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Jim Bronaugh says:

Can you imagine if a biker pulled up to the chop shop with a load Meth or heroin on a Can-Am? You would lose your status as a hard core biker. There is no longer an appreciation for tradition in this country.

jason donnelly says:

if you are older or handicapped then good for u ! enjoy ! if not still enjoy , but realize everyone that rides a motorcycle is laughing at u!

luis freitas says:

Who wants a sled ? With wheels ?

oldvet1000 says:

Traing wheels! I laugh everytime I see these …

Gene Hasenbuhler says:

If they were to lower the seat setup in the frame to a more reclined set up-not only would it lower the centetof gravity but it make the whole system alot more stable!

dark blood says:

2 years in my country to get the license you must be 17 only 2 years and I’ll get one

J McClain says:

I totally get that for folks with a disability, this makes sense. For everyone else, no.

Robert Sparkes says:

Not my cup of tea…

David trueslayor says:

Wouldn’t kill herself right away, lol im hating that steering ???? wheel no wishbone ? nah ahh pizza no but im hungry , device sure why not . Yeah hate it!

Curtis Allred says:

Don’t like the engine sound.

Prranjal Shrivaastav says:

It’s more like a 3 wheeler auto-rickshaw. Dodging the pot holes and rough patches on a broken road is quite tricky on a 3 wheeler, specially the one with the single wheel on it’s rear. Also the tyre on the single wheel wears out more often. Looks better than a rickshaw though.

Rich Leon says:

How much is it

Bob Larsen says:


Tech Witch says:

AWD would make this baby awesome.

The Mondo One says:


BBelt says:

Yeah…you probably dont need the prayer when you hop on the can am hahaa. Never hurts though. Safe rides brothers.

Anthony Wayne Walker says:

Good review.

iPalmBeach Vapes says:

Blood Orange

Matt Blanco says:

I would hate to be rear ended on one of those. Does it have reverse?

Harry Skelton says:

Some states consider this an “Autocycle” which only needs a driver’s license in DE and PA. Problems happen when you drive into a state that considers these motorcycles, and you don’t have a motorcycle endorsement.

Endeavor Trikes says:

BRP did a lot of things right but also did a few bad things like the traction control and most of the other electronics. it’s extremely difficult to roll a reverse trike as it is to roll a car or truck. reliability really suffers due to electronic failures. I think much of the CanAm was designed by lawyers not engineers. However conceptually they nailed it, great for young sport minded individuals who want to get that sports car feel but still ride a motorcycle. Great for back roads and adventure riding. Unfortunately convention trikes have tainted the idea of a sport trike where it’s supposedly designed for those older guys with bad knees etc. While this is part of the target market for sure women and again young minded sport riders are in BRP’s sights. Automatic transmission is 80 years behind cars and it’s about time we moved into the 1950’s. It is very much like a snowmobile and if you have ever ridden snowmobiles they are a blast and fun for all ages.

Kevin Douglas says:

Ahhh the Can-Am spyder the Dane Cook of shity wanna be motor transport.

pwndecaf says:

No need to explain YOUR vehicle to ANYONE.

Randall Frank says:

Why do you have to wait like you’re supposed to after turning on the switch before starting the engine?

JB11 says:

Looks like something you’d buy for your “special” child. These things are absolutely ridiculous. Know that you are being laughed at by almost everyone you pass. Do they make clown themed gear?

Stork Legs says:

It looks like it would be fun to ride but it also looks cheap. Too much plastic and not enough chrome steel

Dil Lee says:


chalo colina says:

Starting the video with a close-up of that beard was totally revolting. Was it a ploy to make the trike seem less gross?

Michael Jordan says:

I rode one when they first came out – interesting, but not for me. Not sure what I’ll do when I’m no longer able to ride a bike – 73 now and 2 of my 3 bikes have Handicap tags (the 3rd has Antique tags), but I don’t think that the Spyder will be my solution. One of the reason that there’s so many different vehicles out there is that there are so many different people. Ride what makes you smile.

Doug LaPointe says:

I ride in a veterans club. Most of the guys including me ride two wheels. The guys who ride trikes almost always have bad knees. More power to them they are still my MC brothers. Still rib them though, wait till its my turn.

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