Twisted Throttle’s Dual Sport / Adventure Tires Buyer’s Guide

Not sure what kind of tires you should be using on your ADV bike? Let us help you find the ones that are best for your riding style. Learn more on our Twists & Turns blog:


the master of Random 101 says:

what width is better for the klr 650 the (130 stock or the 140 aftermarket?) tire is the k60 scout

Motopreneur says:

Any thoughts on the TKC70? I’ve noticed they aren’t mentioned in a lot of video’s regarding ADV/dualsport tire choices.

Nicolas Solberg says:

On my Tiger 800xc the Mitas E07 is a great 50/50 and Shinko 705 is great a 70/30. I prefer the E07 to the TKC 80’s I’ve ridden, but those were on a different bike.


E07 all the way. I get about 8400 miles on them before they are bald. Even bald and lowered to10psi they will still climb on my super tenere

Omar Rochalo says:

Thank you.

Omar Rochalo says:

Good afternoon, I have a Big Trail, V-Strom and I would like to choose a tire, at least, 30% off and 70% on, which one do you suggest form me? Thank you.


Hello  I have one VARADERO 1000 and I go only in Motorways And I do a lot of kηm in Europe. I live in GREECE  ,Which has enough heat. 32 ΤΟ 40 Celsius degrees .Which rubber would you suggest me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. ROADSMART, ANAKE, SCORPION II, ROADECK 01?

80hitultracombo says:

This is pretty much the most important video on YouTube.

Hringhorne Stularsson says:

You should definitely make audio books! Your voice is made for it!

B P says:

excellent video. thank you, those Michelin Anakee’s are just the ticket!!

Your Moms Hitachi says:

Just got a 97 YZ250 2 stroke Ca plated what’s a good 50/50 and what’s a good 70street 30dirt

Living Off The Slab says:

Great overview. Do you have any feedback on the expected mileage from the Mitas E07? I am heading to Alaska and try to figure out how many sets I will need.

WADZ UP says:

Beauty review eh! WADZzz

Yes Sure says:

What about the TRACTIONATOR® GPS tire?

Willem Kuipers says:

Is there a reason the TKC70 is not taken into account? I know the front tire can be sketchy, but in general it’s a really good tire.

Kevin Ho says:

Great video on the difference between tires… but you didn’t mention anything about TIRE PRESSURE?

Shouldn’t you reduce tire pressure from 36(front)/43(rear) down to
26(front)/33(rear) psi if you are riding off road? TIA

scootfreeordie says:

What do people in Alaska use for commuting to work? It’s quite a diverse challenge to tires. Sand wet and dry, some mud, snow and ice on a paved road. I mean, you couldn’t use dedicated ice tires or off road tires. What would they use?

Luc Pedneault says:

Mr. Cook, nice to see you again!

Pistol Pete says:

Don’t forget the Pirelli MT- 90 Scorpions. 70/30 tire

Rockynight says:

Thank you!

Bruno Silvestre says:

I’m looking for a 50/50 tire, between the Shinko E805 and the E07, what would you chose?
I have a tiger xca 800, i do a lot of road but love to make some sand trails in the weekend and i’m planing to go make a trip to Morocco for 10 days.
Cheers and keep the good work!

Kyle Readman says:

I just rode the continental divide trail from Banff ab to Mexico border and then to West coast ending back in Alberta on a Africa twin with K60’s on it. Tires performed great on all surfaces mud, sand, gravel, rock and pavement. 17000km and still lots of tread very happy them them and never had a puncture

Gareth Millar says:

excellent, clear info, great video!

girish g says:

I have Yamaha Mt 09 2017 and wanna get those fancy dual tyres but most of my driving is roads. But just fancying having that aggressive look to bike with Enduro look tyres. Plus I live in U.K. which is famous for its weather unpredictability. So need suggestions for best ones out there in terms of fitment, price point , weather and driving conditions. Thanx in advance

Mojo says:

k60 are fucking shit as the centre is like a slick—try one in mud—youll soon fuck them off and buy anakee wilds, anakee 3 is a street tyre do not believe any people who say they are off road tyres they are 100% bitumen

Spencer Wood says:

best tire for sand?

Rick Hayward says:

I have a 2016 ktm 1190 adventure r , it came with continental TKC80 tyres. I like them but it’s a relatively soft compound. My torquey beast chews the rear tyre out in no time when going off-road. Will look at a harder compound next.

Wayne S. says:

I find that on a lighter dual sport such as an XR250l a 50/50 tire gives very little to no traction off road.
There just isn’t enough weight to get them to hook up.

8meals says:

Ok so for a bike like a ktm 690, a klr 650 or even a dr650, what would be the perfect tire for a trip from Canada to the south tip of Argentina?? I’d say a good 50/50, even though by far most of it is decent pavement, but they say you gotta choose for the worse part of it. So which one would you or anybody here recommend? Thanks

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