Top 5 Mods for Motorcycle Safety

If safety is a concern, well RyanF9 has a handful of motorcycle safety mods that will help you sleep better at night.

Top 5 Mods for Motorcycle Safety Gear links and video timestamps:

0:09 -Loud Horns:

2:03 – Tire Sealant . Slime High Speed Sealant for Tubeless Tires:

4:00 -Lights. Kuryakyn Constellation Driving Light Bar:

5:35 – Reflectives . Pro Grip 5025 Detail Tape:

6:40 – Visors:

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V Star 1300 Adventures says:

Since I have saddlebags, and exhaust on only one side, I have been thinking about installing a train air horn on the left side. It has no compressor, and just a positive negative lead. As long as you power it, it will push sound loud as hell. We are talking children crying and coffee spilling as folks trying to cut you off think there is a no kidding freight train coming at them. It might be the best $100 I can add for safety.

Ace Mo says:

Is rather have a ton of lights and look like a Christmas Tree. I like presents, so….

Roza Prendergast says:

I can’t wait to whip out the hd it’s to cold in New York right now

allslaves dollarbanks says:

I wear a purple pimp suit and use a disco ball, plus they see the bitches and them me, glow in the dark tattoos, I give them so cheap! Make wild animals wear fluorescent fur!

Jess Stuart says:

For sound, a +10dB increase is a factor of 10 in sound intensity, but Human perception of “loudness” increases only by about a factor of 2 for each +10dB. A +15dB increase would be 10^(15*log(2)/10)= 2.8 times louder.

Sam Beatty says:

couldn’t you just wear sunglasses in your helmet?


With the slime don’t tell the mechanics you have slime in the tire and go to a different shop if they pop the bead they got to finish it trust me I’ve had to to use it to fix a tire before and dealt with the pissed off tire shop but I kinda o no I didn’t know it was in there the guy before me must have put it in there

CanzZz says:

you could also buy a helmet with integrated sunglasses to slide down… well i have one of these and in 2 years i used the sunglasses twice… i also dont use sunglasses in any other situation of life. also you can make your eyes see better when the sun or someone is flashing you. i cant use tinted visors because its a pain in the ass when you open it at the red traffic lights and your eyes get burned by the sun

Daniel Olanga says:

Awesome video!

newt says:

Sound doubles every 3 decibels, doesn’t it?

HTOWN_n1ck_00 says:

im an auto mechanic and i couldnt tell you how many times ive taken a tire off and gotten that green slime bullshit everywhere lol

YAlex says:

What would you advise in terms of lighting if your state has laws against blue LED’s

Matthew Tillman says:

How do I score FortNine stickers?

Joby Varghese says:

Hi Ryan, is this tyre sealant same as an enduro tyre mousse?

GhosyxCZ says:

Nice videos!subscribe

MVP JEFF says:

You dont honk at bitches

U Rev at bitches

Douglas Wilander says:

The Variant is the worst pain ive ever had when changing a visor xD

Jon Uberisk says:

Rotational Mass is something to consider before you put any liquids in your tires.

INNOVV says:

Helpful recommendation!

Mo Saito says:

Thanks for the vid.  Does the slime work on a tube tire?  Thanks

shadow run says:

but wrong type of mods i was looking for! but nice video!!

Joshua lund says:

My helmet has a drop down tinted visor pretty dandy

xkyo77x says:

Never use the green slime unless for an emergency. Replacing your tire will be hell with ninja turtle jizz caked all over the inside tire and rim.
Also, no plugs or patches after using slime, it leaves behind an oily residue.

Biker Dash says:

I have a pair of 116db horns on my bike. Freight trains get startled when I hit the horn.
LED headlight and driving lights. VERY bright. Norad specifically asked me not to use a modulator with them, because the satellites picked them up thinking they were nuclear double-flashes.
Different visors…
Dark amber during the day, and light yellow at night.
Gonna look into finding the tire stuff you recommend, and I should buy some of that tape for my Nomad.

Frozt king says:

Slimes sucks ass, does not work at all!!!!

mary jugado says:

Your are so good man,i like your videos

Kristian G says:

Instead of going thru the trouble of switching between visors all the time, just get a helmet with integrated tinted visor like my HJC FG-ST. You can just flip it up and down whenever you need it, like in the evening when the sun is low. It’s a MUST have!

Nato Potato says:

Tire sealant gums up your valve steam

Lucas Davies says:

Pepper program depend potato occupy deep abortion news stop leg help act

Android says:

bLAH bla ba ba ba blah blah….the horn, blah bla blab blab, who CARES!

Scott Rink says:

Don’t put slime in your tires…..

Paul Virgil says:

Great videos, thanks from a biker..!

parker Azz says:

Do not ever use slime!!! Ever!!! If you havent had to clean that shit out to patch a tire the riggt way its hell. Do not use it ever! Beter you use a poush threw patch and get it to a shop for a permanent fix

Grant Leben says:

I have seen that tire slime eat wheels if left in too long, be aware of why type of alloy or materiel wheels you have. Only use it when you absolutely have to, try not to leave it in

Rav3 G0d says:

You should have used visual and audio examples in this videos. Don’t know why you didn’t sample the horn or show any sort of picture of the products. Or videos. Or anything you were talking about. Still need some help mate

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