Top 5 Essential Motorcycle Kit

Essential motorcycle kit product links and video timestamps:

0:09 – Klim Ultralight Watertight First Aid Kit:

1:11 – Stop & Go Pocket Tubeless Tire Plugger:

2:10 – Stop & Go Portable Mini Air Compressor:

3:15 – Cruz Tools Speedkit Compact Tool Kit – Japanese:

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Mark Powell says:

Everything I needed to know in under 5 minutes. Well done. Thank you.

Spacemaster Sexlord says:

i always carry jumpers, zip ties, duct tape and jbweld/epoxy as well
never know when it’ll come in handy (all of this in the trunk of an F4i, so NO EXCUSES!

Buzz Lightyear says:

i thought thay you said 5he stop and go was 340 grand and not grams

mike Layhew says:

You said “baeg” instead of “bag”. Thumbs down

John LeBaron says:

I have not Actually use that particular brand of tire plugger But I have used that type of product and it can work very well.

Creepy Cooter says:

you should be carrying a medical kit that is capable of controlling bleeding, treating fractures, neck injuries, and controlling airway

Saul Torres says:

Very nice , thank you, from Honduras Central America

Colorado ADVlogs says:

#1 is not a Klim medical kit. It’s made by Adventure Medical Kits and they make a ton of other medical kits. A first aid class would be even more important, at least do a CPR certification or something like WFR (Wilderness First Responder) if you want some more knowledge.

Jason Foulks says:

One thing I never ride with out. High quality tourniquets. I always carry 1 or 2, just incase of a sever trauma. Stopping the bleeding saves lives.

Shibin kumar says:

Thanks!! Very Useful information

Hells Angel says:

How the fuck can you get a licence in Usa eithout knowing theatWe in jurop need to learn abaut hellping pass the test for frst help and then we can get the licence for car or whatever

Wael Khayat says:

I had to plug my motorcycle tire twice using this kit @1:14 It never failed me and am still riding everyday on the tire that was plugged!

stephan devriesere says:

Looks to me i’m well equiped, Medical kid, tyre pluggers, mini compressor, tools, at least 1 Ltr. of water and rain gear. I have it all under my seat, the bottle of water is in my sidecase because it would not fit under the seat lol. I ride a Honda ST1100 and have lots of space to hide things in there. I ride all over Europe and have this with me all the time, even when i’m close to home. One little thing about the tyre pluggers, they are meant to get you home, that’s it (they do work, had to use it once). The inside of your tyre (radial part) is damaged and can cause a blown tyre if you ride to long with it. Be smart, go home and replace the tyre for a new one.

Bubba Smith says:

I take it this guy doesn’t like us(americans). This is just a guess but I’m sure 2nd pocket stands for second amendment. Also it’s probably heavy to him because he is the size of a fish stick.

Vincent Baelde-Millar says:

I don’t really understand choosing a universal toolkit over a toolkit designed for your bike. For example a bike only has one size spark plug. Why not just figure out what tools you actually need.

don war says:

I try my best to avoid watching commercials,  but I find myself looking forward to the next episode from FORTNINE. thanks for the enjoyable ads and info regarding bikes.

GanglesGon'Ridin says:

Took the top 3 and bought them all thanks to this video! As well as a large tank bag for extra storage.

Thanks Ryan for the excellent reviews, love this channel, by far and away the most useful of my subscriptions! 10/10 would buy again.

pyruleanfire demon says:

I’d add a 1 gal jerry can. As for weather gear, here in Florida we have a saying “if you dont like the weather wait 10 minutes”. Florida is bipolar as fuck with its weather. It could be bright & sunny with zero clouds & then all of a sudden bam, its pouring rain.

Paul Stafford says:

I bought that same exact tire plugger kit for a staple I had in my tire. It didn’t work, made the leak worse than if I had left the staple in it. YMMV, but I sent it back for a refund.

Arnold Polymer says:

I used a generic version of your tire plug kit with great success. That plug held for the remaining life of the tire with no issues.

sophie m says:

I strongly suggest a first aid course, three years lifeguarding and two years teaching lifeguards and I’ve been through the course 3 times myself and it has changed my life. Just a few hours in a class can save someone’s life.

Nimbly says:

A quality tourniquet wouldn’t be an awful thing to add to your first aid kit.

Glenn Lopez says:

Those types of First aid kits won’t help anyone after getting into a serious accident. If you wanna stay alive while you wait for first responders to arrive, grab yourselfs a Trauma Kit/Military IFAK. Its a bit more expensive but it is way more useful than a dinky First Aid kit youd find in an office environment.

Michael Jordan says:

I’ve been riding pretty much continuously since about 1961 (details hazy at this distance). Great videos and info. To the point, Low B.S. and accurate. VERY refreshing for YouTube.

TheWaylandern says:

nice kit, but you need quite the storage space, on my bike it wouldn’t fit, i only got a really small box under the seat (which fits the tool kit)

Weapons & Bike Freak says:

Last time i checked ur channel when there is only 3k+ subscriber and i subscribed now after a long time I’m visiting your channel and now 188k+ subscriber.Thats awesome and your videos are very nice and informative keep it up..All the best for future..

Auto blipper says:

Very helpful

advrider777 says:

u should have a mtb hand pump as a back up , i always ride with both types ,,,,, love your vids

Charlie Pruett says:

The Plug Kit is GREAT~! Definitely don’t KEEP using the tire after using the plug, but it’ll keep you from having to get a flatbed tow truck and being able to ride your bike to your favorite bike shop to get a new tire!

Barney Lynch says:

Good video, but my god the constant cuts are so annoying. It seems like nearly every youtube person does it these days.


he looks like a junkie

JuggernautOfWar says:

If only my FZ-07 had any storage space at all. What little space I had under the seat is now taken up by aftermarket lighting wiring harnesses.

Dimagio rp says:

Why do you keep winking ???

Grady says:

I admire the fact that you take a first aid kit however what you have there seems pretty useless mate. You need to focus on gloves and bandages mate, bandaids and sterilise wipes are useless for anything but the least of issues. Also, consider throwing in a tourniquet if you know how to use one.

N. I. says:

i don’t know what it is but I really want to punch this kid in the face.

v2vortex says:

I am a little behind, but the tire plug works pretty good, I have used that style plug on car tires. It works better then the twist string I feel.
Thanks and ride safe

Floscho Hd says:

0:55 “if you never taken an fists aid curse you should now” In Germany you cant get your license without having to been to one.
(Sry for mistakes)

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