the stock tyres are awful.
And the size is 140/70 bias ply tyres.

There are grippier radial 140/60 available in my budget. And am planning to get one.
Most of other riders have upsized to 150/60.
What do you reckon?

With stock tyre there is 0 feedback from the rear.

Ramit Kumar Ray says:

Difference between Assist & Slipper Clutch and Normal Clutch?

sujan maharjan says:

What is the difference in single head spark plug and double head?? can a double head spark plug be used in a bike that comes with a single head spark plug as stock?

K Watson says:

Based on this video I think I will stick with a 4.25” read instead paying the extra money to upgrade to a 5.00” rear for my planned Husky 701 Enduro to SM conversion.

Leejan D'souza says:

This was informative .. Pls make a more detailed video .. As its a much needed topic !!

Rajdeep Singh says:

How about ktm RC 390 with 180 Section tyre ?

KC says:

now that you mentioned it…..  I have a 18×5.5 inch wheel, and I would like to stretch the bounderies…  could I safely install a 210/40/18 metzler safely?  a 200/40/18 Metzler is 7.76mm, where a 210/40/18 Metzler is (in inches) 8.26 in.thank you, KC

Abhishek Shah says:

Thank you very informative… please tell me why I feel my bike slips while diving into corners… even so after 25 k of warming them up… I ride a 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 650

MotoBoy says:

You forgot to mention that bigger tires, which increase rotational weight, also decrease the amount of power you are putting down to the ground!!

Juan Molina me gustan says:

I do not understand then why is this tendence to put very width tires on even small bieks, I mean a Katana 750 20 years ago was a 150 in the rear and today even a ktm duke 200 has that size…. thanks

mark tan says:

are there any other cons when attaching a wider tire to a narrow wheel that is inappropriate to its size?? like for example a 4.5 wheel to a 190/50 tire.

ebin belji says:

ATV has smaller tyre maybe because of performance off-road

Mike K. says:

You answered a question that a new Rider such as myself was dying to know the answer to! Don’t hesitate in getting more sciency! Thanks man.

Guy Martin says:

Any recommendations for a road trail tyre to fit fxr lowrider with 19 inch
Currently using a continental duo trac as being the only one I have found that is load rated for the weight of my bike a.d has a speed ratings of 170
Cheers Guy

Jason Rao says:

friction has nothing to do with surface area … larger contact patch is a myth. Yes for temperature and longevity or rounder profile.


Hey man! My tyre is small 130/70 rear but I’m afraid of cornering!! Do u think my tyre is enough for cornering?? Please help me out

Dan DanDanDan says:

but if you’re leaning over more that means you can take the turn faster correct? also i dont buy theres any neg effect of going one size up.

Pranay Sahay says:

I have hyosung gt650N. The front tyre has the size of 120/60 and i cant find it anywhere even online so is it safe to go for 120/70? Will it effect the contact patch in corner ?

Mohamad Haris Ishak says:

Thank you for the explanation.

Max Mazourov says:

Can you guys do rim reviews? How do carbon compare to stock, alu, magnesium and brands?

Fanian Loy says:

Will a cbr125r have the same amount of lean angle as a cbr1000rr if they both use the same style of tyre and no other things like rear sets getting in the way ? I’m thought tire width doesn’t change lean angle but the video just said otherwise.

Bálint Janics says:

Wait, and what about if your stock rear size is 150/70, but some tire only avaible in 160/60 for example Angel GT pr Rosso III ? How does this change could affect my bike? (How bign would be tje difference, woder but lower height tires.)

mikeyb byekim says:

great video and info, but 2:30 you didn’t mention the height aspect of the 50vs55

MotoYoshi says:

BIG OL FATTY….. my new favorite line

Terrence Sanchez says:

where can I buy your shirt?!

M Wasim pervez Jaan says:

Tyre or tire?

skioggi says:

Do you have a video on front tire sizes? If not I would love to learn about rake angle, front suspension and tire sizes for the front and how they affect handling! If you do have a vid pls steer me in the right direction! Thanks for all the great content!

W4LKNDE4D says:

Nice video. Where can we get the shirt

Green Keroro says:

Tq, explanation that i always looking for

ebin belji says:

I like your videos they are awesome

Syafiq Riding Channel says:

I have kawasaki z250sl my tire width is 130/70 can I change it to 150/70 will it change my bike handling ???

wlad says:

if you have 360 wheels fuck you

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