What Tyre Pressure Settings Should I Run On My Motorbike

There’s so much misinformation out there about tyre pressure settings. Here we take a look at what you need to know to answer the question – what tyre pressure settings should I run on my motorbike?
Full details here – http://thebikestig.com.au/motorcycle-track-day-tyre-pressures-what-tyre-pressures-should-i-run-for-the-track/


Rusty Shackleford says:

Does an individual rider’s weight factor into setting tire pressure at all? Or is that only when setting the suspension? Great, informative video and thanks for posting it!


Good explanation , very clear , track and hwys covered ,should of mention the twisty roads [psi] NICE BIKES

Rubberneck Rides says:

Good stuff to know for any rider. well done

Roady Moto says:

So I have a set of Metzeler ROADTEC Z8 INTERACT (((120/70 ZR 17 M/C (58W) TL (M) (front) and 160/60 ZR 17 M/C (69W) TL (M) Rear (SPORT TOURING RADIAL))) on Yamaha FZS 600 70kW year 2001. In the manuals say 29 psi front and 32 rear on cold tires, but I think it might be too low. What do you reccommend? 😀

superbike1 says:

36 front 42 rear is all you ever need on the road. If you go lower you are losing rear profile and roll over becomes harder.

jeet calm says:

how do you cope with sand on the road? If i use manufacture Tyre pressure i tend to lose traction a lot.

jwsolarusa says:

Thanks you so much for this awesome advice. It makes complete sense.
I just subscribe to your channel please checkout my channel and subscribe

charlie ryan says:

Thanks for making this informative video, just subscribed

DEA178 says:

THX 4 sharing the knowledge.

War Machine Motovlogs says:

solid information mate.

Joel Flanders says:

Finally someone telling the truth about Tire Pressure, so many People have it wrong. Another reason for running slightly lower pressure in the rear is that the Rear experiences more friction/heat due to being attached to Throttle/Engine input. I wish manufacturers would stop instructing people to put too much pressure in their tires and put more in the rear then the front.

Rafael Carvalho Lobo says:

very well put, thank you very much

WutDaFug Chug says:

Good info. What’s the thing mounted to the tank top?

MotosAirRifles&BBQs says:

hi. very interesting info. what about riding in the canyons or on a day trip to the country in a sport bike? what pressure settings would you recommend?

Rolling In Da Deep says:

Ask the moto gp tuner..i dont trust u

jwsolarusa says:

If you find any of my videos helpful.
Thanks again Mate

John Lee says:

how are you defining traction… I’ve noticed almost everyone taking about traction and contact patch makes the mistake that more contact patch results in better grip/friction to the road. This is completely wrong and usually covered in a first semester physics course for any engineering major. Rest of the info is useful.

HORNET6 says:

Common rear pressure is 42 psi and is a catch all in case a pillion and or heavy luggage is carried. The other reason is to hold the tread pattern open in order to disperse water. If you lower the pressure for track, don’t get carried away or you will get what’s called cupping. This is where the centre of the contact patch lifts or deforms up so decreasing the contact patch.

MivecMelaka says:

new info, thank you

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