TirePenz Reflect Review

Truth be told, it only stayed on the tires for about a week. Then it turned yellow and flaked off. Just know that this is a TEMPORARY paint. It will last longer if you don’t use the “reflect” and just paint them. Not a great product for side-wall letters.




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John Shagawat says:

Didn’t work for me the tips where to short to reach my treads . Went through both tips and never finished one side had to finish with Q-tips pain in the ass ! Tried to contact company with no results ! Fuck these guys waste of money …..

ithacam6 says:

This is a really stupid product.

k20crx221hp says:

Been doing that for yrs. I get the Sharpie name brand ones from hobby lobby. Got to do it after you put them on the wheels or the machine will fuck them up a little

XundercoverbikerX says:

good video. good how to.

Christopher Carter says:

I colored in my tread when I ran angel gt tires. Used red and titanium white and it looked pretty cool. I’ll ad picture of it to the next video I upload later. Takes a lot of time when dealing with a tire with treads all on it like the gt tires. not doing that again.

Think I’ll color in the words to my rosso 3 tires. use titanium reflect white and regular red.

fasdude38 says:

Good vid.  I like the comparison you did in the dark to show the glow.  It’s a shame the paint flaked off after a week.  Do you think applying a few coats of an clear acrylic nail polish might have the work more durable?

john doe says:

stole my idea. thought of this a decade ago

Soeun Sas says:

Walmart got the
.99 paint paint in arts n craft same think I put on my car three coats n it’s bright white and will last for months I’m going on three months n touched it up twice for a darker deeper white and to cover up for the brake dust and dirt so $1 for thee months no lie its a paint marker any color they have too just letting u kno

Tire Penz says:

@Aimlessmoto This would have turned out properly if we had told you to fill the tire with air first. Our apologies. Would you consider a second review if we sent you some free penz? Thanks – DF


Please fill it with air before painting!
If you add an error later, it will crack.

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