Top 10 Trikes and 3-Wheel Motorcycles that Define Supreme Riding Comfort

Even though hardcore bikers would argue that three-wheeled motorcycles are only suitable for riders with mobility or balance problems, but we say no.

Trikes could just as fun to ride, at times offer additional cargo capacity and will definitely make you stand out on the roads! And to prove this point we gathered this lineup of the most remarkable 3-wheel motorcycles and trikes that exist today and conquer new frontiers.

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Harley-Davidson Freewheeler:

The history of Harley Davidson trikes began back in 1932 with Servi-Car and it is being continued in 2019 by Harley-Davidson Freewheeler.

Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra:

Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra was the first trike from HD to be introduced after the discontinuation of Servi-Car in 1973. The 2019 model features lots of updates and offers unmatched touring experience.

TRiO from Tilting Motor Works:

TRiO from Tilting Motor Works is a 3-wheel conversion kit suitable for Honda Gold Wings, Indians, and Harley-Davidson Tourers, Dynas, and Softails.

Can-Am Spyder:

The Canada based company Bombardier Recreational Products, or simply BRP has been manufacturing Spyders for 11 years now, and these unconventional three-wheelers have been a headache of automotive experts for all this time

Lazareth Wazuma V8M:

Lazareth is a France-based company that specializes in production of custom designed vehicles among which we can point out an extremely overpowered trike named Wazuma V8, that is based on Lazareth’s previous prototypes V12 and LM847.


PIAGGIO MP3 500 is a 3-wheeled maxi-scooter built in Italy and sold all over the world since 2003.


Eccity is an all-electric premium quality three-wheel moped that is available in three modifications. It is already on pre-order stage with a starting price of $7110.

Adiva AD1 200:

Adiva AD1 200 is a Japanese tricycle that can accommodate 2 passengers, has a foldable roof, a 40L trunk, and a protective windshield.

Shogrash 3х3:×3

You are probably used to seeing strange all-terrain vehicles manufactured in Russia to cope with unmerciful winters and non-existent roads, but chances are that you have not yet met the Shogrash 3×3 trike.

Yamaha Niken:

Yamaha has been teasing us with the Niken for quite some time and the official release to the market occurred in 2019. This three-wheel tadpole design bike is expected to revolutionize the riding experience.

Arcimoto SRK:

Arcimoto is a young fast growing company that specializes in manufacturing all-electric three-wheel motorbikes which are classified as fun utility vehicles by them.


Gohot229 says:

fuckyourrobotvoice asshat….,.!!!!

Marnie Larocque says:

my fav is the Trio this was on Jay Leno, very cool trike conversion that tilts in the turns

bikerrick says:

most of these are NOT motorcycles

John Koelliker says:

Can’t watch a video with a robot voice!!!

Mike Btrfld says:

Trike, not bike. Impossible to look cool on a trike.

Darkh0rse Rider says:

Where is the Indian trike it the Polaris sling shot… Your 10 best suck…

Snowman Rainmaker says:

Where can I find the 3 by 3 the last one in the lineup?

John Cantelon says:

What is that accent? I’ve never heard anything like it.

Lex Kantoor says:

What probleem that want to sell my Piaggo a dont like your anser about this why ????
Do you have a Harley

Cosmo John says:

Is three wheeler less fuel economical than a two wheeler ?

Cecil Sarver says:

You have a great video thank you


How much is the V8M

Lex Kantoor says:

Do you have a trike glide for 5.000.00 dollar can a chance for a Piaggo Mp 300 from 2013 Miles 11.000.00 .please can you anser my thanks .

Doug Lindholm says:

I can’t believe you didn’t mention trike conversion kits, like Roadsmith. Many thousands of those have been made in the last 20+years. These are so much better than HD solid axle trikes for example. The independent rear suspension and longer wheelbase make them a comfortable, realistic option. People convert the bikes they’ve had to fit there current wants and needs.

Michael Taylor says:

Road Harley’s all my like. Age catches with everyone but, love for a Harley is forever. I have the 2019 Tri Glide Ultra 114. Tremendous upgrades and a very powerful engine. Harley went back to big block with added technology. It feels every bit a Harley with and engine that is boss as a stock.

Ron White says:

None of these are motorcycles. Buy a mobility scooter.

Ramen On Wheels says:

number 10 is super sweet. Scooter baby all the way.

