Touring Tire Overview

A quick run down on four touring tires.


TheRooster1122 says:

Thanks P.

Allen Johnson says:

thanks for the info just got the commander 2’s delivered the other day from you guys

j Eber says:

I have a 2014 Harley Davidson limited and got 30,000 on the stock Dunlop 407t back tire and was just starting to get into wear bar. The front stock tire I had 47,000 miles,some people say the American elite are the same but they are not.I have not herd of any one going farther on the Dunlop 407T than I have and no other tire will last as long. The kicker is you can only get them at the stealer-ship. Dunlop has a $50.00 rebate if buy two right now.

vf12497439 says:

Bottom line, American made is my choice. I won’t put anyone else down for their choice but I will always ask the question…. Why not American made? I won’t be listening to their answer.

1p6t1gms says:

Good tire info.

Live Free says:

To hell with the cobra. Mine blew out this morning side wall split from the bead to the tred

freddy fuss says:

really like the avon,I have a 125ci moter in my bike,I think I need good traction in the turns,especially with a 1000lbs curb weight.I don’t care that it won’t last as long,I need it to be safe.thanks for the great review.

Biker world says:

This video helped me make a decision. My touring bike is also my commuter and I ride it like a sport bike in the weekends. Dunlop American is my choice.

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