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Cadwellkid says:


B-rad says:

How long will they last in the tube as u use?

José Mario a says:

Donde lo compro alguien sabe???????

omgbiskitlawl says:

Motorcycle equivalent of a tribal tattoo

Abhi Sharma says:

What’s about road muds… All paints will be hidden by muds.

Mykle Bust says:


Wilson Myles says:

Super gay

Jason Foulks says:

gayest thing I’ve ever seen

Sridhar Sura says:

it’s really awesome look bro., what kind of markers you have used..? please tell me…

Justin Voluck says:


Sid Baher says:

This is so lame you could have always done this with paint pens

Ricky Spanish says:

Gay as fuck.

DarkyYT says:

song ?

Nx HD says:

How long would they last

Cliff Mintzer says:

oh you mean paint markers, silly goose.

Kavi Kumar says:

Just use a sharpie lol

Two Stroke says:

bin mal durch farbe auf der staße gefahren das sah dann auch so aus xD


Is it safe to use? I mean what if in wet road situation?

Mirko Buchholz says:

Is this in Germany legale ?

Alexis Mendez says:



fabulous guys

Richard Smout says:

You should make bigger version of spokies to go on there too

Νικος Νικ says:


S Sweeney says:


Mollie tol says:

Omg… That’s so ugly

Jetmir Sali says:

Song name pleasee ???

Peter Griffin says:

As an oil change/lube specialist I wouldn’t recommend this, I would know, I’m basically a triple certified mechanic, been changing oil for 7 years now.

M K says:

Damn…. Cool

Richard Smout says:

Cuz this isn’t fucking pointless

Jiri Ohera says:

How does it look after 100miles. .. ty

Claudia Signs says:

Where You get those at pls?

William Omar says:

If you skip or stagger each tread say two or three and paint them or not paint them you will get a better effect depending upon your speed

Kenshin Himura says:

So you just bought uni paint markers from Japan and put your brand label on them……

Pengendara Liar says:

Asa rujit tapi.hehehe tapi nice trik om.

burntsilverado says:

That is so fucking retarded

xXxCHEEZxXx123 says:

I can’t stop laughing at how stupid this shit is

Matthew Meditz says:

I’m getting these for my car!

J Peach says:

Looks dumb AF.

King Murphy says:

False advertisement i ordered 3 penz and i never got a kit with primer. Just the tire paint penz

The Manager says:

How absolutely absurd. If you purchase this “product”, automatic squid status.

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