Top 5 Motorcycle Gloves Under $50

Looking for value? RyanF9 suggest motorcycle gloves for each riding style that provide great bang for your buck. That said, there is no such thing as too much motorcycle gear. At these prices you might as well buy them all.

Top 5 Motorcycle Gloves Under $50 (CDN) links and video timestamps:

0:10 – Z1R 270 Gloves:

1:30 – Icon Anthem Bender:

3:00 – River Road’s Outlaw Vintage Gloves:

3:53 – Five Stunt EVO Lite:

5:28 – Tourmaster Dri-Mesh Glove:

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Dan McCoy says:

I got some ixs cube gloves for like 45 bucks on sale. They’re gauntlets with leather and textile. Definitely worth a look. I have cancer and my chemotherapy fucks up my hands pretty so I have to be super picky. I really like these gloves and I have a lot of different gloves. Wouldn’t mind them in hi viz but I have a white bike so the white works for me.

Johny40Se7en says:

Feed their goats more? or they could stop using leather and use super fabrics, this is 2017 isn’t it, crude and primitive shit. Good list but only for the summer, here in the UK almost half the year is on the colder side.

Brad M says:

Scorpion Klaw II. They’re $49.99 and they saved my hands from a horrible accident with another car. I left a huge dent and knuckle imprint on their car where my hand “punched” the car

VelociPat says:

“For 35 bucks, I’m getting a LOT of cow.”

Haven’t heard that since my buddy’s bachelor night with some discount Montreal strippers! LMFAO

PNW CBD says:

These gloves could all be shit, the only way to know is to see how they actually held up scraping against the pavement at 60 MPH.

Thomas Springer says:

Advise: putting text boxes on the items you are talking about. had a hard time understanding what you were calling some of the gloves, especially since I am a new to the industry. Thanks

burns0100 says:

I normally stick with MotoDry, i think they do some awesomely “cheaper” gloves with that middle of the ground build and protection and they have a glove for all needs, be it wet, cold or hot. Think i have a pair of Motodry Sprint gloves i tend to use almost all year round other then in the rain, doesn’t get overly cold so i save money on having summer gloves all year.

stephenmwyatt2 says:

white leather work gloves at O’Reilly Auto are $10, and awesome

Bobodeman says:

10-20° Celcius. Well won’t be good in Australia

MegaNerevar says:

wtf, joffrey is into bike riding now.

DiveJumpShooter says:

Cheap safety gear that blows out when you hit the ground because of cheap stitching and cost cutting isn’t doing yourself any favors. I get it- you want to ride but if you can’t afford the proper safety gear why not wait and save. A bike is typically a luxury is it worth it if you cripple yourself because you rolled after a seam in a jacket burst or losing a hand because your cheap glove comes apart and causes a compound fracture in your wrist/arm?

Go visit someone in the hospital that wore cheap gear and went down. Great motivator to buy good gear

gmanunreal says:

Saying “Hella” and “Laguna Seca” in the same video. Did you move to California?

Marc-André Sansoucy says:

Put 50$ cycle gloves against 30$ impact resistant and abrasion resistant work gloves.

illFox 240sx says:

i was wondering, can mountain biking gloves be good enough for motorcycle or not?

Heavy Weapons Guy says:

Another suggestion for motorcycle gloves would be to use mechanics gloves.

Liam Ozwald says:

if they ever do a lazy town reboot you can 100% land the role for robbie rotten

Adam Oloufa says:

How is the Dainese MiG C2?

Malik Ayaz says:

Cycal gloves “Moterbike gloves hard Lat i saplie

moto lunatics says:

That padding on the knuckle is for smashing the mirror of that person who cut u off

António Margalho says:

Don’t you guys have access up there to brands like Modeka, just wondering …

PowerHeal says:

Man, this guy who does these videos does a really good job. 99% of YouTube personalities I find annoying. This guy is perfect! Keep up the good work.

Supernova12034 says:

I put far too much weight unfortunately on my wrists/hands during riding and have mild arthritis leading to some stiff/painful right hand. Any extremely comfortable and reasonably priced glove you can recommend Ryan?

Mohamed Ahid says:

thank you .
Good brand here also .

David Hedges says:

FYI i bought the Z1R cuz of this video and the velcro strap is already torn. It does keep my hands from sweating to much on a ride and they probably protect better then nothing so theirs that.

Gloveway says:

Starting a life endeavor…

Carl Peeples says:

Are these gloves perfect for use on a scooter which is a Lance Cabo 125cc that goes 59mph?

Valpo Desidero Montoya says:

Why is everything made out of real leather? I know it’s sturdy and protective and stuff, but killing animals for your own safety? It’s just wrong. Is there any good non-leather gear that still offers good protection?

Eric Morin says:

The Icon Anthem Bender aren’t available anymore, do you have any other suggestions for ADV gloves at a reasonable price? Thanks!

germanboy3161 says:

do you test any of the gear you review? or are you pretty much just advertising

Eiren Whelan says:

nice vid but try not to point at the camera so much

jonas kurkinen says:

IF you have to choose. Would it be the Icon anthem of the Revit striker 2? Which should you (e.g. I) go for? Thanks!

Tarun pathania says:

r these gloves are wterprooff

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