NG B says:

I have a Boom Trike (made in Germany) and love it! This is my 2nd Boom Trike and I doubt I’d ever have any other. The only issue I have is, there’s no one remotely close by who can work on them if it’s needed. I’d have to travel a pretty long distance, like 12 to 14 hours away. Yeah, it’s a draw back, but … love Boom Trikes. There are always trade-offs in life, isn’t there.

Scott Ewell says:

Gotta lovem ! A stroke sidelined me for abit ! M on a tryke now ! Franknstien chopper ! God Bless M !

Kevin William Gorman says:

What about Rewaco trikes don’t they get a mention

Lex Kantoor says:

Nou Iam want toe sale the piaggio en by a. Harley

Jack S says:

a spyder is not a motorcycle thats a car torn down

FlyBaby says:

This guy is irritating. Who says M. P . H.?

Anthony Lehner says:

Pretty sure “trike” by definition has 3 wheels.. not 4

Snowman Rainmaker says:

I looked through the internet I couldn’t find anything about the 3 by 3 and where to buy one

Lex Kantoor says:

Dus sombadie cot aaaa. Trike or freewieler copper

Stewart Mackay says:

Not a Boom trike in site. Incomplete list

Martin Fano says:

The reverse trike is the only way to go…the regular trike ie one wheel up front and two behind is an unstable nightmare..HD is the only company making these regular trikes…all new three wheel bikes or cars are using the reverse trike deign because it is safer.

Zayvier Alexander says:

Sorry but if it doesn’t two wheels then it’s not a motorcycle

rojin ryanly mondero says:

it is pronounce as “KNEE-KEN”, Ni means “2” and ken means “sword”~~ Niken=2 swords

FlyBaby says:

Trikes for the most part suck. They always compromise handling or require reduced power to not exceed those handling issues. Even the new Niken is not as sharp as the two wheeled offerings. The only good reason for three wheels is to provide alternate vehicles for the disabled.

Shaun Elliott says:

Please don’t think I’m being funny in any way, but have you actually ridden any of these? The biggest problem with some three and four wheelers is the fact they don’t lean, this imho makes them dangerous, some times this can be overcome by an experienced motorcycle rider, but someone coming from a car will have no idea of how to counteract this, it feels like it would like sitting on a car roof as you go round a corner, it pushes you to one side, obviously the faster you go, the harder the push. On a proper bike, the gravity pushes you into the seat, keeping you and the bike in one straight line to the road, that’s why bike tyre’s have tread up the side and car, quad and some trikes don’t. How anyone could even think putting someone who has only ever driven a car on a trike, or anything that even remotely handles like a motorcycle is fuckin rediculess, the other way round would be much easier. The reverse trikes are getting pretty good, i was even contemplating buying one for my wife, but she adores her old Suzuki GT 380 (2stroke, and mint) but she really didn’t want one. Most of these are enormous, and compared to a normal motorcycle that’s exactly what they are (3 time’s wider than her bike) some of these are wider than a city car, and if you work in a city, then instead of darting through the traffic, you become the traffic, so your commute becomes that much longer. The majority of these are based on big engined machines, so you fule bill goes up, a lot. I’m told that they are good for what their good at, eating up the miles on a motorway, not so good on the fun stuff (B road’s). Although I’m not keen on the subject matter, I’d like to say that your production and presentation were excellent. Please don’t think I’m a hater, I’m looking into building a reverse trike for my son, and you can bet that it will lean into the corner’s. P’S fuck me their expensive.

bonay says:

How about yamaha tricity?

larry miller says:

Just got a can am spyder f3 and love it I had a Harley trike hated it you fight the front wheel and I’ve had 5 new Harley’s why can’t they make the 2 front wheel bikes

Bryan Rogers says:

I am glad to see the Freewheeler was at the top, #1 spot. I own a 2017 model with the V8 107. I must say it has plenty of power, I can’t imagine another 7cc added to what I have. If I throttle up to much at one time, I become a two wheeler sense the front tire lifts off the pavement. A lot of fun to drive. If I was married I would have bought the tri-glide. all I can say is it is FUN, FUN, Good FUN.

Fernando Maldonado says:

Love that Harley

Dave Steger says:

I have a Harley Freewheeler. It is awesome. It sits real low and the rear is wider than the tri glide. It handles great. I have no problems with it. I tried a spider but the free felt safer to me. How low it sits makes all the difference

Benjamin Strom says:

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Kevin Sigrist says:

I would rather have a V W trike !

Lone Browncoat says:

ACK! irritating music & irritating robot voice!

splodge 57 says:

I like the Spyder but not in England, too much traffic. Stuck in the jams like in a car. Two wheels better.

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