Top New Motorcycle Helmets of 2018

Ryan brings you his top picks from a slew of new full-face helmets for 2018. We’ve got a fancy noise cancelling bucket from Sena, an affordable Arai (relatively speaking, of course), a contender for the best sport touring lid throne and lastly, two super cool helmets from Biltwell and Icon.

Gear breakdown:
0:13 – Sena Momentum INC Helmet –
3:26 – Arai DT-X Helmet –
5:21 – HJC RPHA 70 ST Helmet –
7:43 – Icon Airflite Helmet –
8:48 – Biltwell Lane Splitter –

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Quickblood1 says:

We need more 4XL helmets for us big headed folks.

Robert Ortiz says:

Stellar like always!Thanks for video!
I would love your perspective on music setups for helmets…ex. Bluetooth earbuds, wired, helmet pads etc.

pistolcort says:

I totally like your style when it comes to reviewing a product. No bias just real deal reviews and to the point. Well done sir. Be safe. Be well.

Lim H says:

I didn’t care about the helmets. I just wanna hear Ryan’s creative and witty comments on the helmets!

TheRobSJ says:

If that Biltwell is going to cost that much, you’re better off just getting the helmet it’s trying to copy…the Simpson Bandit.

exit159 says:

Also, if you believe the occupational protection folks here in the US active noise canceling doesn’t actually protect your hearing the way that those .50c ear sound isolating plugs do ….

Hector Skelter says:

I asked about the rpha 70 review last year. Pulled through guys, thanks.

Pritam Dhamde says:

Fortnine= always the best stuff showcased in the best way possible,period

CPU UK says:

“… all the quality of Kinder Surprise” please, someone make that a T-shirt 🙂 Yea, your observation on the lower vent of HJC is spot- stupid design HJC.

Devesh yadav says:

well sena is practical but not in range.

Bat MikiPig says:

Such a well made and honest review. Get my like man!

Shawn Greenwood says:

Thanks Ryan, looking just for a new lid as I think my Fly is no-longer good from this weeks hitting a rock when I stupidly tried my first wheelie. What does a rear fender and that plastic wheel guard cost on a 650 V-Strom 2017? What an idiot!

Ty Kiisel says:

Couldn’t agree more on the Rpha 70. I’ve been wearing mine for a month or so and feel like’s it’s one of (if not the) best helmet I’ve ever worn on my noggin. I always wear ear plugs when I ride anyway, so I don’t think the helmet is loud—but I acknowledge it’s probably just the ear plugs doing their job. Since I’m coming from an Rpha Max modular, it’s seems quiet to me. I’d buy this helmet again.

Drew Engelmann says:

laughed loudly at least 6 times! “water-boards me when riding in the rain” “attractive to those that find it attractive”. That’s some downright Canadian GOLD!



Grgur Mandić says:

Or just buy Schuberth!

C. Walker says:

How much of the HJC bonus noise could I mitigate by covering vents with tape, particularly the “superfluous” ones?

Leonidas Daskalos says:

Hey #rf9 any chance you will be doing any reviews on dual sport helmets soon? I would love your opinion on the AGV AX8 carbon helmet. Thanks, love your work!

Paolo B says:

oeuf! lol Nice.

yrmoma says:

Wait, “the mean streets of Temecula, CA”? I can say I’m from the mean streets? Ahahahaha

ecirprman says:

With all the criticism I don’t see how this was about the top helmets.

mark dearing says:

I was impressed with your explanation of noise cancelling. You obviously put a lot of effort in your videos with a lot of information and a presentation style which is unique and refreshing.

Jonathan Tse says:

please do a review of the top carbon fiber full face helmets!

hostilityy says:

HJC keeps on winning

suipful says:

Hello Ryan

Another video like above and adding the model VOZZ Helmets… Will greatly appreciate the nuance of that vs helmets of same price based on your above approach that is Awsome, epic and …….

Human says:

5 thumbs up.

merk Man says:

maybe you can get around to checking out Australian Vozz helmets and giving us an opinion on those?

Azza ​ says:

The arai you shown here is ALMOST identical to the axces III … has the same vents and all, just the mouth vent and the clip are different by looks.. the axcese iii for me was 550 aud

jefta88 says:

Awesome video! So funny!

kn1ghtus says:

you have great writers man.

Olis says:

Shoei Neotec II didn’t make it?

Rohit Adhikari says:

Can u do review of kyt nfr plz

Jason J. Ayala P. says:

Bad year for helmets. Well, “1000 lid for 650” is pretty good.

john hanrahan says:

Idea: Sena or Cardo or somebody just make an earplug set that pipes in the comm, make it with a 3.5mm plug so it plugs into existing gear and viola! hearing protection, comm link all in one. If it craps out, your helmet is just as it was and you can replace the gear without cashing in all your empties.

Canoe Coffee Roasters says:

6:34 sick coffee mug 😉

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